1. Thanks for posting-here's my opinion: Should've explained a little bit about what was going down, because this looks more like Nazi Germany than America. And if you leave out the curses then a lot more people can view posts like this and get educated about their Constitutional rights. (Like teachers could use this in their classes for example.) Anyway, we need to stick together- all races- and stop our country from becoming a police state. God bless and stay safe.

  2. i live in south central LA-for-20years now–i always being more scared of"gangsters with badges-n-guns-the-want-to f*-my life over-with bs"never had a problem with the community here"just the "pigs"the smell like shit to me

  3. there not scaring anybody its obviously a prostitution bust and maybe even a drug bust.they called people in one residance to come out of the house not the whole block

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