The Honest Police Impersonator | Investigation of Daniel Gomez

From the report of Officer Lee Sahs, lightly edited for clarity and brevity:

On February 23, 2018, at approximately 10:09 a.m., I responded to Vedder Lane in reference to a suspicious incident. Upon arrival contact was made with complainant Sila Battaggia Lopez who provided the following in a sworn written statement:

Battaggia Lopez stated that at approximately 9:00 a.m., his golden retriever had gotten out of his garage and ran off toward DeHaven Street and Randal Park Blvd. Battaggia Lopez stated that he got into his vehicle and drove off to bring the dog home when a gray GMC pickup truck did a U-turn and pulled up next to him. The driver of the vehicle – an unknown white male possibly in his thirties – then identified himself as a police officer and showed him a police badge in an aggressive manner, stating that his dog is always running free and threatening to kill his dog. The truck then sped off and parked behind a nearby residence.

Battaggia Lopez followed the truck and was able to take a picture of its license plate. He then called the police, because he wasn’t sure if the male was a real police officer.

A check of the vehicle tag that Battaggia Lopez provided came back to a Daniel Gomez, just a few residences down the street. Contact was made with Gomez, as seen in this video.

The Office of the State Attorney ultimately charged Daniel Gomez with one count misdemeanor unlawful use of police badge or indicia of authority, Florida Statutes 843.085. Lopez pleaded no contest to the charge, and adjudication was withheld, with fines and fees due in the amount of $436.82.





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20 thoughts on “The Honest Police Impersonator | Investigation of Daniel Gomez

  1. "I'm not going to sit here and lie" when he's doing exactly that when he says he made a U turn to make sure the dog was ok. Does anyone actually believe that?

  2. I love how they loved "tomato tamota" 😄. I used to work with these girls from Lebannon and one day in April it had been raining non stop for about a week so she commented on it. I said "April showers bring may flowers." This girl flipped… thought it was the most poetic thing she's heard. Then she would accidentally use it the wrong way constantly. Lol

  3. The fact he said he was a cop wasn’t impersonating. He broke the law when he flashed the badge. That’s what he got charged with. You can say you’re a cop all day. That’s not against the law. It’s when you start acting in the capacity of one is when you get yourself in trouble.

  4. As forthcoming as this guy is I don't fully believe his story. I believe he did threaten to shoot the dog because he does have a gun. That's what the people even said the fact that he does own a gun the similarities are too close. On top of that he most likely just got his friend fired or in legal trouble. If what that officer said is correct, then she most likely took or stole that badge from the office and gave it to him. She could very well be charged with theft of whatever police equipment. But yeah she's done for, for sure.

  5. He could've easily thrown the badge away and not said shit. They'd have no actual evidence that he impersonated or even flashed a badge. It'd be a he said, she said situation. Just deny, deny deny! Lol

  6. "I made a horrible, horrible
    Well… not really horrible, judgment call…."
    -God I hate these pricks, even when they know they've done wrong they still refuse to admit it

  7. The fact that people even use JD name is disturbing. That guy literally thinks everyone else is wrong and he’s right. He thinks his BS makes him famous. He has endangered the public on the regular. He’s a POS. I feel mad for his kid. That poor kids, he’ll probably make her think he’s a cop.
    She will go to school telling her class mates she’s gonna bring daddy to school for show and tell lol

  8. If I see your dog loose again I'm going to kill it turns into I was worried about the dogs safety, I love animals , the usual mental gymnastics of a control freak narcissist.

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