Sanders Ends Campaign After ‘Shit Show’ Wisconsin Primary

Wisconsin Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes says Tuesday’s vote risked lives and amounted to voter suppression, and that Democrats must embrace a progressive vision to beat Trump in November.

Director/Video Editor: Bababtunde Ogunfolaju

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20 thoughts on “Sanders Ends Campaign After ‘Shit Show’ Wisconsin Primary

  1. Strike! Revolution! No taxation without representation! The politicians represent their donors not us. We need to stop paying the taxes they use to fund their wars and fill their pockets.

  2. The country's best leader, so far as that goes, is going to lead by not leading. Awesome. Has Sanders' campaigns of '16 and '20 been officially dubbed yet, in it to lose it? Is this a great country or what?

  3. Tardy, it now being April 10th, about 4:45 a.m., and this is not good news for starting a new day. Bernie needed to be strongly supported, so this is now another very depressing moment during my, so far, 63 year life. Check out this piece by the excellent Kevin Ryan, " More Will Die from the Response to COVID-19 Than From the Virus ", March 31, 2020, Think we've learned of the worst of consequences due to covid-19, THINK again. Very interesting article, one that I think everyone should carefully read, not long, but it sheds a whole new light on this situation for me. Dig Within is Kevin's blog . His article, READ it and keep it carefully in mind. " Better safe, rather than (ending up) SORRY ". DNC is f*cking the country all over again, and it's sickening.

  4. As a Trump supporter.
    I strongly support Bernie Sanders's policies of a $15/hr minimum wage hike nationwide in addition to stricter, more draconian government regulations on businesses.
    Big and small.

    After all…
    It's really the only motivation left that'll finally force corporations into getting off their lazy collective butts and implement mass machine automation and artificial intelligence in the workplace.
    Really should have begun during the Obama administration.
    Right after the Great Recession.
    Long story short.
    It'll result in lowered prices for goods and services via lowered cost of machine labor in addition to better customer service overall.

  5. Wisconsin: Any way to campaign against legislature/responsible parties in November? Any way we can call for impeachment of judges/justices who rule in ways that risk the lives of their constituents who are only trying to exercise their rights as US citizens? What if there are deaths that result from this?

  6. Ahh, "China was successfull in installing Trump for a second term" will be the mainstream 'mantra' for the next four years – while Congress will continue to sign 'bank cheques' to a 'fascist'…

    If there would be mercy in nature, the virus would mutate so rapidly that only preppers in dugouts and Inuits would survive, forming a nation, worthy to live for.

  7. The MOVEMENT will live on and should be activated nation wide during and after the election once the current virus crisis has subsided. IN SOLIDARITY!!!!!

  8. Great, let’s vote in a different old guard
    And watch as the country turns to another
    Guy with early onset to lead us into even
    More confusion.
    The Dems can do better than this‼️‼️‼️
    But maybe, not, as long as the
    Military/Industrial Complex is
    Running the Shit Show☠️😖🤮❌

  9. So, Susan Collins, please,
    Elucidate on the “Lesson”
    The Malignant Narcissistic Orange Cheato
    You have no shame and
    You have American Blood on your hands❌☠️❌
    You are culpable in the murder of thousands of Americans‼️

  10. I can’t stand black people especially black men that support and advocate for everyone but themselves! This is why black peoples stay a bottom class. Even when black and being the lieutenant gov. he still doesn’t advocate for his people, who undoubtedly had a huge roll to play in homing having the position. Talk about COVIS19 and not say that close to 50% of the folks infected or black people and upwards to 70% of the deaths have been black men!! This clown doesn’t even know it so he especially looks stupid being a black man and not saying that. No wonder why there is no black politics! They all sell out and become part of the establishment!

  11. Let's start our own Progressive Party, we should have done it in 2016. Abraham Lincoln left the Whig party in 1854 and became the leader of the Republican Party by 1856 the Whig Party was no more. In 1860 the first Republican president Abraham Lincoln was elected. The 1860 election had four candidates running for President and Lincoln won because he was the only anti-slavary candidate running.

  12. Bernie has been screwed over for the second time. How many times are we going to let this happen before we start our own progressive party???? After what happened in 2016 we should have started the Progressive Party. Let's start our own and party now!!!

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