43 thoughts on “The plot twist after buying rock!

  1. This may shock people because they've never been in the hood, homeless and on crack. The destitution is alarming and the crime is mostly by the police. When I was out there running my game on the streets as a young man, it was tough being white in the hood. This sort of thing we see in this video is real and it still continues on I see. I thank God every day I made it out alive and lived a productive life. It wasn't and still isn't easy but at least being clean and sober is the prize. Most are not as lucky.

  2. A bill moving through Kentuckyโ€™s Senate would make it a crime to insult or taunt a police officer during a riot,โ€ CBS News reports.

    Supporters say the bill targets people who unlawfully โ€˜cross the lineโ€™ but opponents call it a blatant attempt to crush protests and a violation of First Amendment rights

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