The NYPD Badly Mishandled George Floyd Protesters During Peaceful Demostrations In New York City


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The New York Police Department badly mishandled protests against police brutality over the summer, engaging in “excessive enforcement” that only heightened tensions with demonstrators, according to a report from a city oversight agency.
The 111-page report by the city’s Department of Investigation concluded that ALL police officers used aggressive tactics that violated the First Amendment rights of protesters during the demonstrations, which followed the death of George Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of the Minneapolis police.
NYPD Commanders also relied too heavily on “disorder control tactics” normally used in riots and failed to strike “an appropriate balance” between public safety and civil rights.
“The NYPD’s response really was a failure on many levels,
More than 2,000 people were arrested at the demonstrations in New York City in May, June & July, all of whom were protesting peacefully. CPU – Copwatch Patrol Unit has many cellphone & Camcorder videos of police officers (NYPD) using violence to arrest and disperse demonstrators circulated online on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Youtube, prompting a wave of criticism & anger towards the NYPD…. #georgefloydprotests
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