Sgt Alvarez says we are “a necessary EVIL”

Foxy and I had a long talk with Sgt Alvarez. The full raw video is around 25-30 minutes long….if enough people want to hear the whole convo, let me know in the comments…. Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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32 thoughts on “Sgt Alvarez says we are “a necessary EVIL”

  1. What Officer Alvarez doesn't seem to get is that the reason they do what they do is because there are a lot of power tripping, self serving cops out there who violate innocent citizen's rights. Laura and ppl like her are making sure they are held accountable and know the law.

  2. They just wish all you cop watchers would go away and let them do what they use to do, with privacy, and NO accountability! Too bad so sad!

  3. So good. "Some people need a mommy and daddy to tell them what to do". And if they don't do what we tell them well we might have to put them in a cage or shoot them.

  4. Cop- Do you believe in evil?
    Me- Yes and i think you see it-
    Cop- Thank you
    Me- You didnt let me finish…I think you see evil…every time you go into your squad room. So much evil hiding behind a gun and piece of tin.

  5. People with NPD (narcissists) project their evil onto others. It would be funny if you made their eyes glow red in the dark.

  6. Ah jeez, what a sleezoid. He wants to (as we in Australia say) "get into your nickers". Bugger, has he nothing better to do. No wonder the U.S.A. is in the state it's in. Great work, both of you.

  7. So this guy is so concerned about what you doing for free. But we forgetting this guy is on duty and wasting tax payer money just standing there, instead of going after criminals .

  8. This cop seems cool, however until he personally stops his fellow officers from beating, shooting and tazing unarmed people he's part of the problem, not the solution.

  9. Message to this moron cop. If your watching, I do have a well paid job, and a life. I just like watching people keeping an eye on you, hold you accountable and keep you from abusing your authority. The sheer amount of videos on youtube showing cops screwing with the public, warrant these auditor to become your babysitter.

  10. I think the whole conversation would be good to listen to. Especially if he's talkin bout other people like Katman and Tom Zebra. All in the details

  11. never a dull moment with Sgt Alvarez on duty.
    good morning laura, good video.
    and i wonder if tom zebra grew a set of boobies if they would treat him better than they do??? lmao.
    we question why you do your job in the way that you do. we wonder why you choose to shoot when a man has black skin and you choose NOT too shoot when the skin is white.
    no its not a hate mission, its a mission to keep you honest. when there are no cameras present, we see you people acting like gang member thugs. when the camera comes out its all "yes sir and no sir".
    why is it a camera causes a cops sphincter to tighted up? why is it a camera causes a cop to suddenly remember his manners?

  12. Please oh pleae upload the full video. Inquiring minds want to know. I would love to know the reasoning behind this officer's response to violate citizens rights. His answers to citizens watching him commit violations of rights and making up laws would be priceless. I do believe the public could get to the bottom of the police causing people to hate them would be very helpful to fixing all the problems that their faulty training. They have been taught that they only will answer to their superiors and not to their actual bosses the public. It used to be they did their jobs with respect and treated non-violent crimes with compassion and offered help. If you were stopped for speeding or missing a stop sign they would say hey you messed up and just warn you not to do it again. Today in this day and time of over-bearing attitudes and the attitude that everyone is a criminal in hiding they stop you for a minor infraction they want to search your person and want to search your car and if you look like a thug in the least bit they smell something just to create probable cause. It is all about their safety but not the public's safety anymore. If you video them they want to interfere or arrest you for holding them accountable. They need a refresher course in that without the public giving them permission they would be out of a job.

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