T.I. And More Celebs Call For Boycott Of Gucci And More After Blackface Controversy

Gucci, Prada and more are today’s Donkeys of the Day for trying to use Blackface as a fashion trend. T.I. has called for a boycott of these brands until they show respect.

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T.I. And More Celebs Call For Boycott Of Gucci And More After Blackface Controversy

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33 thoughts on “T.I. And More Celebs Call For Boycott Of Gucci And More After Blackface Controversy

  1. I can understand his point of view, but to solely buy only from black owned companies and no one else is racist too. I wonder if he ever can see that. Who the HELL researches shit on what you buy, beside this dude. "Oh, let me see now, before I buy this item I have been saving up for, was it made by whitey or blacks?!?"

  2. Every year we should keep contests in the UK, US, Canada, the Caribbean & Africa for the best, young BLACK clothes designers, shoe designers, perfume/cologne manufacturers, jewelry designers, sportswear designers and fashion handbag designers. The black music industry (Dancehall, Hip Hop, Reggae, R&B & Dance) should then ALL get behind the winners (Even invest, buy shares in these young black Companies) and promote OUR OWN DESIGNER BRANDS WORLDWIDE! Stop keep promoting these white European and American brands that KEEP TREATING BLACK PEOPLE LIKE SHIT!!!

  3. Your stupid if you buy from Gucci to begin with. It's just a ridiculous trend and people think if they wear it some how they're automatically better than you.Wearing something that cost 100s of dollars when you could have gotten something just as good for much less only shows me that you got played, your stupidity, and materialism. Haha!
    Example. You can go buy a polo shirt for 60 bucks or you can go to Walmart and get one for 10 dollars. Then look at the tag and both shirts will say: Made in India, or from a place some one got paid 10 cents to make it, and made from 100% cotton. The only difference will be that the polo shirt has a stupid guy riding a horse on it.
    Stop wasting your money on things just bc a rap song tells you to, or bc it's what your favorite singer wears.

  4. So does that mean the black community will stop wearing blond hair and blue contact lenses? Understand that the white community never even thinks about race until the black community brings it up. Yeah wearing a black face is stupid as hell but does it really destroy the black community's character? I don't think so! Most the rest of the world is judging people by their personal character, not the color of their skin. Stop making it a thing and focus on being respected by your good works and personal character.

  5. Who cares, it's a free country. If u really want to boycott companies that for whites by whites than here is a list.
    1) Hugo Boss, Hitlers personal uniform designer.
    2) Porsche, member of the nazi party and close friend of hitler.
    3) Fanta grape soda. Invented by well known nazi

  6. A tribe called quest rapped about Bonita Applebum.

    Slick Rick rapped about Mona Lisa .

    Lost Boyz rapped about Renee.

    In these classics they told stories nowadays it’s just straight up garbage .

    I miss the old school days when it was REAL music .

  7. Omg . Who gives a crap. Why does everything even Gucci even associated with black face !!?! This is off topic . People who are African American has shows out that is called BET. Black-ish. “Black Comedy.” BUT if there was a show called White-ish or network called WET or a superhero called White Panther. Oh lord it’s racist. I understand black people have came a long way due to slavery but didn’t their own country sell them as slaves?? I’m sorry I am sick of racism just like any person of color but where does the line draw…

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