The Chris Hedges Report: Gerald Horne on the unrelentingly radical life of Paul Robeson

Heroic dissidents are demonized, marginalized, physically and psychologically destroyed, or assassinated by the American ruling class. Before the persecution of Julian Assange, before the FBI assassination of Fred Hampton and Malcolm X, before the murder of Martin Luther King, there was the relentless campaign to silence the activist, actor, and singer Paul Robeson. Robeson, the most internationally known and revered Black American of his day, was a socialist and a militant who stood with the crucified of the earth.

Historian Gerald Horne is author of the biography “Paul Robeson: The Artist as Revolutionary,” and is the Moores Professor of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston. In this episode of The Chris Hedges Report, he joins Chris hedges to discuss the life of “the most blacklisted performer in America,” linking the persecution of Paul Robeson directly to the persecution of Julian Assange, held today in a high security prison in London where his mental and physical health—like Robeson’s at the end of his life—is in serious decline.

Chris Hedges interviews writers, intellectuals, and dissidents, many banished from the mainstream, in his half-hour show, The Chris Hedges Report. He gives voice to those, from Cornel West and Noam Chomsky to the leaders of groups such as Extinction Rebellion, who are on the front lines of the struggle against militarism, corporate capitalism, white supremacy, the looming ecocide, as well as the battle to wrest back our democracy from the clutches of the ruling global oligarchy.

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46 thoughts on “The Chris Hedges Report: Gerald Horne on the unrelentingly radical life of Paul Robeson

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  2. Academic lefty, not an invested leftist,no dirt under your nails. It was workers unionizing and risking all who brought about change through job action. Your one who stamped out all US/UK industry, to give us the Chinese hell that's coming, as if they own the land they call the shots. Like the oil fields that Chinesse Companies own and work in Canada. Smuggling dead injured Chinese workers home in Oil Drums so Canadian-level ASIB payouts, which are bad enough, don't receive. Your great Globalism hasn't helped at all it's just destroyed faster. To quote a great thinker " You'll Be Soorey"

  3. these ppl never stop, they are truly inherently evil to the core, so sad & pathetic at the same time. This American true history pisses me off the more & more I learn. This s**t is just to much.

  4. I'm white 54 years old. Living in Britain. Paul Robeson is my hero. His shadow of greatness, is still casting it's very long influence. ♥️ He never dies ♥️✊

  5. Communist bloviation by dysfunctional people about dysfunctional people. Compare yourselves and Paul to how poor people do in other blacker communities / islands / countries? The only people oppressing / silencing / censoring anyone today are the same old elitist / leftists / anarchists / tyrants.
    Shock everyone sometime by talking about something other than being black… like how a problem was solved without mentioning race.

  6. Thank you for covering Mr. Robeson. The professor knew his stuff. In college I had to do a presentation on Paul Robeson and this discussion brings back the recollections of my research and study. That was a couple of decades ago.

  7. Did you ever notice that Chris Hedges never fully commits to anything? His tepid endorsement of Cornel West and the Green Party marks him as I have always marked him. Chris Hedges is a political rift profiteer who feigns his Progressivism to create a need in people to buy his books or whatever else he is currently profiteering off of. He is a fake. Him, Bernie Sanders, and Mike Moore are totally worthless to ANY real Progressive movement in this nation. In fact, all three of these people do NOT want real change. They want things to continue as is so they can further their political rift profiteering.

  8. Many of those racist white supremacist were Nazi refugees sent to America, deliberately sent into black into communities to kill black people and take your lands. These racist came from Eastern Europe after WW1 & 2. Look at the migration dates of black people becoming refugees in America, up until the 1980s versus migration from Europe from dates 1914-1960s

  9. My Mum was a huge fan of Paul Robeson. Not his singing and his acting alone but she knew about his political activities. She used to talk to me about the terrible treatment meted out to him by the American establishment. We had some of his records in our house . My Mum used to play them on an old fashioned Dansette record player. When I hear them tears come to my eyes . That beautiful haunting voice reminds me of my late mother.Chris Hedges and his colleagues are so brave to show us the wanton cruelty of the American rulers . This continues today. I have been watching American officials threaten a Cold War with China. They openly declare American superiority and exceptionlism . They are giving themselves the right to rule every country on earth. Do as we say or else. That attitude can lead to one thing. World War. It looks as though most other nations are waking up to the danger. Opposition is growing. . The US is being shunned. I am lucky. My life is coming to an end. I fear for my children and grandchildren.Terrified by a state that purports to bring peace.

  10. Cut the rhetoric and leftist propoganda.fed up with you people acting like blacks and non whites are the ONLY ones being screwed by the government. The real problem isn't racism!! ITS CLASSISM

  11. Now that Im famiar with this story, I realized this is the fear of the black human being, this is the fear wear you can't even go with in to your own kind for protection, this fear is so powerful it leaves a social creature along yes this is a real reality of the black human being in a the system of white supremacy, black fear!

  12. It's funny the war came along at the time that made him move back to the US from London should have stayed no matter what. Just a black man dealing with in house antiblack racism that's all he was and that's he wanted to stop.

  13. I attended a class n was somewhat close to Gerald horne…we of organization of Latin unity…thr
    E more progressive students took over leadership n although small along w members of Black student union made some noise…in several meetings Gerald was there voicing support…he's grown to be a solid left intellectual..
    It was nice to see him n I'm getting that book on Paul Robeson who although I knew he was politically active never realized he was such a giant.

  14. Thank you for giving brother Paul Robeson the honor and respect he is long overdue. This man was so visiously attacked and malingned by the white supremacist and neo fascist ruling elites in the belly of this empire when he was being verbally chastized and berated by the so called House "Un American" activites committee which was a group😅 of Neo Facist McCarthyites who hounded, harrased,bullied, threatened, and intimidated people regardless of their color who fighting for fumdemental and systemic change in the nation and the world.

  15. THEY also gave him a glass of water laced with LSD so imagine what that would do to someone who starts tripping not knowing what is happening to your mind

  16. First and foremost, Paul Robeson was about the liberation of BLACK PEOPLE. These white liberals are always trying to cross contaminate our ICONS with their BS and liberal agenda. Julian Assange is NO PAUL ROBESON. This professor needs to be slapped for collaborating on this.

  17. Poor, poor, misunderstood communist piece of filth.
    No matter what race,creed,or color a person is, no amount of intellectual discussion changes the FACT THAT communism took away people's property,jobs, countries, identities, self worth, individual freedoms, and Lives.
    Just for the sake of
    according to what THEY thought was right.

  18. I remember the first time I saw The Emperor Jones as a 12 year-old. For me, it was the first time I had seen a film that was truly thought provoking rather than mere entertainment. The social issues it raises are timeless but really come into focus when you reflect on what you just saw. Paul Robeson’s performance in this 1933 classic is incredibly powerful and memorable.

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