The Chris Hedges Report: Journalism and Argentina’s Dirty War

In the late 1970s and 1980s, Argentina’s civic-military dictatorship disappeared over 30,000 people, using death squads trained by the US as part of the now infamous Operation Condor. The victims were held in secret prisons, savagely tortured, and murdered. To this day, many families do not know the fate of their loved ones. In this episode of the Chris Hedges Report, former Buenos Aires Herald editor Robert Cox joins the show to recount his experiences reporting on the disappeared during Argentina’s “Dirty War.”

Robert Cox is a British journalist who served as editor and publisher of the Buenos Aires Herald, an English-language daily newspaper in Argentina. Cox became famous for his criticism of the military dictatorship (1976–1983); he was also targeted by police forces and was detained and jailed, then released after a day. During this time, he received multiple threats against his family; eventually, Cox and his family left Argentina in 1979 and moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where he became an editor of The Post and Courier. In 2005, the Buenos Aires legislature recognized Cox for his valor during the dictatorship.

Chris Hedges interviews writers, intellectuals, and dissidents, many banished from the mainstream, in his half-hour show, The Chris Hedges Report. He gives voice to those, from Cornel West and Noam Chomsky to the leaders of groups such as Extinction Rebellion, who are on the front lines of the struggle against militarism, corporate capitalism, white supremacy, the looming ecocide, as well as the battle to wrest back our democracy from the clutches of the ruling global oligarchy.

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45 thoughts on “The Chris Hedges Report: Journalism and Argentina’s Dirty War

  1. Chris, I warmly suggest you get in touch with Gaby Weber, one of Germany's best (and really last remaining) investigative journalists, as her area of expertise is also Argentina (she lived there for quite some time). Through her relentless archive digging, she has uncovered extraordinary things about Adolf Eichmann, Daimler's complicity in "getting rid" of union leaders during the dictatorship, and sending the babies born in prison by pregnant left activists to rich families!…

  2. Untold epic stories, there is no way to thank you for bringing such important facts to light and making us aware of these extraordinary figures who saved so many lives, as well as showing the true face of demonic characters that permeate our fragile democracies. And not to forget that no matter how much we promote our evolution, we will still be capable of committing barbarities and colluding with them through silence or neglect.

  3. So glad I found this channel.Thank God
    Studying if or how much this was in part a result of the US policies adopted in 1975 …( the year America most her soul).

  4. Operation Condor was created and guided by the USA. The killing of the best and the brightest was necessary to install Neoliberalism in south America. But Operation Condor was preseaded by Operation Gladio by returning Peron under the frame of the cold war. The cooperation between the P2 and the CIA was instrumental.

  5. And what did we get in the UK when this savagery was taking place in Peron's Argentina? The musical "EVITA", a slushy tribute to Peron's wife by a couple of posh English private school boys, and the world snorted it up like cocaine. (from Green Fire)

  6. What, no mention of the current RCC Pope Francis? I read that he was a RC bishop at this period in Argentina and that he contributed to these many killings, for which he has never been held accountable, You make no mention of this, but I read about it starting before he was appointed Pope. Something needs to be clarified about this.

  7. during these perilous times with so many important items, I suggest that this topic is at the bottom of the list. Argentina has been corrupt long before the noted time period and hasn't stopped the corruption till the present day. This program needs to focus on more immediate concerns.

  8. Mr Cox, The Buenos Aires Herald. …part of my youth…yes we were all relieved when the military took over, we thought that the violence would stop, and then, some of my friends started to vanish. I have never seen them again. Dropped drugged into the sea. Mr Cox, you are one of the bravest persons that I know. You and Andrew Graham Yool.Thanks to you, we learned about what was going on. I have never met you, but as we say in Argentina: "te llevo en el alma". I carry you in my heart.
    (Sorry for getting so emotional)


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  10. Please watch such movies as "Imagining Argentina" and "Death and the Maiden". No rehabilitation for war criminals. No "reconciliation" administrations. Only prosecutions!

  11. there are secular saints, but many are directed to do good by a message from god. either way, homer sap must be grateful. the result is not always great, or even visible, but i suspect without the efforts on these good people, humanity would have eaten itself long ago.
    i disassociated myself from the usa long ago, as an act of personal salvation, and i recommend leaving for there are many better places to live. but staying and resisting deserves great respect.

  12. The role of the 'covert operations' branch of the CIA in 'destabilising' legitimate governments by means of various sponsored terrorist groups cannot be underestimated, a notable case being the overthrow of the Chilean revolutionary democrat Salvador Allende and his betrayal by Pinochet – which was a co-op by Washington and London. What was Allende's crime ? It was to nationalise Chile's copper and nitrate industries in order to fund social programmes throughout the country.

  13. Have a colleague in Argentina, a mathematician but also a friend. The experiience of my friend is concerning, in 2014 I contacted the alumni organization to reach out and find out some sort of status relative to. their situation. The government had initiated a intimidation campaign and it became obvious that our relationship could not be sustained. This is tragic and horrific. Two individuals unable to share ideas and thoughts as our discourse (academic in tenor) fell in the conflict. And this is contemporary, not the far past.

  14. Thank you Mr. Hedges, I've wondered what has inspirited your heart-felt commitment to the truth and what journalism looks like. You have shown that you are not alone and that despair, the coin of the U.S. press, is not a given. The political class in the U.S. have demonstrated quite the opposite, a cynical and dismissive cabal of power brokers that serve only their hubris.

  15. Without Reagan's nod, the Argentine military government would never have invaded the Malvinas islands. Reminds me of the US pushing Ukraine to invade the Donbass- pretending they'd back them. In reality all Regan wanted was to shore up Thatcher's government, which was falling apart. The Argentine dictator lost, Argentina regained Democracy- and the UK extremist right wing went on to rule to this day, erasing any last trace of working class politics.

  16. Thanks for the video. I find Argentina a very complicated subject to cover even within tens of books. The left in Argentina and Che Guevara never got on to the point he left his country and ended up in Cuba. Argentina has been exposed to constant foreign interventions up to now. I tried to understand today's Argentina's government and my head almost exploded. I haven't seen as many forces, interest groups, foreign factors within a political system. The gentleman mentioned Nazis in Argentina, same country hosts the largest Jewish population in Latin America. I was going to explain Andinia Plan but it seems it was a conspiracy theory. That's how complicated it is.

  17. Chris Hedges, I saw Jimmy Dore in concert last night and he mentioned your name when someone asked him who he'd like to see run for President. Maybe we could see a Hedges/Dore ticket for the Green Party in '24?

  18. It's true that they denounced the crimes of the dictatorships in Argentina but the Buenos Aires Herald was still a far right (pro US imperialism) newspaper… And by the way… if Orwell (a true fascist) was kind of Hedge's hero, I'm starting to doubt about his true ideology.

  19. To have a man, with such high moral principles, living and working with his family in such a dystopian hell is an inspiring example of humanity at its best.
    The women, that went to the US Embassy, must have had an inkling that their entering and leaving would have been noted, and action could be taken against them and their families, yet they still went.
    Thank you Chris, I would like to add two quotations from an author who we both admire, George Orwell.

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