Stir Crazy! Episode #40: Hero Pay? More Like Zero Pay!

On today’s show: Founder and Executive Director of Faith Matters Network Jennifer Bailey, “By Any Means Necessary” co-host Jacqueline Luqman, and TRNN executive producer Lisa Snowden-McCray. Hosted by Kim Brown.

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20 thoughts on “Stir Crazy! Episode #40: Hero Pay? More Like Zero Pay!

  1. It's always better to qualify your responses when necessary. You pretty much said every white person that is your friend will sell you out when push comes to shove. I know through experience this isn't true. To say it is true would be like a white person saying every black person would sell out a white friend to his black cohort. That too is a falsehood.

    I enjoyed the segment though. Keep up the good work!

  2. Sally echoing Noam Chomsky's opinion on Biden. It's a valid point, but follow it up with strong opposition to Neo-liberalism under the next Democratic presidency

  3. Baily stuck on White Jesus, Black/Brown coalition brainwashing…. Her tick is annoying, but not as much as the, y'all go "Girl power!" rhetoric. She'd hold up a crucifix to a "person" wielding an AR-15.

  4. Sally is a "Karen" desirous of #ADOS to bail her ass out of the fiasco Wypipo created when they put Trump in office. There is no black & brown coalition, so miss me with that bull shyt.

  5. I say this on the election: give us your platform Dems gives us your platform Reps,, that is called informing the people…then let us see what happens!!! Hell yes this is Babylon…it is Hell!

  6. Those Jew-ish people are Trump supporters…WAKE UP…..Ford is not taught by me in my class as a hero….ford stole the auto from a Black man…

  7. But you must vote! Use the only voice you have and show them you are not asleep and willing to counter the system. Vote Green people, it is the only choice you have.

  8. Pizza Hut in Texas took two months to provide masks to workers, with no hazard pay whatsoever, in fact nothing changed at all. But the corporate office did manage to purchase and provide expensive, yet useless, plastic doormat thingys for all contactless deliveries to not touch the ground….I am the only worker who seems insulted by this….All of my minimum wage essential fast food co-workers, are totally delusional saying things like "why, stand up?" So, when I stand up even slightly against unsafe work conditions for myself and my co-workers, the argument quickly gets twisted to my own personal unwillingness to follow orders, with no one else standing in my corner, and puts me in a position to be fired without "benefits". Texas is a "right to work" state, meaning your right to work for nothing state. Texas workers are literally on their own… Unions??? Yea right….

  9. Ms Lugman had the audacity to praise China’s ability to take care of its people. Ask the African people who live in China about how they are being treated by the government. China is actually forcing Africans to live on the streets. Landlords are not allowed to rent apartments to the Africans. The Africans are not allowed to enter hospitals if they’re sick or if the women need prenatal care. The Africans are not allowed to enter restaurants. I hope Ms Lugman take the to find out what is really going on in China.

  10. Jacqueline Luqman, I sure do appreciate more and more what you contribute to the TRNN. You are a important and valid voice of many of today's contemporary issues and I truly get a lot from your thoughts and opinions.

  11. Just want to say at this point I am not trusting anything. The Testing may very well give you Covid -19. There are a lot of scientist, doctors and nurses who feel that this disease is not what
    we were told it is. I agree that voting for Biden is a wasted vote. However we must get together in our communities and work for legislature that we need. While we are mesimerized by what Joe Biden or Trump said or didn't say or tweet, legislature is being passed to further hurt us. The Telecommunication industry got legislature passed years ago to pave the way for this DEADLY 5G that gives off more radiation then the human body can handle. Look up Honey Bee and 5G on youtube and the host of gardeners , scientist, Dr. Shavi and others about what is really happening under our noses. Even if 5Ghas nothing to do with Covid-19 and it does. We as Americans should have the freedom to discuss it, just like we have the right to want to know where did this really start and how come Dr.Fauci is talking about a "surprise pandemic" in 2017. But, I enjoyed this program and learned a lot from all of you. Peace.

  12. Really good discussion. I can't stand Biden and Trump and won't vote for either one. With the Covid virus who knows who will even be alive in November. A Trump 2nd Term would be horrible, but, for me, equally horrible is a Biden 1st term. I wanted Sanders…Tell me you can't stand Trump and I'll agree, but, please, don't tell me Joe Biden is "better."

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