31 thoughts on “Steve King Compares Colin Kaepernick To ISIS – Donkey of the Day (9-15-16)

  1. Hopefully you're Not the type that feels like, "I got mine, to Hell with everyone else."
    Kap is doing his part with his mouth and his money. I'm doing the same.
    Great convo. Have a great weekend 👍🏿

  2. To bring poltics into this it unfortunate that they trick their constituents into thinking it is the minorties fault. "No injustice here just thugs and down trodden people complaining" when in fact more white people are victims of police brutality than blacks. "No wage inequality here" lets decrease taxes on the wealthy and it will trickle down to the masses when in fact it hurts white people more than anyone else due to the fact they are the majority. Truly sheep, like a blind man leading a blind man. Sad! Wake up and stop being a victim to what you think helps the majority when in fact it does not.

  3. It's funny cause the person that wrote the star spangled banner owned shaved just like George Washington the founding father also owned slaves.

  4. How do black americans actually deal with such an extreme level of racism? As a black person in the UK it actually baffles me that people get away with this shit

  5. thebreakfastclub dont got nothing left to talk about . all they do is piss off the rappers they get on the show for short term gains. they let some nerd name dj aka steal their shine and hes never had to even be around a rapper . dom islive now is stealing both their shine on a comeup copied djs simple format. drama flexing and beef. not to mention if anyone gets on the show charlamagne tries to put them thru white guilt. if ur trying to comeup u need to target the majority. all dj aka and doms fans are white. some black. i could go on forever this is just common sense to me

  6. Everyday the donkey of the day is just anyone who criticizes Colin Kaepernick? I don't get why anyone cares about this anymore? The people against him should shut-up talking about him, then the bench warmer can continue sitting the bench and no one will care, like it was before he started begging for attention.

  7. But its not just black ppl its like he mentioned people of middle eastern descent, Hispanics, ect. Everyone suffers from injustice including white ppl but these minority groups suffer the worst. Being put in terrible neighborhoods and rigging the system so they stay that way, putting additive drugs like crack in these neighborhoods, giving minorities lesser positions in jobs even if they show signs of harder work, its so much we can talk about on this subject yes Kapernick is taking advantage of his platform because ppl on his platform have the loudest voices! a random guy at a football game wouldn't get this kind of press

  8. I'm a white person. if white politicians spent a little more time gettin shit done and not on talk radio maybe we wouldn't have a race problem. to compare him to ISIS is dumbest thing I ever heard since little Bush left office. I'm a republican at heart but I can't vote for any of them because the issues that they think are issues ARE NOT FUCKING ISSUES AT ALL. our collective effort to kick the "race" can down the road and not deal with it is the very reason why it's still a problem

  9. People forget that this whole country was built on people being "un-patriotic". The whole founding of this country was disrespectful according to their definition.

  10. This is ridiculous at this point. This is full blown racist fear mongering. Americas definition of "Patriotism" seems to be destruction to anyone who isn't white (invade countries, slaughter innocent people, genocide against natives, shutting down people of color by using Americans high islamophobia, assuming Muslim is a synonym for terrorist). And before people get at me saying it's not all white people I'm not saying it is, but the powers that be seems to want to protect only whites

  11. This is the same guy who said "mexican have calfs the size of canteloupes because of the drugs they bring". Dont be suprised when Steve King slips and says the N word.

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