Sheriff (LAC/Lomita) I yell at this guy to STOP TALKING!

So I went out with Foxy and her protege Ozzie to record the police….we see the (Lomita) Sheriff with his lights on, in an empty parking lot, and as we walked up, I see him talking to a woman, who I believe is homeless, and he is asking her name, which she gives him without hesitation, but not too long after, I man walking his bike comes up behind us- and says the woman is his girlfriend. The Deputy attempts to call him over to him, and I just could not keep quite….I tell the man “NO”, “STOP TALKING TO HIM” (the deputy)- which ends up being a waste of my breath since he eventually acctually walks over to the Deputy, and when asked his name, he gives his name up without argument….it is VERY FRUSTRATING when people answer police questions, and or engage in the trick conversation the police get you caught up in…..We did not know this couple, but I was glad the man was so grateful for us being there. Oh and they had a cat on a leash Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

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  1. Its a numbers scam for revenue enhancement. They know that unless your a lawyer, 98% of the public does not their rights. Your parents(unless they are lawyers)wont teach you, you wont learn it in public schools, and its not up to the judge to tell you your getting screwed. Go to a college law library, get your States version of the Peace Officer's Handbook, all states have them. In the back of the book is an Officer's Field Training Manual, for rookie cops to use as reference material. The first 50 pages or so, will explain exactly what the cops can and can't do. It will explain all your rights from both sides of the law with previous cases and rulings. Also has Supreme Court Justices opinions. Also, get a Blacks Law Dictionary to get past all the legal jumbo. You can't check out the book without being a student, but you can copy down the title, ISBN number and the publishers name and website. Then order a brand new book directly from the publishers. This is not legal advice. It's directions to get yourself educated. Note; there are also books on how to fry a cop on the stand and anybody else, including the Judge.

  2. You can't make people take great advice! They are not your friends. Great video's Laura! Keep up the good work!

  3. You know what happened to me several years ago? It was in 2001 a month before 9/11. I was driving around Long Island in NY and I just drove out of the gas station. There's an intersection and I wanted to make a left but the cops were blocking the road over there and was going to make a right but the light turned red. Here comes a cop that walked across the intersection from the scene and he walks towards me. He has a bad attitude. I mean real bad. I get nervous around cops plus back then I didn't know all my rights. So the cop asked me where I came from but I thought he asked me where I was going. After I answered he said, "I didn't ask you where you were going. I asked you where you came from!" So I told him and he walked away. Now I realize he had no business even talking to me but I didn't know then. I have no idea why he asked me that. I wasn't even on the same side of the road where all the cops were. It's like he went out of his way to talk to me and be mean.

  4. good morning laura.
    homeless people are preyed upon by cops, they literally have no rights, courts wont enforce rights for them they just steam roll over them.
    because homeless people cannot afford a lawyer, and its easy to fuck you when your down.

  5. our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear-kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor-with the cry of grave national emergency.Always there has been some terrible evil at home or some monstrous foreign power that was going to gobble us up if we didnt blindly rally behind it –so the they could pass laws to enslaves us-n-rob us of our constitutional rights

  6. I look at it this way let them both talk to the police officer as long as they're not harassing them beating them up or trying to do something illegal then they're okay as long as you're there backing them up and videotape and everything I don't think anything is wrong with the whole situation but everybody has different opinions

  7. the only thing i could expect from the-"shittdip department"🐷s-is-the they-talk alot of-🐎-💩–the-🐷s-r-trained-2-to talk-2-us/the-citizens-2-incrimated-ourselves

  8. under section-501-of-"PATRIOT ACT"the government is free to disappear/kidnapped-"any-US-citizen"if any terrorist intent might be-"inferred from conduct".Even if you brake no laws,in other words you could be legally"abducted/kidnapped" from your home,or from the street-n-forced before a secret military tribunal-without any prior notice-n-with no words to your family or your lawyer-or-press.Any violation of the law,whether federal-or-state could earn you the status of an"enemy combatant"which would permit-US -the government to annul your citizenship-so because of PATRIOT ACT#2-no more-CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS

  9. Hi Laura! Wow, the man wouldn't let you get a word in edge wise! Diarrhea of the mouth! It's funny how the officer shows discretion with the amount of the warrant?? His threshold is $26,000.00. He was also condescending to the man. High pitched voice with a tinge of I'm so much better than you, talking about amendments and such. Just a weird stop all the way around. I wonder how long that officer has been on the job?

  10. i love you and support you forever love your videos film all of those mother fuckers go after those killer cops forever and crooked courts in the USA

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