The Israeli Elections Are Not About Palestine or Peace

Shir Hever discusses how the upcoming Israeli elections demonstrate the secular/religious divide on major issues like gender segregation, separation of church and state, public transportation during the Shabbath, and the conscription of women and ultra-Orthodox to the military

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47 thoughts on “The Israeli Elections Are Not About Palestine or Peace

  1. The SINCERE Jews best start reading the writing on the wall before ALL the world stands AGAINST THEM YET AGAIN!!!! How about OBEYING YOUR FRICKIN' 10 COMMANDMENTS TO START WITH?!!! At THIS point I hope the secular group WINS as THEY are more like the TRUE JEW than the religious ones!!!!!!

  2. The men and women of the US like the ordinary men and women of the Jewish Nation are people of essentially good and proud character, however they are all captured in the sticky amber of political corruption and state propaganda. The Men and Women that originally formed the Jewish Nation forged a nation out of true grit and force of will. That journey to the promised land took them out of the hands of a regime of pure evil and delivered them home, a journey of nation building and spiritual growth unseen since biblical times. I believe those original settlers those extraordinary men and women would be spinning in their graves if they could see the extent to which their dream has been usurped by the Ultra Right. just saying

  3. Nie lubię tego pana N……. a już z pewnością mu nie ufam .
    Tutaj cytuję :

    KONIEC ( Ignacy Krasicki )

    Zmordował się na koniec , ten co bajki prawił ,
    Żeby więc do ostatka słuchaczów zabawił,
    Rzekł : " Powiem jeszcze jedną , o której nie wiecie :
    Bajka poszła w wędrówkę .
    Wędrując po świecie
    Zaszła w lasy głębokie; okrutni i dzicy
    Napadli ją z hasłem wielkim rozbójnicy ,
    A widząc , że ubrana bardzo podle była ,
    Zdarli suknie – aż z bajki Prawda się odkryła ".

  4. Netanyahu just recently announced his intention to annex/occupy the remainder of the West Bank. He even said before the last election that there would never be a "two state" solution. It's in your face America. You keep believing your "ally" who continuously lies to you. So, who is the dog and who the tail?

    I think we are figuring that out.

    Edit: and remember that many ultra-Orthodox Jews are against the establishment of the Israeli state itself.

  5. Jer 16:19 – O LORD, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction, the Gentiles shall come unto thee from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies, vanity, and thingswherein there is no profit

  6. I usually love Shir, but i think he's completely wrong about the general sentiment of Israelis regarding the conflict with Palestinians and BDS. Certainly the government is very worried about all the things Shir listed, but the public writ-large thinks of governments treatment of Palestinians and the occupation is a permanent condition at this point. It's a complete afterthought at best, all the polls bear this out. I think people have a much better understanding of the current zeitgeist within Israel vis'a'vis the Palestine issue. Every time i go to Israel/Palestine and talk with some of my friends as well aswell as new people i meet, anything to do with Palestinians is either the furthest thing from heir mind, or they go into a spiel about how all Arabs are terrorists and Israel should continue to ethnically cleanse them from the West bank and if they try to resist – than just wipe em out! (Literally that last line, "If they resist – just wipe them out," was a word -or-word statement this one guy said during a party i went to in Tel Aviv). And yes, i do know that that is all anecdotal, but as i said before – the polls back this up.

  7. The Jews are a cult that chooses to isolate themselves. Israelis don't have the right to kill, starve or steal from others, God placed a certificate of divorce against the Hebrews.Jeremiah 3.8.
    Israel you can't kill infidels to please God and receive his forgiveness.
    Read the warnings in Ezekiel.

  8. In America we say, " In God we trust". And this makes American manifest destiny just as religious as secular Israelis living in the Land of Israel. The idea that there is a division of two kinds of people, secular and religious, is utter nonsense. In most Western societies everyone is religious, everyone partakes in the Judeo Christian outlook, whether they admit it or not. Why should Israelis be any different?

  9. "Israel" is the synagogue of satan. Period. They all lie about the Truth and do not even know the Truth themselves. God will deal with you swiftly and decisively.

    They lie about who they Truly are, not Israelites, nor God people as they pervert all his instruction on how to live.
    They lie about their identity, and this is evident by the fact they only reclaimed a small sliver of the land that is given to God's True children.
    Israel is the name given to Jacob after wrestling in the desert with the angel of God. Jacob was a Black man not some pale skinned White man.
    Israel works all manner of evil and wickedness upon the earth and act like their shit don't stink and that they are innocent. They war with all of the remnants of God's people and this is the real reason for war in the so called Middle East.
    Israel does not even have the Ark of the Covenant, the Covenant they are commanded to uphold. This is the True sign of approval of God's people.

    "Israel's" days are numbered and they have none to blame except for themselves. As they have done so shall come upon them and double, for God Almighty is a good God, just and righteous.

  10. These rabbis sound exactly like the Ayatollahs in iran…except they talk in Hebrew…the same fanaticism under the guise of religion…they have destroyed Isreal and it is only the beginning

  11. Israel is a foul and disgusting nation and it's getting worse they cannot pretend by any measure to be a democracy they are no friend to America they are no friend to anyone but Israel they an enemy to everyone on the planet except Zionists.
    Someone said to me, "You know if there's a war Obama's going to side with the Muslims against the Israelis." and my answer was if those are my two choices shoot me in the head right now.
    To me islamists and zionists are just two heads of one two headed snake.

  12. The Israeli version of SJW's…they just translate the the talking points of the democrats in US into Hebrew and try to run this ideas in Israel, it doesn't work they are considered as far left crazy people that don't mind the destruction of Israel, this is bs.

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