She’s Christian, they’re Muslim – cop mad no arrest – Fort Lauderdale police I arrested.

The 2021 list of twenty-two (22) types of offenses that qualify as exceptions to Florida’s warrantless arrest rule include:

Assault on a Specified Person:
If an assault allegedly occurred on a law enforcement officer, a firefighter, an emergency medical care provider, public transit employees or agents, or other specified officers as set forth in § 784.07 or an assault or battery upon any employee of a receiving facility as defined in § 394.455 who is engaged in the lawful performance of their duties (see F.S. § 901.15(15)).

A battery upon another person under § 784.03 (see § 901.15(9)(a)).
Child Abuse:
An act of child abuse under § 827.03 or any act of abuse, aggravated abuse, and neglect of a child or a violation of § 787.025 or luring or enticing a child (see § 901.15(8)).
Concealed Weapon:
A criminal act of carrying a concealed weapon under § 790.01 (see § 790.02).
Criminal Mischief:
Any act of Criminal Mischief under § 806.13. (see § 901.15(9)(b)).
Disorderly Conduct on the Premises of a Licensed Establishment:
An act of a breach of the peace or disorderly conduct as defined in § 877.03 on the premises of a licensed public lodging establishment as defined in § 509.013(4)(a). (see § 509.143(2)), when the officer has probable cause to believe the disorderly conduct occurred on the premises of a licensed establishment and, in the course of such violation, created a threat to the life or safety of the person or others.
Domestic Violence:
Any act of domestic violence, as defined in § 741.28.

Possession of not more than 20 grams of cannabis according to § 893.13(6)(b) (see § 893.13(6)(d)).
Exposure of Sexual Organs (commonly known as “indecent exposure”)
Any act of indecent exposure under § 800.03, F.S., for exposing or exhibiting his or her sexual organs in a vulgar or indecent manner; in public or on another person’s private premises; or near enough to another person’s private premises that the sexual organs may be seen from such private premises. The act of indecent exposure would also include being naked in public, unless the particular public place is intended for nudity.

Any Graffiti-related offense as described in § 806.13 (see § 901.15(9)(b)).
Loitering and Prowling:
Any criminal act under § 856.021 for loitering and prowling (see § 856.031).
Possession of Weapon by a Specified Person:
As explained in § 901.15(6), a criminal act for possession of a firearm or ammunition prohibited when the person is subject to an injunction for protection against committing acts of domestic violence, stalking, or cyberstalking under s. 790.233.

Racing on Highways
Section 316.191(5) provides that “[w]henever a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that a person violated subsection (2) [of the racing on highways statute], the officer may arrest and take such person into custody without a warrant.”
Sexual Cyberharassment (aka “Revenge Porn”):
Under Section 784.049(4)(a), a law enforcement officer may arrest, without an arrest warrant, any person that he or she has probable cause to believe has violated the statute prohibiting sexual cyberharassment (sometimes called “revenge porn”). The statute for misdemeanor sexual cyberharassment contains an explicit exception to the misdemeanor warrant requirement.

A violation of § 748.048 for stalking

Trespass at an Airport:
It is alleged that a trespass occurred in a secure area of an airport when signs are posted in a conspicuous area of airport which notifies the public that unauthorized entry into such areas constitutes a trespass and specify the methods for gaining authorized access to such areas (see F. S. § 901.15(14)).

Trespass at a School:
An act of trespass on a campus or other facility of a school as defined in § 810.097 (see § 810.097(4)).

Traffic Crimes discovered as part of a crash investigation:
An offense committed under the provision of Chapter 316, State Uniform Traffic Control, or Chapter 322 for drivers’ licenses in connection with a crash after an investigation at the scene (see § 316.645) including DUI with property damage.

Any act of retail theft, farm theft, or transit fair evasion as defined in § 812.015
Vessel Safety:
A violation of a safety zone, security zone, regulated navigation area, or naval vessel protection zone.

Violation of Domestic Violence Pretrial Release:
Any act that violates a condition of pretrial release provided in § 903.047 when the original arrest was for an act of domestic violence.

Violation of a Domestic Violence Protective Order Injunction:

A criminal act for violation of an injunction for protection against domestic violence.

Any criminal act under § 784.047 for violating protective injunctions entered pursuant to
Violation of Other Protective Injunctions:

Any criminal act under § 784.046 for violation of repeat violence, sexual violence, dating violence for a protective injunction, or a foreign protection order accorded full faith and credit.

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  1. I've heard officers say, "I have to witness someone getting battered before I can do anything", even if the incident is on video. Now they don't…. I don't get it!

  2. IF THIS WAS a white cop speaking he never would have said none of this .. is all i gotta say …and there plenty of videos showing white cops saying or doing nothing and this could be a hate i wrote this before i watched the ending when she said thank god for trump

  3. Most disrespectful cop he as a public servant doesn't have the right to talk to anyone who is being interacted with in this manner as long as he's on the clock working for us. And maybe just a little investigation into a crime before accosting a member of the public and arresting without a crime being committed.

  4. Police should not have the ability to mute their cameras, there is no good justification for them to do that when body cameras were brought in for transparency. The only reason police would mute their body cameras is when they don’t want something to be public record, and you’d have to genuinely ask why they were avoiding scrutiny like that in their professional capacity.

  5. I am a christian.
    My father was a captain in the army.
    I still believe Trump is our president.
    Would say to native americans: Go back to your own country, not for the slightest an idea
    that her forfathers were the immigrants.
    And still believes she is not racist.
    What piece of idiocity.

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