TEXAS cop watch with The Battousai

Yep- I took a trip to TEXAS, met up with Phillip Turner aka The Battousai and we went all over the Forth Worth/Dallas and surrounding cities to do a couple audits and do some cop watching….got a lot of video to share with you all- stay tuned~ Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

The Battousai https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdiRpq3iPQqlicPX38G5AbQ

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxwr76XajtWE7WZarFawaUA), the first and only female cop watch team

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46 thoughts on “TEXAS cop watch with The Battousai

  1. Noticed it when he gets back up he becomes a fucking brave. this gang tyrants Until the constitution is rewritten your opinion and your feelings everything you say think and want to do don’t mean shit

  2. The environment that we live in today? What environment is that, LT? The environment where police kill people and violate their rights. The environment where the police break the law and are not held accountable for their actions? Yeah, that environment. You have a guy wearing a blue line bracelet telling you that he believes in police accountability and that they deal with bad actors in their ranks. That guy was a first class tool.

  3. "The way things are today," law enforcement believe that "the environment we live in," warrants not respecting the very constitution they swore an oath to protect and defend, all the while violating as many citizens rights and liberties because they fear for their own safety. Should the need arise, the police rely on the sacred Qualified Immunity Principle to keep themselves out of trouble.

  4. Please ask this POS cop how many cars or police stations that been blown up… then how many citizens killed and abused by cops… how many cops killed by citizens?

  5. When they say all the things going on today you should say do you mean all the shooting of unarmed citizens by police and the rogue cops that murder people like in Houston. Is that the kind of things you mean?

  6. The “environment we live in” is the environment the cops created. When they stop abusing citizens’ rights then the environment will improve.

  7. These cops seriously can't be this stupid. Either they have never seen these types of videos, or they are really just that ignorant. I'm going to go with tyranny and ignorant. I drive a fucking truck for a living and everyday I fear that I may not make it home because of other people driving. These fuckers are scared of there own shadows and I pray for these guys that have an arsenal and the backup of other armed thugs that they are provided with are all SAFE! I'm lieng, I absolutely do not pray for anyone of these public officials and that goes for the tyrants that work in the office as suckretaries. We have to stop this shit.plain and simple. Philip Turner, the " Batoussai" are doing a wonderful job sir, but nobody is getting it. Grandview, Texas man. Hit this place please. City manager/police chief David Hendley. That should say enough of getting 2 paychecks separately but from the same citizens.

  8. Cop says with the environment we live in today hmmmm, the environment today is that we the people are getting to see via videos the curruption, brutality and tyrannical behavior which is exactly what police don't like which is why they try with desparation to stop it.
    As for the good cops and there is plenty of them they get stomped on by the bad cops.
    Make the unions pay the law suits, remove quaified immunity, convict bad police the same as a citizen would have been and tyrannical unlawful policing will decrease dramatically.

  9. I may be in the minority here but I give this cop an A – almost got a perfect score but he had to say "you dont need to film me" other than that he did a pretty good job

  10. great exchanges is what is needed to heal not "I gotcha you" if someone is filming i believe it is important to check validation for why and if they don't want to express that is fine but i am also filming with my small camera for further investigation, overall i recommend now your basic rights as it is pertaining to our amendments of law. great video!

  11. This was an utter waste of time… they came out an politely talked to you.. that's all… they didnt accuse you of committing a crime, they didnt detain you, they didnt commit police brutality… they simply asked you f*cking questions. So how your simple mind equated this to a bad exchange? Quit trying to make shit up just to get views on youtube… goddamn you people are f*cking dumb…

  12. Brionna Taylor's killers still roaming free. So NO police don't get held accountable for their actions. Everything that happens to police "In this day and age" is called KARMA

  13. Turn the tables on these asshole cops. They always start the conversation with this day in age. Switch it on them. This day and age more innocent unarmed civilians are shot by the police every single day every interaction should be filmed….

  14. You are purposely looking for a negative reaction from police and putting them in situations that most people would find invasive to their privacy. You are not an activist you are an agitator. Not good.

  15. Okay, sir. Can you tell me the last time an officer was harmed or a PD damaged due to somebody videotaping?

  16. Love how he wouldn't give you one example connecting recording to any threat to police yet he cut you off & wanted an example of police wrong doing. Lol He clearly didn't like yall but at least he didn't violate your rights.

  17. why every time i watch a audit r cop watch video the 'up next' one is always a live pd or the show "cops" , it like youtube forces me to play it ….not happy about that

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