Srebrenica At 25: Have We Learned Anything?

In 1995, between July 11-22, Serbian forces murdered 8,327 defenseless Bosnians in an act of genocide. What’s happened to international law and outrage over crimes against humanity?

Director/Video Editor: Will Arenas

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14 thoughts on “Srebrenica At 25: Have We Learned Anything?

  1. This is outright nonsense to sponsor humanitarian interventions of western capitalist empires, but not surprising given the billionaires' funding of this bourgeois liberal channel.

    Michael Parenti, Gregory Elich and Christopher Black are people who expose the NATO-backing of reactionaries in Croatia and Bosnia and the fraudulent tale of a 'Greater Serbia' when in fact it was the federal government wanting the Yugoslav project to survive against the odds of the US international dictatorship after the overthrow of the rest of the socialist bloc and when you talk about Srebrenica you have to talk about how the killed are counted from many combatants killed and the potential massacred were not innocent boys but men not children and women and these have ethnically cleansed surrounding villages and waited for a reaction from the UN troops to justify the later Operation Storm and defeat of the Serb rebels.
    All kinds of war crimes were committed by different sides in Bosnia as the intermingled community was targeted to make room for the free-marketization of the Balkans and the biggest violators of international law there were the US, BRD/FRG and their proxies and the blaming of Milošević is ridiculous if one just skips the infamous speeches where he did not want any ethnic purity but wanted to hing on to multiculturalism as a devoted socialist and for that he was couped (and murdered) as were Gaddafi and Morales and fortunately for the citizens of their countries not Assad and Maduro.

  2. Tragic how this channel went to crap since Paul Jay was gotten rid of. The take on Syria is total rubbish. Please, America, stop doing these humanitarian interventions.

  3. What about the goals of Nato of creating a multi-ethnic region in Kosovo? What happened? And the ethnic cleansing that happened in Kosovo just in front of KFOR forces? What about that?

  4. What about Krajina? Greater Serbia? Really? What about Greater Albania as you can see on the map just now? Give me a break

  5. The Yugoslav civil war was a direct result of German “ unification”. German chancellor Kohl insisted Europe recognize the independence of Croatia who was bringing back the fascist symbols of Utasha. It opened the way to malasovic.

  6. I remember all of this being a Californian… I made sure that I showed my very young son who is born in 1991 I showed him that I could get my hands on at the time because it's John mellencamp said things that we do to each other are the worst things that we do tragic makes me want to cry right now thank you for your investigative journalism may God bless you and I mean it

  7. @The Real News Network : Work on improving the audio, for it's too LOW. I can't do anything on my end to try to correct this problem. You instead need to make sure to produce videos with ample audio. If it then comes across too loud on my end, then I have two controls for this ; but, have nothing for improving the impoverishment of your videos. CORRECTION: The audio is low, but it becomes audible after some minutes. With that said though, it'd still be better to leave audio control to users, listeners. And with that, I find that too little is said in this video interview/discussion. There's additional important info. that was omitted. This interview/discussion is somewhat interesting, but it also is far from being comprehensive. For this reason, I can't give this a Like.


  9. Bosnia in the 90s was one of the few times Iran and Hezbollah were on the same side as the west. Nasrallah still praises the Hezbollah militants that fought and died on the same side as Bosnia, Al Qaeda and NATO.

  10. Why the fuck bring the pligth of the jews in WWII (and somehow forgetting that of the other persecuted groups mind you) in this piece? One more accurate historical comparison would have been the communist rule and its dismantilng through the use of nationalism.
    Also, any moral person would stop using terms like "Responsability to Protect" or "Humanitarian International Law" since they are all but what they fake to be in their applications.

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