Stir Crazy! Episode #24: Packing Meat!

On today’s show: TRNN visual producer Andrew Corkery, TRNN Executive Political Editor Don Rojas, and “By Any Means Necessary” co-host Jacqueline Luqman, with special guests Peoples Power Assembly organizer and former Amazon worker Sharon Black, TRNN’s Rattling the Bars producer Ericka Blount, and activist Tawanda Jones. Hosted by Kim Brown.

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13 thoughts on “Stir Crazy! Episode #24: Packing Meat!

  1. To correct the record regarding Target, I work at a store in Portland OR. Masks are available, and encouraged. Gloves are available. Plexiglass shields are in place for the cashiers. Wages in our area are higher than is stated, though I know the company adjusts to local market prevailing wage rates. Our $2 bump is due to roll off shortly.

  2. Thank you for these great discussions. As J. Luqman put it so well an V. Prashad has shown in places like Kerala or Cuba, the key is to develop a sense of solidarity between the working masses, something that has been missing in the US for too long, playing in the hands of the dominant classes.

  3. There is NO pandemic. Please do your research & STOP watching the lying MSM.

    CV is like the flu. We have NEVER EVER shut down the entire world due to the flu which kills more people than this CV ever will.

    There aren't tons of deaths, they are lying on the death certificates to inflate the numbers, scare ignorant people who don't do their research AND bring down the economy for employees, small, med & large bizes. Not only that, people who believe & trust the criminal allopathic inudstry & have gone to the hospital have a over 50% of being killed by the doctors or nurses.

    We are finally hearing from whistleblowers.

    In fact, wearing a mask is DANGEROUS to our health b/c you aren't breathing in oxygen, rather CO2. This is psychological warfare the evils are enacting on us.

    Please do your research. This is a takedown by the evils who have been controlling the world for hundreds of years.

    It's all been pre-planned for decades.

    WAKE UP people, you are part of the problem if you continue to believe all the lies & you follow the evil's orders & you encourage even fewer freedoms than we had before this scamdemic started.

  4. It's the same thing with vaccines. We and they know vaccines are poison, but they want to mandate we take them and not be held liable. What kind of sense does that make?

  5. Interesting how the lies flip flop without shame. First they say be afraid, stay home and take a lot of precautions. Then they they say, be brave, go to work, and precautions are more or less optional and not required for employers to provide. And that whole social distancing thing, well…just do the best you can while at work and don't make a big deal of it.

  6. Thank you Real news!
    All of the subject matter discussed is important to be able to connect the dots. I work for the world's largest grocery retailer. We are seeing shortages even with reduced buying pressure from the public. Something is awry. I am also former military dependent, (military brat) who has seen much and lived thru much. I believe the dot connecter here is the military, military supply reserves and pre war buildup of those reserves.
    I don't have time to investigate the military supplier bid/contract scenario to see what demands are in place but I know the military gets supplied first before the retailers get their supplies, what I am getting at is the MILITARY DEMAND IS CAUSING THE SHORTAGES BECAUSE A VERY BIG WAR/MILITARY ENGAGEMENT IS IN THE PLANNING/WORKS… There I said it, I could be wrong but a have a feeling the USA is going to war and buying up supplies to be able to do so. Thank you for the heads up on many issues needed to connect the dots.

  7. The elites are enslaving us deeper and deeper. Before we know it, we'll be prisoners in our own house if we don't stand together. Oh, wait. We're already there!!! Wtf people! We all need to eliminate the elites. They're all working together to control the world and divide/conquer us. There's mountains of proof literally.

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