The dark side of El Salvador’s ‘gang crackdown’ w/Michael Fox | Rattling the Bars

El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele has now suspended the rule of law in his country for 18 months, during which time more than 70,000 people have been rounded up and imprisoned without trial in the naming of stopping crime. While Bukele’s approval rating has skyrocketed, many families of the incarcerated paint a much grimmer picture of suspended civil liberties and indefinite detention. TRNN contributor Mike Fox joins Rattling the Bars for a look at El Salvador’s permanent state of exception and the growing signs of a return to fascism in the region.

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29 thoughts on “The dark side of El Salvador’s ‘gang crackdown’ w/Michael Fox | Rattling the Bars

  1. Nayib Bukele is not an American puppet so I don't know why this channel wants to keep attacking him? When is this channel going to denounce Daniel Ortega and his brutal crackdowns in Nicaragua 🇳🇮 ? If you are calling El Salvador 🇸🇻 excessive, then what about the Ortega dictatorship who is arresting everyone, including Sandanista members who were once friends with Ortega in the 1970s and 1980s?

  2. is this a JOKE ???? that country is INCREDIBLE ! …. we almost didn't go there because of absurd reports like this one. Even the people whose family got put in jail, were very open about it and the jails that he's referencing in this joke of a "report" are not for everybody. Additionally zero mention of the many people that have already been released ….. Zero mention that most people want him there ….. Zero mention how the US has modified its' constitution many many times and that wasn't AUTHORITARIAN ….. AGAIN, THIS IS A JOKE !

  3. So everyone is innocent and there's no one committing all the gang and cartel activities? These guys have the nerve to report from a corrupt country like America telling suggesting how other countries should clean up their mess. That man is doing the right thing, because people have the right to feel save and free to walk outside.

  4. We have like 5 parties in El Salvador and only one was doing things for real, we selected only one out of 5, that's democracy for you.

  5. I was in El Salvador in year 2000. Then it felt VERY unsafe, probably worst of Central American countries.
    Im not surprised people vote for some extreme measures for basic safety.
    What is needed now in El Salvador is economic development.

  6. How is it facism the gangs where literally terrorizing the people murder extortion rape, bukele has completely changed he’s country for the better I wish Dominican Republic had a president like bukele those gang members to be behind bars where they belong

  7. Its is fascism, but if it lowers the crime rate to historic lows then i dont care. I dont care about the humanity of face tattoed killers.

  8. I think the best solution to preserve the rights of those human beings is that every journalist at The Real News Network adopts one of those good people as a son in his/her family. I think Bukele already suuggested that they give them away 2 for 1 to lefties.

  9. We Salvadorians support all the necessary actions taken by our president Nayid Bukele. People that have not lived in my country and experienced all the violence from these gangs should not be so quick to judge!!

  10. 30% not gang members ?
    Dude maybe not gang members but they do other criminal activities.
    If not 30% can you people give us your proof of this investigation your claiming of 30%

  11. Solid points, but ultimately Salvadorans voted in Bukele, so whatever happens its on them… If they end up like Venezuela then we can make fun later! If Bukele & his troupe can deal with the falsely accused prisoners & give them their day in court asap, I think they got something good cooking there. Certain intangibles make certain tactics work, results may vary in Guatemala, Honduras & Costa Rica compared to El Salvador.

    Actually, we could use a Bukele like mayor in CHICAGO who fights crime & corruption, Batman style! Yet, as a victim of false accusations myself, it really sucked going thru the court system & took 1.5yrs/5figures in USD to clear my name here in a liberal US city! Had surveillance video as proof, but they didn't care so there's no "quick & speedy trial" here in the US either, they wanted to drag it out, woke judge did favors & made every attempt to convict me on the narrative & not the truth!

    Also, I was in El Salvador in April this year, I was walking around with cameras for my channel vlogs + in suit&tie on few occasions. I was never in any fear, never came across any gangs, the authorities were helpful & more polite the US police, the people had good vibes too & majority are out working hard to earn income & not worried about being extorted or murdered by gangs & get away with it!

    USA we need to fix our own country before telling how others can govern theirs…

  12. Innocent gang members??? What does a white reporter really know about El Salvador. Why doesn't he speak to a relative of the victims of the 50+ murders a day they committed….make a deep hole and throw all 60000 plus the reporter in it.

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