30 thoughts on “Sheriff thinks he’s above the law

  1. Whatever happened to just being polite? We civilians are told that if we are polite, then things will go smoothly. Act like a jerk, you may end up pulled from your car and cuffed in the back of a cruiser. Every encounter that I have ever had with an LEO, I was polite and respectful. Yes, I was also armed at the time with a proper CCW. I informed the office of that fact, and remained respectful. I was never disarmed, not once. All of these encounters were in CA as well, three in Los Angeles. I got one ticket, which I deserved 100%. If I had thought it was not deserved, well, that is what courts and lawyers are for. Why pile on potential other charges by being a jerk? Makes zero sense to me. Every officer was also polite and professional. If you give attitude, you will get attitude. If you give polite respect, you will get polite respect. This is really not that hard people. Yes, I know I am preaching to the choir, but this crud frustrates me to no end. Sorry for the book …

  2. He deserved a ticket, but I’m glad the officer didn’t give him one, for his own sake. 37 in a 25 is too fast, but it’s not bad enough to start a whole storm in the department

  3. Do 37 in a 25 (could have been a school zone or neighborhood) in my jurisdiction and be an ass. Yep you're 100% getting that ticket. Dont care if your the sheriff. Judge or damn president.

  4. Am I a big fan of the show and I do respect cups but I’ve seen this video all over and it’s bullshit yes generally cops pull over people for all sorts of shit reasons and I know Mike you were a Cup so you stand up for them good on you but guess what sheriffs are the only form of law enforcement that are actually constitutional required
    yeah you can sight rules and regulations as per the department of motor vehicle and policing and all that shit but guess what that all came after were an over bloated bureaucracy it’s time to cut the government down we give so many people jobs and then when they mess up we give more people jobs to overlook the other people and all it keeps getting is more and more bloated and every time there’s a problem a new agency organization gets put in place and the bureaucracy keeps growing give it a couple more years and everyone will be working for the government or the state or the local city or town it’s ridiculous I guess it’s a great strategy to give everyone jobs
    Anyway this is my angry rant for the day

  5. For a second, I thought this was going to be about the Hennepin County Sheriff that trashed his vehicle while intoxicated, lied until caught, and then refused to resign.

  6. Whattanass!!! You are Joe Shit the Ragman until I properly identify you during a legal stop. He’s lucky he’s an elected official or he’d be sitting on the bricks a few days at my PD. How about a CUBO violation?!?!

  7. It's reasonable that the sheriff released an apology as the officer didn't deserve that. I have never seen a sheriff in my county where I live behave this way and I have family that are sheriffs and I have worked with sheriffs. This behavior does not breed inter cooperation between services nor does it look good to the public or other sheriffs as a whole.

  8. I’m not in law enforcement, but I whole heartedly support them. I’m pretty sure the sheriff could have handled that a bit more professional and treated the fellow officer with some respect. The office showed great professionalism and was obviously frustrated, nervous and most likely wanted to tell the sheriff what a !!$&@!? !?$&&@ !?$&@&$ jack wad he is. Hope that sheriff doesn’t have kids or a wife, if so I pity them.

  9. The sheriff should be released from office, not release an apology. Even if you are the sheriff, man up and take responsibility for your actions. What the hell good is an apology anyway? It means you are trying to find a quick way out of responsibility. E-3s, you ever apologize to an E-9? If so, what happened? Bet you ain't gonna do that again!

  10. Everyone driving through my 25mph Neighborhood does. 37mph and constantly run the stop sign in front of my house including the cop that lives down the street😂

  11. but laws still apply to all LEOs and law enforcement agents so why would it have been wrong for him to ticket the sheriff going 12 over in a 25 mph zone……

  12. I saw this, and it really pissed me off. We, public servants, are not above the law. We serve to uphold the ideas of our society, and protect those within it. There should never be an expectation that we are superior to those we serve.

  13. I promise you that officer would NOT have written him up. On the other hand this officer was probably thinking, if I don't ask him for his license, he might call up my Sarge. Either way it was a lose lose situation.
    But the Sheriff was a dick.
    As one professional to another, the Sheriff should of engaged the officer and just say, " good job, I'm sorry, I'm an idiot, I wasn't paying attention, here's my office card, if you ever need anything let me know… sorry…
    And the officer would of been on his way…..
    But no……

  14. I just don't understand his arrogance. He doesn't need to tell the officer who he is, he needs to act like anyone else. He should be proud of his deputy.

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