Should We Arm All The Teachers?

In light of the increasing impact of school violence on the American psyche is arming all the teachers really a viable solution that either teachers or law enforcement would find ultimately valuable in either the prevention or response to violence in our places of education?

In this clip of the Off the Cuff show, Mike the Cop and Dave are joined by educator Mike P. to share thoughts on recent events and intelligent ways forward. A little more serious than our typical podcast but such an important topic to us all that we just didn’t want to miss the chance to discuss it. We do have a little whiskey and fun at the opening of the full episode beyond just this clip of the show.

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21 thoughts on “Should We Arm All The Teachers?

  1. Me: sees this vid
    Also me: imagines teacher killing every student that annoys them or doesn't concentrate
    I'm glad that where I live guns are banned. Now we just need to ban knives that can be used wrongly.

  2. Answer: no. we should not arm unexperienced people who are not enthused about their second amendment rights. If we are looking to protect children in schools we should hire professional help who are licensed and experienced with carrying firearms. For example a armed security guard or a law enforcement officer for schools.

  3. I'm used to the cookie cutter type policies of most departments, and even firefighters want to be the first ones in. I was fortunately part of a rural town fire department and managed an Ambulance company. Payson AZ had 2 stations at the time and my duty was at Station 12. We had mass casualty drills with the schools and the fire department itself had their own policies. We were always told to stay out until police had cleared the area, but when you have friends who have kids, that grew up with your kids even firefighters will stretch that line to save kids. Of course, we didn't carry firearms, but the tools we did carry could cause some serious damage if we ever got confronted. The decision is never good, but something has to be done. When I was a kid, teens carried rifles in their gun racks on school campus and no school shootings ever occurred. Days and years change. "We go into the fire, when others are running out of it!" Every firefighter even knows this!

  4. Man,I had all kinds of great ideas when this happened. Funnel entry through metal detectors, keep doors under surveillance,locked when possible. Arm some teachers,if they are capable. But like they said about parkland,nobody knows how they are going to react ,until they do

  5. So you seemed to have segued from the issue. The last MtC vid I watched was the Brit cop that wants a gun rusting in his holster JUST IN CASE he can save a life. We talk of CC in the same vein. When it's schools, all we hear is worst case responses where the ill trained teacher blows away the good kid and how do we deal with the chaos? I'm with the Brit. You situation train some teachers to carry and hope his gun rusts into oblivion AND! you plan the defensive things as well. Why would you train ALL the teachers? How would you even do that? And, trying to imagine 15 or 20 teachers all bursting into the active shooter with 15 or 20 different plans would be unthinkable. The worst situation I can think of would be that teacher/admin that faced the lunatic in Conn with only her fingernails. I wish she had had a gun.

  6. Interesting, our daughter is a school teacher and gun owner. In Missouri we don't need a permit to carry, but she has training. She just snagged a Glock 43 from me. We've discussed this and like your video, LOTS of "what ifs" and worth exploring. Her school has regular drills and enhanced, easy to activate door locks. Her preference is not to carry, but approves well trained staff that option. Since your discussion, several schools have chosen this route and worked well. Anything of this magnitude always warrants ongoing discussion and evaluation. There was a time in Missouri armed Commercial Vehicle Inspectors, Water Patrol and State/Federal Parole Probation Officers could not safely be armed.

  7. As many of these people are saying, I don’t think we should force every teacher to be armed- however, I absolutely think that we should ALLOW teachers to be armed. I’m surprised that as a cop and a parent, you would rather have everyone wait for the cops and hope and pray, than at least have a teacher who’s hiding with the kids that would have a chance to protect your child if the shooter got into the room. If not that, having trained, willing teachers or former military, former police, beginning to set up a perimeter at least, as you said seems like a better idea.

    In most states, schools are gun free zones already, which makes them soft targets. I would much rather that at the very least, if a teacher has a CPL, that they are allowed to carry on campus. As a school or district, you can implement more training and phase in how exactly to utilize the armed response within their emergency preparedness plan. I understand the concern about cops not knowing who they are looking for, but I think a lot of that could be mitigated by including police in school training and planning, and by making sure to give as accurate of a description as possible of both the shooter and those that are also armed but aren’t a threat. Teach the teacher or security how to identify themselves etc. I just can’t get behind “wait for the police” when there’s lives actively at risk. Any additional steps to escape or protect the school personnel that can be used (as was brought up) is also a great idea. I think everyone should always utilize every advantage in life threatening situations, but I don’t think that can be enough on its own

  8. You guys keep ragging on keyboard worriors because you know that the hate mail is coming. Arm the ones with the knowhow and mindset. Every cop started just like teachers are now. Knowing jack shit. The only one who says arm All the teachers are left leaning pussies who are too scared to fight for whats right. You fenced in all these kids and there is no screening of who comes in. The schools have terrible security. So either fund TSA Style security checkpoint. Or dont fence these kids in like sheep

  9. If it so difficult for you to make a decision go see how they protect the kids In Jewish schools. It is very
    effective. Start by removing the gun free status, allow teachers to carry concealed if they want to and pay
    them hazard pay and training cost. Hire more security personnel to watch for breach on the perimeter fence
    to walk around as maintenance crew and janitors all carry concealed and one at the front gate to search
    students and wad them for weapons. You need a perimeter fence with only one gate, that’s not possible
    for some schools I understand that. Will that cost more ? Yes but it’s worth it, you keep the kids safe and you provide more employment. If you believe that all you have to do is call the cops you are delusional, the
    cops will show up to terrorize the kids even more, take reports and count the bodies, that thing will be over
    in less than five minutes. I was a correctional officer in San Quentin State Prison.

  10. I think we should we should just let the teachers that want to arm themselves be armed, perhaps they should also go through active shooter training. I mean, there really shouldn't be many places where firearms are banned in the us, and places that are, are sitting ducks for people not in their right mind. now this talk is just about reaction to something that is happening in the moment, we must also put some effort into preventative measures as well.

  11. I took LE classes throughout my HS life and we would do mock drills just in my class where we ran the drill. We would grab furniture, position all of us. The goal was we would barricade the door with a cabinet and 3 or 4 of us would stick by the door (teacher included) to defend the other 15 students that are breaking the glass to get out. We all had know positions that we would volunteer for just in case.

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