Teenage Gang Member Armed With a Rifle is Shot by Merced Deputy When He Shot Her in The Ear

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Merced County, California — On April 29, 2023, around 1:00 p.m., Deputies received information was received about potential gang members with firearms in the area of the Winton cemetary. When deputies arrived on the scene, they say they saw several people running out of the cemetery and getting into a vehicle. Deputies say they attempted to stop the vehicle, however, the suspects failed to stop and a chase began. Another deputy joined the pursuit, which deputies say lasted nearly four minutes when the vehicle crashed into a parked car at Suzie Street and Walnut Avenue. Multiple people exited the crashed vehicle and began to run on foot as deputies followed, demanding the suspects stop.

Officials say that deputies lost sight of one of the suspects, identified as 17-year-old Jonathan Daniel Diaz-Duarte, who had taken off into a neighboring apartment complex, carrying what officials believed to be an AR-15 rifle. Another deputy joined the chase and they were able to catch up with Diaz-Duarte as he had tripped and fell onto the gravel in an empty lot. Officials say he turned his gun on the female deputy, firing one shot that hit her in the left ear, which led to her returning fire, striking Diaz-Duarte three times. Medical personnel arrived shortly after and attempted life-saving measures on Diaz-Duarte, but he was pronounced dead at the scene. The suspect’s family members say he had been recently released from juvenile hall and had his ankle bracelet off a day before he was killed.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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43 thoughts on “Teenage Gang Member Armed With a Rifle is Shot by Merced Deputy When He Shot Her in The Ear

  1. But we don't need a Border Wall. Oh no that would be racist. Better to be shot by police in America than to live a long life in your own country. 🥴

  2. Overkill. One shot he was down, two shot he was incapacitated three shots he was with his belly up. But five shots? I don't believe the police trained to deescalate but terminate or exterminate. They are two cowardly to get their hands dirty.

  3. Thank you officer for your brave service and ridding the world of one more scumbag. That came very close to killing that officer. God bless her for a fast and full recovery and as she goes forward. Recently during Biden's White House Pride Day, he actually said that the trans community were the bravest people he knew. Apparently he's never met firefighters, police, or anyone in the military!! What a demented idiot!!

  4. Cops are afraid to shoot violent people, now we have cops taking rounds unnecessarily. We must vote Democrats out in order to avoid Democrat DAs.

  5. That lady cop had balls! Ran right up and close enough to get hit before taking out the trash. It was almost like she didn't really care if she died or not – she just wanted justice.

  6. Boy am I glad that YouTube warned me twice! Bouncing footage, the sound of gunshots and a completely blurred person are just waaaaayyyy too much for me to handle without a warning…twice…

  7. Did all she could to get him to stop, and that's why someone must've been watching over her. She's lucky AF it grazed her ear!

  8. Now this is an example of a proper female police officer. Let no one tell you it's not possible, though we should face the reality that it is not common.
    Quite the heroine, chasing this guy equipped with an AR-15 in a populated apartment complex, not even firing as he has his back turned and there weren't people around, unfortunately he turns and able to get a shot in, hitting her, and despite having been an inch from death she puts down the scumbag and even keeps her cool.
    Absolute legend!

  9. Seems like they’d be justified shooting him while he was running. Not only could he turn at any second to shoot, as we saw, but he could also have taken a hostage – he was a lethal threat to the public.

  10. Girl Deputy is chunky. Shocker. I call BS on all of this, you can't own an"AR-15" in CA. Anybody who claims gun prohibition doesn't work is simply an ignorant Deplorable who belongs in prison. Did his AR have a "bullet button"?😂 One day off the tracker, already scored an illegal "assault weapon!!!!!!!!!!" & is shooting 🐖. Way to go Cali! No wonder you're trendsetters!😂🎉😂🎉😂🎉😂 Don't lose heart, maybe the next ridiculous firearm denial/confiscation scheme you launch will do the trick!👍

  11. That's how policing should be done, using a weapon when it's absolutely necessary. Fat cop would of instantly shot him in a back, and claim self-defence.

  12. Good thing that POS 17 year old DIDNT survive that encounter.
    That LEO just prevented someone from getting hurt by that loser garbage Sheet stain in the future

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

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