Johnson Shuts Down Parliament to Help Ensure No-Deal Brexit

The Nation Editor D.D. Guttenplan walks through the political intricacies of the current “coup” in Britain and analyzes the political and economic consequences of the worldwide right-wing push

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42 thoughts on “Johnson Shuts Down Parliament to Help Ensure No-Deal Brexit

  1. Wild how surprised people seem to be when something happens that makes obvious that these systems and structures do not work for us, the regular people.

    They work for power. They work for wealth. They work for imperialism. They work for capitalism. They work for the political class and the ownership class (if there's even a difference half the time). They do not work for marginalized communities, the poor, the working class, the management class, even the middle and upper-middle class. They work for the few at the great expense of the many.

    Boris and Trump aren't "subverting democracy", there's no "democracy" to subvert. They aren't "ruining" the economy, they're using it as they see fit – exactly as they should in this system under it's rules.

    The UK's state grew directly from fuedalism. The US's tries to pretend to be something else but the "founding fathers" had no issue with the position of king so much as that there could only be one and they felt deserving. The movement in Boston to repell the English and set up councils to self-govern isn't the model the US is crafted after, the "framers" – arrogant, wealthy, educated, land and slave owning, white colonizer business men who were more than fine with aboriginal slaughter – openly and vehemently rejecting democracy and didn't have a "revolution" so much as a coup where they took colonies from a king and set up a system of government and economy to serve their interests and protect their property, NOT OURS! This is true of every nation to various degrees.

    The lower classes around the globe have far more in common with each other than we ever could with the parasites running the states and economy. And who better to manage our affairs and pursue our interests than us? Class collaboration sure ain't working for anyone but them.

    They will always be our enemies, rather ya wanna recognize it or not, because our interests will always be opposing and contradictory. People want freedom, they demand obedience. We want I, they demand loyalty. We want peace, they profit from war. We want security, they need us afraid so their positions stay justified. We want equality, they need us divided. We want justice, they'll never hold each other accountable. We succeed with solidarity, so they ensure endless fragmentation and atomization. We want dignity, they want power and profits.

    There is simply no reconciling those contradictions and antagonisms, only eliminating the cause. The class war NEVER ceases, it's just been very one sided for a very long time.

  2. The con, as the federal reserve is bankrupt and now has a debt of 16 trillion and our war efforts have cost another 5 trillion, with Trump's tax give a way to corporate lobbyist raising the national debt to over 22 trillion. The only way and to recover from the austerity of a out of control wall street manipulation is to build the very best America possible. High speed rail systems, better entertainment for our young and more rewarding for our elderly. better housing projects, higher wages so we create the largest middle class in the world. not by trying to enslaving it, but making it thrive double everybody's income and watch America come alive. Because broke people can't afford to pay back only so much unless corporate pays for it or creates an economy that allows for us to pay for it together.

  3. The fear mongering about leaving the EU is ridiculous. Just because the establishment media says certain things that doesn't make them true. The rest of the world trades with the EU on WTO rules and it seems to work fine. The only way there will be a total embargo against the UK, or anything like it, is if the EU chooses to impose that, which would be revealing the anti-democrat, imperialist nature of the EU, the face which it tries to hide and has so far only shown in full to Greece. The UK has always been a net contributor to the EU, both in terms of trade deficits with the rest of the bloc, and in terms of official state funding to the institutions. If they want to lose all the income from exporting to the UK, that's their folly. There will be some turbulence, but hat will happen is what should have happened to begin with, which is real negotiations with the UK as a non-member state with which the EU wishes to trade. But it was obvious that the EU was never going to negotiate in good faith while the UK remained a member, because the institutional inertia was towards trying to prevent Brexit by imposing a 'deal' conspicuously worse than the status quo. That 'deal' would make the UK a colonialised nation no longer in control of its own economic policies or legislation, with no say about it whatsoever, and with no option to change the relationship in any way without permission from the EU, which would never be forthcoming. The EU negotiators and leaders like Verhofstadt have repeatedly insisted that no other deal will be ever be available, no matter who comes from the UK to talk to them. The EU is NAFTA on steroids, with its own legislative power, completely without democratic input or accountability, which super cedes national parliamentary legislative authority, and its own ISDS court built in, the ECJ. The effects on the UK have been catastrophic, forcing an international division of labour into being in which the UK does the banking and financial services, with the consequences that London is rich while the rest of the country grows ever poorer, and infrastructure outside London languishes. And behold, the large majorities for Remain are mostly in London, living alongside the privileged establishment media bubble also resident there, which is almost unanimous and shrill in its hatred of Brexit and all who voted for it, the majority of working class electors, especially those living in the deprived communities outside London, who the establishment was to drive back out of political involvement.

  4. This interview is UTTERLY DISINGENUOUS.. There was a DEMOCRATIC vote on Brexit, with a clear result. Subverting this vote – and kicking the can ad infinitum – with pretexts like "backstop" is not democratic. Neither is the EU, a first class neoliberal swamp, democratic. Mr. Steiner should resign over presenting such a biased interview, as well as this mousy editor person, mouthing the usual horror scenarios made up by remainers.

  5. The EU must start considering the option that some leaders inthe UK are conspiring to dismantile UK democracy, and these people should be held accountable. Let's put out an arrest warrant for Boris. If he steps out of the UK, arrest him extradite him to the international court for human rights of the Hague and put him in front of a judge.

  6. Typical Tories they've did it with go home vans , immigrants, the poor, disabled, benefit scroungers , austerity, now brexit. This is what the elites do blame everyone else for there mess. Time to disband wastemonster ,and the royal family or you will see the UK finished.

  7. When the parliament is Undemocratic and Remoaner MP's are against the will of the people trying to stop brexit as instructed by the referendum result the government has to ensure brexit must happen to uphold democracy

  8. Britain doesn't have a written constitution but they DO HAVE a constitution! John Berkow is a rich elite remoaner. Of course he wants to drag out Brexit forever. He doesn't want it to happen. It's not a disaster! It's not a crash! Fear fear fear! For 3 years Britain has put everything in place for a no deal Brexit. It's just a switch over to WTO rules and then independent trade deals on Britain's terms, not shackled by neoliberal EU rules that have brought nothing but pain and austerity for average Brits outside London. There will be a couple of hiccoughs and inconveniences for a few weeks but the rewards will far outweigh those little ruffles. Guttenplan is an obvious remoaner and just perpetrating the MSM, elitist FEAR 2.0 campaign. I just expect better from TRN.

  9. The Queen is constitutionally REQUIRED to fulfill her Prime Minister's request. She has nothing to do with our endless wars. And it's a reasonable request – to limit via a short shutdown, the ability of traitorous MPs (who were elected on promises to fulfill Brexit) acting against the people's referendum, as they have for the last 3 years, in deference to wealthy interests and big banks, to cancel Article 50 which would nullify the people's vote. I can't stand BoJo but he's getting support from right-wing and left-wing pro-democracy Brexiteers for this move. Once the clock ticks down and Brexit is fulfilled, left Brexiteers expect a general election and a Corbyn government! So calm down everyone who doesn't understand the situation. "They're all racists!" is an obnoxious oversimplification of this issue. And if Brexit doesn't happen on Oct. 31st, be prepared for Nigel Farage to take power.

  10. I'm totally pro BoJo enacting the people's referendum vote by any means possible. Progressive Brexiteers like me demand follow-through on a Democratic referendum. If you don't, you are by definition – ANTI-DEMOCRATIC! Period. Full stop.

  11. Why no mention of the motivation for a no-deal Brexit. They want to exit this year, because of EU laws that wil start to be inacted on Monay Laundering and Tax Havens. The British elite have lots of risk here, and as they see it, more risk from disclosing financial information than the overall harm to the UK economy. Johnson and his Eaton click have a lot to lose if this drags into 2020.

  12. The democratic model was hijacked by neoliberalism. That's the problem. It's impossible to tell the democrats from the republicans anymore. Obama's policies were right in line with Reagan's policies 30 years earlier.

  13. Did anybody else notice that the guest never directly answered the question – "is it legal?". He admitted, grudgingly, that it has been done before but tried to make it sound highly unusual. Well educated Brits who are highly aware of politics state te timing is great for Boris' plans, sure, but that Parliament has already been in session an extraordinarily long time because May kept trying, unsuccessfully, to get her deal accepted.

  14. True, all that is result of downfall of capitalism which is not capable to function on their own for whole nation, or economy, but always must leach from somewhere and someone. Without outer victims, victims becomes own people and downfall is imminent, can be prolonged by tyranny, fascism but not for long.

  15. One might well ask how an American can be stopped by the police, left without any cash and vehicle on the side of the street. Or be harassed out of your desirable home in your community. Happens right here in the US of A where our Constitution forbids exactly that, property seizure without any legal action. The states were wooed into this CIVIL FORFEITURE action by the promise of funding the police without having to pay them. The cops avoid any individuals with connections or long term residential families but recent newcomers, or others without power are targeted. They were so desperate to get my house they avoided the issue of my and my son's brain traumas by using hypnotic coercion based on fear of the police. It was too tempting to pass up being as my husband was a talented body man which is the communities preferred way to dispose of autistic, LD, mentally retarded individuals; stash them in a junk building called a business where the body man carries the entire burden and they are out of sight of the community who has deferred the Christian action of group homes.

  16. If only there were a way to communicate with people who prefer democracy that political Conservatism at its core is anti-democracy & the more you can marginalize (or even eliminate) the influence in governing, the better off you will be. If Conservatives are "participating" in a democracy, they have two primary goals – get in charge & stay in charge no matter what, because that's how you get to try & mold reality to your vision, rather than executing the will of the majority of the electorate. So you have gerrymandering, voter suppression, misinformation, miseducation, distortions, warped facts you use in service of your goals. In many cases, human misery is used as currency as well.
    American Conservatives upped the ante by including mass brainwashing through mass media & social websites (with their behavioral manipulation), using them as a giant megaphone to reach more people more quickly before their lies can be sorted out. So beware anything originating from Conservative sources. There may be some truth in what they say, but if you investigate further with independent sources, most times you will find they are not interested in truth & reality, they just want to control you.

  17. The people voted for brexit. Boris is being democratic by making sure the will of the people is done. Only the people that want the second vote are going against the democratic process. How can people not get this?

  18. At the same time as the democratic insitutions fail the population consisting of all working masses, the ruling oligarchs sinking the ship and taking down with them the British and German economy, have enough capital of their own to withstand the economic shock. They have their own necessaries of life whereas, the British working classes have not and must set a course for themselves to produce with out oligarchs and without the government of oligarchs, this is the only rational action to be taken.

  19. I have decided that the hard core remoaners are complete fascists.
    They're a danger to democracy, the scary thing is that they are so tunnel visioned with zero integrity that they actually believe their own bullshit.

  20. How about give the people what they voted for, Brexit! The British do not want to be dictated to by technocrats! The EU has failed and if the UK wants to leave the EU I say go for it, though my opinion has no bearing on the issue because I'm an American. Sad part is reading the comments on this thread tells me how ignorant the people who actually search places like this instead of the mainstream continue on being ignorant on the matters they comment about.
    Why not bring on George Galloway and ask him what does this actually mean? They've been debating Brexit for 3 and half years. What is another 2 weeks going to do? Ignorance is Bliss…

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