Some cops know me some know me now LAPD

So here’s the thing…..if you noticed, in the video, the one Officer, Officer Vigilant…keeps asking me questions, who I am- do i live near by- why am I recording them……It wasn’t till the end that I ask him his name, and it is unique, and I felt like I heard it before, or read something about him…..
I will say, it is possible that this isn’t the same officer, but I don’t think Vigilant is a common name, or that there is more then 1 with Harbor Division…
Police Officer III Sherwin Vigilant was involved in a police officer shooting, April 2015….
LINK to more information:

Explains his overwhelming need to know who I am, and why I was recording……
Over all he was polite- BUT- I did notice him creeping around after pulling away from the gas station, and I walked away- always looking over my shoulder, and walking around the block a couple times and in the wrong direction usually.
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19 thoughts on “Some cops know me some know me now LAPD

  1. I will tell you I'm not a big fan of police but when you do stories with actual research you find that there's different sides to every story I mean man this is the only officer one of us I mean there's a few but they're probably not around he probably died in the story I was telling they probably got shot there probably one good one that tried to go about it amicably civilly with the person this poor guy tries to talk someone out of suicide and probably doesn't even understand like a lot of people schizophrenic people they literally hear people being against them no matter what that officer might have been saying to that guy sitting on the floor next to someone bleeding which I'm sure it wasn't mean s*** nobody does that nobody does that you need to retract this s*** that you put about this guy back. He sat on the floor with a bleeding person that was suicidal and tried to calm them and then eventually was attacked by then and had to shoot them in a split-second decision because at the end of the day they want to go home alive. the sky was nothing but nice to you and you just you need to retract this especially nowadays

  2. Even in your link they described him as the officer that stayed with him Unfortunately they don't tell you who the officer was that left him alone and shouldn't have I don't think or at least he should have cleared the scene of weapons.

  3. If you had gotten the details of the shooting that you speak of and I do not know anyone involved in that story but I do have a channel that researches officer-involved shootings I never knew you had read the court documents and every piece of information you could find you would see that that particular officer was an officer and training at the time and he literally sat on the kitchen floor with Adrian Solis. While Adrian was bleeding from the neck now I don't know about you but you don't hear about that often that's a heart so I think any piece of research I did on that story I literally felt bad for that officer he tried to do the right thing and had to make a split-second decision that whole incident of him being left alone in that kitchen which he probably shouldn't have been left alone in that kitchen somebody should have put away those two knives the therapist shouldn't have taken Adrian off his medication I mean there are many factors to the story but an officer sitting on the floor with someone who is suicidal and bleeding that is 120 lb bigger than them is not common so please I suggest in the future because I do notice that you put that he was polite but then you try to find something wrong with him I'm not saying everyone's perfect but at least know the story I often wonder about him and I wonder and I hope he's okay for what happened cuz I really don't think he wanted to do that

  4. though routine, this video is TEXTBOOK. arrival/proximity to the scene/appropriate banter/camera strictly on action/good lighting/proper response to questions/staying safe/ knowledge/confidence/courage. this is the kind of stuff that you would want to see being taught in a classroom. I think I just kissed a Shark.   as an aside, how funny would it be to watch cadets in an academy all screaming the inane questions in unity? would make for great movie fodder ala "Stripes". kudo's Sharkster!

  5. He was being a smart aleck, as I'm sure you know, when he said his name was vigilant; I highly doubt that is what is on his name tag. And he watches episodes of your vids as he puts his children to sleep?? Yeah, OKAY!!! He watches your vids so he can figure out some kind of way to make your life a living HELL!!! Bare in mind that the word vigilant means: "keeping careful watch for possible danger or difficulties". He knows EXACTLY who you are and would love nothing more than to suck the living blood out of you, then bite your head off and impale it on a stake to place in his front yard as a trophy so as to scare off his enemies like the vampire he is. A word to the wise: Heed well the smiles from thy foes, for they are signs of woe!!

  6. The police are the low level criminals, The courts are riding just above cops, so the courts are medium criminals, and the high level would be the politicians.  The pimp daddy of all criminals are the bilderburgs, the elite ( CFR ) The pukes that set the agenda for all governments to follow.

  7. Good catch! Thanks for the link and your good work!
    The US Cops are nothing more than Sadistic Lying Coward Thug Domestic TERRORIST with badges! FTP!
    You are more 58 times more likely to be murdered by a COP than a Radical Muslim!
    Who are the real TERRORIST? Who is protecting the Citizens from this Threat?
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    Cops that disregard the US Constitution and Abuse/Murder the Citizens need to be Fired, Jailed, and Horse Whipped!

    The Pu$$y cops hide behind the American Flag, Heroism, Public Safety, Officer Safety, Corruption, and Lies!

    The Corruption starts at the Top… Hold the Chief of Police Accountable for the Police Crimes!
    Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave! United Police States of America!

    What law says I have to get down on my Face… This is Bull $hit! I am a human being and I will Not Grovel to some Pu$$y with Badge! It is a serious intrusion upon the sanctity of the person, which shall inflict great indignity and arouse strong resentment.

    Race Baiting 101 –
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