Suspect Shot by Deputies After Stabbing 2 Women at a Lake Forest Apartment

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Lake Forest, California — On Sunday, August 20, 2023, at 12:18 p.m., Orange County Sheriff’s dispatch received multiple 911 calls that a female was stabbed in an apartment complex. Callers told dispatchers that the man who stabbed her retreated to a nearby apartment. Deputies arrived to Osterman Road, located the female victim and began providing medical treatment. Simultaneously, additional deputies were directed to the apartment where the suspect was believed to be. Nearby apartments were evacuated while deputies held their position outside the suspect’s apartment. Minutes after deputies arrived, a family member of the female victim told a deputy that her other daughter was still inside the apartment. The family member gave the deputy a key to the apartment. With another possible victim inside the apartment, deputies decided to make entry.

Deputies encountered the suspect inside the apartment and gave commands for the suspect to drop the knife. The suspect did not comply with deputies’ commands. At this time, the deputy involved shooting occurred. The deputies handcuffed the suspect and began lifesaving measures. County Fire was on scene and responded to provide advanced medical aid. Additional deputies arrived and began to clear the apartment. They located a second victim, a woman in her twenties, with multiple stab wounds inside of a bathroom in the apartment. The woman was pronounced deceased at the scene. The suspect was transported to the hospital for medical treatment and was then booked into the Orange County Jail on suspicion of murder and attempted murder. He remains in custody. The first victim is expected to survive. It is believed the two female victims are sisters of the male suspect.

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0:00 – 1st 911 Call
1:05 – 2nd 911 Call
2:13 – Bodycam: Deputy #1
2:24 – Bodycam: Deputy #2
3:29 – Bodycam: Deputy #3
4:45 – Patreon Supporters

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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30 thoughts on “Suspect Shot by Deputies After Stabbing 2 Women at a Lake Forest Apartment

  1. What’s even more sad about the girl getting stabbed is that literally nobody tried to help her, wow what a shame, men are such beta boys these days, I would have tried to save that woman’s life had I seen someone trying to kill her. SMH.

  2. anyone else having problems watching the vid? its giving the usual "content advisory" but when i click the button it just goes back to youtube home page.

  3. Youtube won't let me watch your video unless I turn on my watch history….Weird, it makes me try to turn it on but has a question mark like it's an option… WTF!!

  4. These two officers are heroes, they knew what had to be done in the moment and did it. They knew they couldnt wait for a battalion of SWAT with all the high tech robots and armored personnel carrier they just went in and took care of the problem. Sadly even as fast as they responded they were too late to save the woman inside..

  5. Never more proud of LEOs then when I hear things like

    Deputy 1: posted up at a safe angle and distance; almost certainly thinking he may die this day
    Deputy 2: "There's another girl in the apartment [with the suspect]"
    Deputy 1: "We gotta go in RIGHT. NOW."

  6. Cops failed the women that passed away. As always it's from California, so you can already tell the type of policing that is done there, they were quick to render aid to the criminal though; Just look up the video with the guy drinking and driving on the Venice Boardwalk, that's the type of motivation and speed in which these Officers work at.

  7. I feel terrible for the mother. She really lost 2 children that day, one at the hands of the other. I'm sure she's feeling incomprehensible grief.

  8. cant watch this video, i click the "i understand" button but then redirects to youtube homepage, i guess im not the only one seeing as this video has lower viewer numbers compared to other videos

  9. Wow, I didnt realize the killer was the brother of the two sisters. So it was definitely 1st degree murder/premeditated. Prayers for the fam. What a horrible situation.

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