Should You Help A Cop Fighting with a Suspect?

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23 thoughts on “Should You Help A Cop Fighting with a Suspect?

  1. Thanks, Mike 👊😎🇺🇸
    I'd help an Officer in a heartbeat.
    The hatred toward LEOs absolutely disgusts me.
    We The People need to consult with Our local PDs and get the details on helping an Officer, especially now that the vaccine mandates are resulting in firings and many quitting, so there will be fewer Officers on Duty, and We may encounter this problem, so We may be called to help.
    Let's Get It Done🇺🇸
    Let's GO🇺🇸

  2. To me, fighting a cop is just utterly egregious. If I see someone fighting with a police officer, I am not concerned with my safety or any legal ramifications. If the cop says he needs help, I'm gonna do what I can to help him. I'll always ask first. But once the cop says he needs my help, all other concerns go out the window. Cops are heroes, and anyone who is fighting a hero is a villain. Evil triumphs when good men do nothing. Heroes lives matter **the most**.

  3. Absolutely not, for several reasons.

    First off, civil liability. That officer has civil liability protections afforded to him to prevent a lawsuit against him in the performance of his duties. A civilian assisting does NOT have such protection and can be sued and loose everything they own for their assisting in a bad arrest. You will also face civil liability if an injury occurs to the person being arrested. The department or city is not going to cover your liabilities.

    Second, what if you are injured while assisting the officer, is the olive department or the officer going to cover your medical expenses, absolutely not, you are on your own. The city or jurisdiction will cover the officers medical expenses, but not yours.

  4. Hi Officer Mike hope You & Family and People in the comment section all doing great! If i were to see a Police officer struggling to hold a person down. First i would call the Police Station and than find other People to help the Police Officer!

  5. I have a question. Its more about the Fed bois. When ruby ridge pops off and the Feds decide they want to shoot a mother in the head as shes carrying her infant child being not threat. When should citizens get involved and help the "suspects" by subduing the Fed bois with extreme force? Since our AFT wants to go all authoritative changing laws and definitions bc reasons (that dont exist). That might be a more realistic situation in our near future. Local LEO by in large good guys who care about their communities. The Feds… Jack booted thugs hell bent on tyranny. Real would like to know how local LEO feel about these things, if theyd help.

  6. Yeah let me get right on that. Probably get shot in the back by your arriving back up. I'm good. Your job not mine. Then I'm going to have to go to court and everything else? For what? Out of the goodness of my own heart? There's a saying for a reason "No good deed goes unpunished".

  7. Number one duty to my family is to avoid conflict whenever possible. If that conflict is between a cop and a suspect, no difference. If the blue line is getting their ass handed to them, they must have screwed up. Should have called back up, waited, paid better attention in deescalation class, done something different. If it doesn't involve someone I know, it won't involve me. We do have a Good Samaritan law in my state, but it does cover liability for people that choose to help, only mandates that you help, and that will be a 911 call as that is the only real requirement as far as action goes.

  8. I can only speak for myself. I'm always up for helping a fellow human if I can and it's convient to do so. I do not like the idea of helping my rapist abuser, that's what cops are. I don't like the idea of helping terrorists, that's what cops are. Cops are Corrupt and Sadistic. But sadly, they are humans too, so I would be conflicted. If I were to help them, like say for example, a cop was shot by someone defending themself on the side of the road. I would have to try not to see the badge and uniform, and just see them as someone who needs help getting to the hospital. Downside is I would likely get blamed for the shooting.

  9. Here are some things Mike missed to consider. First of all, departments are increasingly being forced to hire women and weaklings who can't grapple, so Joe Citizen may often be vastly more capable of subduing the bad guy. — ALSO, anti-cop liberal politicians and lawyers have hamstringed the cops to such a degree that they often can't do what needs to be done to neutralize the bad guy. Cops are held to a higher standard in terms of using the bare minimum of force, often endangering the cop, the public and the chances of a successful arrest. – And lawyer hustlers won't quickly go after an individual the same way they will a L.E. department that they can grift money from.

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