31 thoughts on “First amendment is DEAD to government – Florida Governor standing up?

  1. The Shariff doesn't want to share control of free citizens with the DOJ or FBI. He is also lying when he says they won't enforce a mask mandate. If they are security at a Court house they will if a judge has issued the order. They should be arresting the judge but they won't do that. They will arrest you.

  2. I'm looking for a reliable body camera that can connect wirelessly a cell phone so I can go live on any social media platform I want to that has a high resolution and plenty of storage space for under $350 but no lower than $250

  3. I don't think so didn't he just get back from Is-real-hell ? He's like the false trumpet controlled opposition , this is voluntary Mass migration and it's happening big time just look , people are being directed crowded up nothing more .

  4. the very people claiming they approve of free speech and yet they are the very ones claiming these people are domestic terrorists lol. welcome to nazi kingdom

  5. I’ve seen many videos of Florida school board meetings. I’ve seen many people “out of order” or not following the rules. I have no idea why this might require the FBI or other federal involvement, but meetings can be shut down and closed if rules aren’t followed.

  6. They are going after VIOLENCE
    AND FLORIDA POLICE are going after threats of violence or death threats

  7. LMFAO.
    The governor whose law which he said was to protect 1A rights on social media, predictably fell at the first court challenge because it, quite clearly, violated the 1A.

    Try opposing DeSantis with free speech, or anything he supports, you'll see how selective he is and how much he cares about 1A.
    Notice how they are playing on this 'domestic terrorist' line. The DoJ memo never mentioned domestic terrorists, it in no way polices speech, or assembly, or petitioning gov. It polices the clearly unlawful threats to parents and school board members. If people don't cross that line, they have no worries. How come you haven't done any videos on the school board members who are getting threats, having armed individuals threaten them at their homes, their kids being in fear, even their naighbors being threatened by association only.

    You are slowly turning into a political propaganda channel disguised as 1A support.
    In fact, where was your coverage of DeSantis' clear 1A violating social media law? Surely that was worth coverage on a 1A channel?

  8. I’m not sure what kind of point you’re trying to make here, JM. It appears to be another move by DeSantis to position himself for a run for the president in 2024. “We’re going to stand up for the parents’ rights to speak out.“ What about the constitutional rights of citizen journalists? With the exception of Polk County, Florida is the worst or one of the worst in the country in that regard.

  9. I had my facebook account deleted entirely because I said the death penalty should be applied to the insurrectionists who were genuinely attempting to overthrow the government and install "trump" as Caesar. The death penalty IS on the table as a possible punishment for treason. Facebook in essence has said that statements in favor of a legal penalty being applied are against "community standards".

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