Suspect Escapes Cop’s Bullets And Being Chased in Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California — On February 9, 2021, around 4:30 p.m., uniformed Southeast Patrol Division officers conducted a traffic stop for an equipment violation in the northwest parking lot at Manchester Avenue and Figueroa Street. The body camera footage shows officers talking with the driver, identified as Travis Elster of Compton, who said he was waiting for his mom. The driver officer stopped their patrol vehicle adjacent to the driver’s door of Elster’s vehicle. The officers exited their vehicle and began giving commands to Elster. The driver officer ordered the suspect to turn off the ignition, however, Elster did not comply. Elster accelerated the vehicle towards the partner officer who was standing at the front of the vehicle. The partner officer ordered Elster to stop, however, the suspect continued driving towards him and an Officer-Involved Shooting occurred.

Elster fled the scene in his vehicle and led officers on a brief pursuit to a shopping center parking lot at Imperial Highway and Crenshaw Boulevard in the city of Inglewood. Elster exited the vehicle and entered a nearby store. Officers searched the store, however, they were unable to locate Elster. A review of surveillance video showed that Elster changed clothing inside the store and escaped prior to the search. No officers were injured during the incident and Elster was not struck by gunfire. According to LASD’s inmate locator, Elster was apprehended on March 9, denied bail, and moved to the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, where he will await his next court date (which appears to be September 13).

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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40 thoughts on “Suspect Escapes Cop’s Bullets And Being Chased in Los Angeles, California

  1. Security guard just dont gaf does he? Damn lol

    Now I take the officers sides alot, but sometimes you just know. And this was one of them times. This didn't warrant shooting at him like that. Cop stepped to the side as dude drove and then shot at him the guy didn't even go towards him.

  2. Officer Carlos Tovar should be fired for choosing to fire 8 rounds into a vehicle with heavy traffic as his backstop.

  3. I support the police greatly, but shooting at that dude was irresponsible. The dude was obviously not going to run over the officer.

  4. Yikes. The guy driving off isn’t free license to shoot towards the general public unless perhaps he had a gun in his hand pointing at the cops?

  5. Back in my day criminals wore saggy pants so they could quickly declothe and reveal a totally different color of pants or shorts

  6. Everyone's talking about the security guard and how the police shot thru the windows into the traffic. In my mind the good thing is that the perp was apprehended later and he's now waiting in jail for his day in court, which seems to be in SEP 2021. The main thing is that he's off the streets, right..?

  7. Travis Elster knows the basics of E&E in an urban setting; changing hair style, clothing color and covid mask. I am amazed at the willingness of cops to fire their weapons when there are so many civilians around.

  8. This shoot would be the equivalent of handing someone a gun and then immediately opening fire on them for being armed. Don’t stand in front of the vehicle dip shit. That piece of shit is lucky he didn’t kill anybody.

  9. Good job security don't jeopardize your life over clothing articles that the store has INSURANCE ON the minute that security had lost his life his job already replaced with no condolences to his family from THE STORE!

  10. Ah, I just realized this is LAPD. Isn't this the police department that has racist gangs in it? One shouldn't be surprised at this officer's reaction given LAPDs track record.

  11. The last part of the video showing the suspect stealing, never seems to be reported by the lying/fake media. These are criminals plain and simple.

  12. Knock knock, Move your car sir, have a nice day. (guy moves car) nothing happens. They wanted to get his info for stopping in a parking lot. and because of TINT… Fuck that shit.

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