Stir Crazy! Episode #13: What Hath Corporate Media Wrought!

Episode #13 of Stir Crazy, on The Real News Network. On today’s show: What Hath Corporate Media Wrought! We’re happy to have special guest Baltimore based journalist Brandon Soderberg. Also on the show: Eddie Conway, Leandro Lagera, and Lisa Snowden-McCray. Hosted by Kim Brown

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19 thoughts on “Stir Crazy! Episode #13: What Hath Corporate Media Wrought!

  1. Hillary was his opponent: you can use standard-issue-jargon about patriarchy and white supremacy, but Trump was to the right of the neoliberal status quo and Bernie was to the left of the neoliberal duopoly. They both were against the TPP, and if you see what these trade pacts have done to heartland America, there were no shits and giggles. It's interesting how selective amnesia forgets Hillary's regime changes, the destruction of Libya, and her service as a bankster moll. with GS lavishing her with elephant bucks. When Trump wins again, you will forget that Biden is Hillary 2.0. Be honest, Pelosi has supported the entire Trump agenda and forced progressives
    to form their own party.

    Tulsi posited the simple axiom that mass decarceration is impossible without ending the drug war. You can't accept these criminogenic prohibitions as if they have some biblical or philosophical ascription. Between odious debt and convict leasing for the Fortune500, America will be a slavocracy in a decade.

  2. I'm very happy that they trashed the mainstream media news outlets. MSM is perhaps the worst bad actor in America because no one will be listened to or paid attention to without the complicity of the MSM.

    However, these hosts dropped the ball on Trump: they focus way too much on Trump himself, as if Trump is a random aberration, and they don't focus on the real problem of why he was elected and the deep pain of the working class of the nation. After being treated like trash and lied to for decades, the "heartland" people would love nothing more than to spit in the face of establishment democrat politicians. After Trump leaves, maybe they'll elect someone much worse. Didn't think about that, did you?

    It's plain FOOLISH to focus on the symptom of a problem (Trump) and not the underlying problem itself.

  3. And, if you permit a third comment, about Joe Biden running up against a literal moron. He is one, and more. After all, he undeniably is a war criminal and I'll never want to vote for anyone who is. Take my ballot and just burn it, won't make any difference.

  4. It is safe to say the US is a police state as it incarcerates more people than any other country. But it's not enough that they are incarcerated, there is a disconnect from the principles of civil rights, the use of people as slave labor in for-profit prisons. The racist justice system that targets minorities and the poor and then further disenfranchising of felons preventing them from ever having a normal life. There is no mechanism to protect prisoners.
    We were outraged collectively as a society when we learned how the Nazis did this and we proclaimed it loud and clear where is our moral conscience and outrage today?

  5. With respect to food, held away from poor people who could seriously make good use of it, and I'm among these people, check out this piece, " Food waste: How much food do supermarkets throw away? (Marketplace) ", (22:26), CBC News, 28 Oct 2016, Quote, " David Common goes dumpster-diving at Walmart to reveal how big grocery stores throw good food into dumpsters, part of a $31 billion a year problem in Canada* ". IF YOU THINK that this only happened in Ca., then you have to be sadly mistaken, But, the story, if you want to call it that, turns sour, for once Walmart learned of this investigation, this Walmart anyway, then they made the disposal bins in-access-able, so out of reach. Still, the Marketplace team provided a good eye-view of what there is, just that that they couldn't do it a 2nd time, which is awfully lousy. WATCH AND WEEP. This is nothing less than SHAMEFUL business practice. Lastly, this is not the report I had in mind, one I listened to and WATCHED a few years ago, I'd seriously like to include a link for that piece but am not findinging it; HOWEVER, the video a link is provideded for in this comment is still worthy. I'd really like to include the other one but am not finding it, but this video is still worthy of careful attention. BEWARE, how supermarkets operate, and some poor people doing this can get good food at no cost. I don't have real experience with that, not being lucky, but some people can get good trips to the bins, when arriving at appropriate times, and I guess that I'm just not lucky.

  6. Very good video, I appreciate it all, but when it eventually comes to LONG lines of people with motor vehicles, waiting to get food aid, I guess at some food banks, and this begins sometime around 44:00 in this video, I understand that these people need aid, like at one or two food banks I've been going to for several years, but I don't have a vehicle. Do make use of busing in one case, that is, municipal busing, but am otherwise only on foot, which is ok if not needing to go far or when weather permits, but this doesn't work in my favor a lot of the time with one place, whereas the other place takes about 15 minutes to walk to and if the weather is off-and-on lousy, then I know where to duck to get cover. The other location takes me a long time to walk to and there's nowhere to shelter along the way, so weather then becomes important to me. There are people with low income considerably higher than me who have vehicles, but while it'd be nice if some of them would help me get back home, given that I'm usually on foot and have a heavy load to carry, less than 1% will provide such generosity, and that's sad. BUT, they need the food aid and I can't disagree with that. Just wish that some would be helpful, for people of much lesser means, and it's saddening that people don't do this in SOLIDARITY. I helped a middle aged Iraqi man and a woman he was with, I think likely his mother, one time, they had a lot of food aid boxes to put in the SUV and it was plenty of work, so I put my stuff down and helped. We got them well loaded, MUST'VE been for FAMILY food aid, and I was single, have long been, so offered to help and we got that SUV loaded up, after which I put on my heavy backpack and picked up my heavy hand-carry bags to start walking, but they saw me and the man offered me a lift, so I of course accepted. Unfortunately, neither he nor she knew French and extremely little English, so we couldn't hold conversation, but the gestures were FINE ENOUGH. With friendly gestures, we can communicate with understanding each others' words, so it was a pleasant experience.

  7. It all boils down the cheap labor and where White Capitalist are going to get it. This includes West Virginia coal miners, Smithfield meat packers, prison inmates and immigrant. The fuel that keeps the system going is to pit one cheap labor group against another and leverage the middle class.

  8. Corporate Media easy answer. Hillary/Bill Clinton/Corporate media propped up Trump because they thought that he'd be easy, and as well they trashed Bernie for their own interest which thrives on corporate corrupt political ads to flow towards them and to keep the system as is.

    They facilitated Trump and made sure that the best chance to get rid of Trump was never ran in the general.

  9. Trump has had key support from special interests from the military industrial complex to big banks to big polluters. The stock market ebb and flows to the Trump music. Make no mistake, Trump owes his existence in the White house more to special money than any other phenomenon. He appealed to the large swaths of the mentally ill, sure but it was power that is responsible, in my view

  10. Forced Vaccination and electronic tagging ? It is very easy and simple for POLITICIANS and their ‘MEDICAL advisors’ to give orders about people needing to KEEP SOCIAL DISTANCE and keep isolated for long periods. They don’t have their BUREAUCRATIC jobs at risk; they are getting those astronomical salaries so they don’t have to worry about anything. They couldn’t care less about the Economy and the destructions that they are creating all around the country, they only care about being important and appearing in all those interviews where they continuously repeat what Bill Gates and Big Pharma want them to say. In reality the main goal of Bill Gates and Big Pharma is to make people believe that the only way to stop the incarceration of people in their homes is by vaccinating with all those toxic vaccines – containing mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, parts of aborted foetuses, parts of all sort of animals. Vaccinate every person in the world at least once a year and FORCING everyone to have an ELECTRONIC CHIP implanted in their forehead or in their arm to prove that they have been vaccinated and filled the pockets of BIG PHARMA companies. Do you remember the Bible’s mark of the Beast?

  11. BIG PHARMA enormous success is scaring the hell out of most people just to make more money !!!

    Current tests only look for proteins in parts of the virus not for the whole virus they only say this is a generic corona virus but it is not able to identify actual COVID-19 ! This means that most of the people identified as COVID-19 may actually been carrying any of the hundreds of Corona Virus existing in the world.

    So what is the purpose of the FEAR promoted by Main Stream Media?

    What is the point of testing if the test produces false positives?!! This means that many people with ordinary flu or cold are told to be affected by COVID-19 when in reality they could be carrying the proteins of any other type of the hundreds of possible CoronaVirus – many of them not really dangerous at all.

    I have read that the COVID-19 test produce up to 80% FALSE POSITIVES and that is why CDC didn’t want to distribute it.

    It is all just a MARKETING CAMPAIGN by BIG PHARMA to make lots of money by forcing mandatory vaccination and all sorts of useless contra productive, TOXIC medications.

    And remember that Seasonal ordinary flu kills 646,000 people worldwide each year.

  12. Dear Kim Brown,

    Thanks for your commitment against neoliberalism!
    If you talk again about things like debt seizures it would be so wonderful if you could just switch to economist Hudson spent almost his entire career to do research on debt and his insights are amazing.
    In an article he recently released in the Washington Post he explained why a debt jubilee would be the only way to save the US-economy from a depression.
    He is so talented to explain how creditors destroy an economy by loading it with debt.
    Hudson clarifies that banks create credit not to finance the real economy creating jobs as it is always told (including in the economic textbooks), but create debt to inflate asset prices, making productive wage earners even more dependent on debts banks can create simply for the sake of their privilege.
    ( )
    In the United States 80% of business banks do is in real estate.
    Hudson has amazing insights about how bankers smash the economy with mortgage and student loans and how they destroy jobs.
    The interest payed on mortgages is the land rent classical economists defined as unearned income, as banks charge mortgage interest as a collateral for rising value of land.
    If the government would confiscate these windfall gains, it would not only lower the costs of housing but also create so much tax revenue, that the government would not have to tax productive wage earners like it does now and taxes like a value added tax would become completely unnecessary. The tax revenue the government could gain by confiscating land rent which is unearned could be used to improve social security.
    Because banks are bidding up real estate prices borrowing ridiculously high mortgages against the land to people who want to own a home, American wage earners are priced out of the world market. Labor gets more expensive because of increasing land rent. Despite that, productive wage earners who get expropriated by paying a large fraction of their earnings as mortgage interest to the banks, can‘t support the real economy anymore with buying consumer goods at a scale they would, if they had to take out lower mortgages to get a home
    Hudson was several times Interviewed on the real news network including by the founder of the Real News Paul Jay and it is always such a great pleasure to listen to him! The interviews with Hudson are the reason I subscribed to the Real News Network.

    best regards from Germany! 😁

  13. Let me say something about Trump, Trump has made nö wars like the others did and he is trying to do the things right but beheind him are many many bad people that they don't care about you and us, those people have made this catastrophic situation like they everytime did, their goal is to bring Trump down because Trump did not knee in Front of them. think about before you critisize Trump!!

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