35 thoughts on “The Law doesn’t apply to me – Prescott Arizona Police Are Sovereign citizens

  1. u proable wont read this james but love tour content here in willard ohio we got tyrrants but have yet to post any videos as they always takenmy stuff and no one to help u cant live stream on here i need help

  2. Dude filming this is obviously a communist and doesn’t understand and what it takes to be in law-enforcement door a public servant I know you might be able to get a person to mistake or misquote something but you’re my friend who is videotaping this and commentating this you know your gravely uneducated and have no clue but OK I get it do you want to talk shit about people who protect and serve the city country states whatever but you can’t do really much more but hold up a cell phone

  3. Honestly, you’re a pathetic excuse for a human. Clearly you have nothing better to do with you your life than to go attack one cities police officers for something that another’s did to you. I hope you are sitting in a police station one day and someone comes in with a deadly weapon and because of you, all the cops don’t have guns and the guy that walks in does.

  4. I moved from Los Angeles area to Prescott about 16 years ago. The Police up here are LEAPS AND BOUNDS better than any LAPD/San Bernardino Sheriff related precincts. It's a small good ol boy town though, that's for sure.

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