Serial Police Impersonator Blackmails His Mother For Money, Part II

In Part One we heard Jeremy Dewitte attempt to blackmail his mother for money, something he hasn’t done “in years,” if you trust his ever-reliable self-report… which you shouldn’t do, since during that call it emerged that Jeremy had hit her up for $1,000 just one week prior.

In Part Two we tag along as Jeremy and his mom reconnect minutes later for more begging and manipulation.


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Author: rafael.nieves


21 thoughts on “Serial Police Impersonator Blackmails His Mother For Money, Part II

  1. At ~8:15 Jeremy claims that he fired his tow truck driver for stealing gas money. That was surprising to hear, because of all people, I would have thought he'd be more understanding. You know, given his history of stealing gas.

    On January 8, 2020 I posted to Patreon a transcript of the full story of Jeremy's first impersonation arrest. Highlighted in bold in that story was (and still is) the following:

    It should be noted that Defendant is listed as suspect in a similar case under OPD case # 98-11413. Although Defendant reportedly did not claim to be a police officer in that case, he did have at-large charges filed on him for theft of gasoline from another Mobil gas station.

    That's the most anyone knew about that incident.. until one month ago. That's when, after having been told for months that they had been destroyed, records from OPD 98-11413 appeared in my inbox.

    Here is the story: In early-1998 Jeremy was running a scam around Orlando. He would go to Mobil gas stations, pump gas, and then present the clerk with multiple prepaid $25 gas cards. Then, when it turned out they didn't have a balance, Jeremy would act shocked and scramble to provide his ID and information as an assurance that he would return. Which he never did.

    Because he's a genius, though, Jeremy provided his real contact information. He ran the scam on March 24th, and there is no way it was an honest mistake, because he had done the exact same thing the week prior. The police tried to get in touch with Jeremy, who returned an officer's phone call (with a voicemail of his own) on April 6, 1998. Despite multiple attempts, the police were unable to reach Jeremy after that point.

    Now that you have some context, Jeremy's first arrest is all the more insane. Knowing the police were investigating him for stealing gas from Mobil stations, on May 18, 1998 Jeremy Dewitte yet again stole gas from a Mobil station. Only that time he did it while wearing a police-like badge on his belt… telling station attendant Krissandra Singleton that he was a police officer who had been "called on the job" early that morning, which is why he had forgotten his state-provided gas card. That's the incident that landed him in the slammer. The first time.

    See the records for yourself at The link redirects to Patreon, but the post is free. Linked within that post is the original post referenced above.

  2. Imagine thinking they can't arrest you because they found more evidence. They take time to review everything. Does he think that they just have super-computer program that automatically discovers every bit of evidence at once? If I have two hard drives and one's encrypted, are they just not allowed to arrest me after they break the encryption on the other hard drive? It's new fucking evidence. I know he just refuses to accept anything that shatters his fragile reality but come on, dude…You cannot be this dense and think that you can just impart your worldview on everyone else with a magic combination of words.

  3. “It would help if my mother helped me negotiate, mom.” 😂

    He needs to grow up. 40 years old, take accountability and responsibility for once. Not everyone’s out to get you, you did this to yourself.

  4. listen Dewhimp,

    using this pathetic excuse of RunNinG ThE BuiSnEsS fOr 10 YeARs doesn't justify the laws being broken. its the same logic as saying I've been killing or stealing for 10 years, just bc i haven't been caught, doesn't mean its admissible bud. that being said, those 10 years of action are now showing light of the consequences. That being said, thank you for your obliged service as an Airborne- never in the army but certified contractor- traffic pulling devil.

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