Serial Police Impersonator Reacts to His Own Videos | Interrogation: Part Four

It’s back. And it’s better.

Since the beginning of 2020 there has been a constant stream of comments from people wondering what Jeremy Dewitte would say if he was forced to watch his own escort footage. How would Jeremy react to watching himself doing all of the things he never does?

Today you find out.

In this fourth and final installment of the interrogation of Jeremy Dewitte, Corporal John Ramsey turns up the heat, confronting Jeremy Dewitte with his own body cam footage.

Also, we hear from Jennifer, the woman Jeremy met on Ashley Madison in 2018. The same year in which she reported Jeremy for failing to register his username with the FDLE. Jeremy was convicted and served jail time for that felony crime. and while Jeremy was responsible for the offense, Jennifer was the proximal cause of his conviction. It wouldn’t have happened without her.

Hundreds of pages of text messages between Jennifer and Jeremy spanning mid-2018 to early 2019 reveal a relationship far from antagonistic. They range from flirtatious to overtly sexual, albeit with an odd undertone of condescension from Jennifer throughout. But things went bad in late-January 2019 as soon as Jennifer discovered she had competition. Details at

Immediately after discovering Jessica’s existence, Jennifer alleged that Jeremy had raped her in one of his ambulances. That allegation resulted in a thorough investigation, and prosecution was declined. Bluntly. the evidence didn’t support Jennifer’s story, parts of which were clearly fabricated. The fact that in 2007 she had falsely — per the police — accused someone else of rape was not considered.

Fast-forward a year, and in early 2020 Jennifer wasted no breath, authoring more than 400 comments on this channel expressing her feelings about Jeremy, Metro State, and — to make things particularly weird — the kind of people who work for and hang out around Jeremy. People like her.

Examples, many of which have since been deleted:

“He surrounds himself with stupid, weak people.”
“He needs to be in prison. He’s very dangerous.”
“Dewitte deserves every year he may receive.”
“His employees are losers and felons and can’t find employment anywhere else.”
“He’s absolute trash.”

Fast-forward a couple of months to April 2020, when Jennifer files a “cybertip” sent to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, alleging that Jeremy’s Flickr page may contain child pornography. Orlando Police Detective Jennifer Wing investigated, and determined – to put it bluntly – that it didn’t. Jennifer’s complaint was unfounded. A theme.

That same month Jennifer did an impressive job of trying to get Jeremy arrested for felony wiretapping. She was in tears when she called 911 and was angry when she was told that Jeremy would not be arrested. The next day she contacted the police and told them to forget about it.

And even that is consistent with her history.

For example, in early 2019 Jennifer filed a petition for an injunction against Jeremy, only to not show up for the hearing, which she knew would result in its dismissal. (The audio recording of that hearing contains some unintentional comedy: Jeremy tried to convince the judge to prosecute Jennifer.)

On 10/11/2020 Jeremy Dewitte got into a fender-bender with someone named Shamar Smith. Jennifer wrote about the accident at length, but she left something out.

Something important.

Jeremy had a passenger in his car at the time of the crash: her.

Jennifer Burton is now nominally working for Metro State in the capacity of “Jeremy’s office assistant.” Which is particularly weird in light of the fact that Kissimmee Police Department is currently investigating a battery allegation. By Jennifer, against Jeremy. And that in early-2019 Jeremy filed a police report detailing how Jennifer has been harassing, stalking, and extorting him.

In “When Crazy Meets Crazy,” Jennifer’s grandmother reveals that she and her late-husband financially supported Jennifer and her son for sixteen years because Jennifer “refused to work.” In April 2018, Jennifer was evicted from her own grandmother’s house.

Guess when she allegedly began blackmailing Jeremy.


We strive for 100% accuracy in our reporting and are pleased to announce that we will be offering a cash bounty of up to $100 for material corrections. Stay tuned for details!


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46 thoughts on “Serial Police Impersonator Reacts to His Own Videos | Interrogation: Part Four

  1. Everytime he talks about "we're done" I move my mouse and we're like 1/3 in, then later he goes "we're done" and I'm sad cause I want more, move the mouse, and oh goodie, it's just a little over halfway in.

    A fascinating individual.

  2. JD should start a prison also. Call it Metro State Prison. Also a courthouse, Metro State Courthouse. He could then impersonate a judge, sentence himself to prison, then impersonate an inmate. All in one.

  3. I seriously think that these cops are genuinely concerned this guy is going kill himself or someone else. He needs to be off the street and not allowed to operate a vehicle. He needs to sit behind a desk, do his honeydo list and… SHUT UP!

  4. This guy acts like he doesn't like the attention from police but… he definitely likes the attention from the police. It's like a child that wants negative attention because they know its the only way they can get your 100% undivided attention.

  5. You know, what I don't understand is that if siren use is illegal which they should be, why is it legal for him to have them. Sirens are sirens, you can't cook with them, use them to change a tire so why does this guy have them on his vehicles.

  6. "Thats not me". Yeah right, one of Jeremy's employees must have stolen his body cam, took over directing the job(s) and then EXACTLY mimicked that screechy Jeremy voice that he's heard using in countless videos. Yeah, we're all buying that Jeremy 🙄

    This guy's an idiot. I have no clue how he's allowed to continually get away with this over and over.

  7. 👁👁 Has anyone watched the Dr PHIL series & his take on Jeremy?? OR the 🇬🇧 UK UPDATES?? Poor misguided Phil 🤔 thinks he can help Dimwit — some things you just can’t FIX!! The attorney noticed disgusting over-familiar, arrogant attitude aimed toward TV host’ & wife. Quickly & verbally, he distanced himself from his client, into Phil’s ball park… CAUSE you saw the $ $ signs multiply in Mr Billable Hours head, 🎲🎲 Vegas style~

  8. 👁👁 Jeremy: “”I can’t remember names & numbers…”
    OMG, of course he can’t — NAMES are like Amy, Betty, Carl, David. NUMBERS are similar to 1 2 3 4 etc.
    He 🤥 can’t even remember telling☝️LIE from another LIE.
    Not even can he distinguish RIGHT from WRONG or LEGAL from ILLEGAL~~~ AHYEP his Attorney has found a cash cow 🐄 … maybe hoping to make a zillion $ Hollywood-Deal 🎬 outta Jeremy’s trials & tribulations ~~~

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