1. I had to leave another comment that is so funny what just happened right there the few times I've had a car strand me on the side of the road the only motherfukers whoever pulled over and tried to help we're Hispanic no white people never tried to pull over and help no black people never tried to pull up no Asians ever tried to pull up every time my car was broke down and would not go it was a Hispanic person was the first one to say hey you need some help

  2. I just had to comment years ago when I was young I met this girl from Los Angeles I believe she said she was from the Oxnard area and it's funny because you and hurt sound just alike and you're pretty I'm going to tell you about front wheel drive cars because I was looking at your video and I noticed when you do those wheels are turned be gentle now when those wheels are straight you can get on it then but I noticed that when you drive you be getting on it while you're turning that's a No-No that's one of the reasons I don't like front-wheel-drive cars because they do that shit for many years I would I refuse to get a front wheel drive car just for that very reason back in the day dudes would have those Toyota's and those God sends fucking Wheels popping out and shit CV joints and Boots it's just that's a front wheel drive car you got to maintain that shit because the parts will go bad and the next thing you know a fucking wheel will pop off luckily you weren't on the freeway. Love your videos I like I like your videos I like how you talk all those little faces you are just too much but yeah when those wheels are turned you should be giving it very little gas just like momentum gas don't punch it when those wheels are turned because this will happen and also every so often you have to have that front end check anytime it's a front wheel drive car have the front end checked I think you said it was making a quacking noise that's usually the CV axle is going out it's really cheap to fix though you can buy a whole axle for under a hundred bucks and just have a mechanic put it in but now it's you know going to be more because of the damage but it's all good it's a under bucket. Keep the videos coming very entertaining.

  3. When did you 1st learn the value of a good mechanic? 🀣🀣 I wish I was in California! I would pick the car up bringing to my shop and have you back on the road in an hour! Looks like a broken ball joint or lower control arm!

  4. Very lucky the balljoint snapped while traveling at low speed. Replace both drivers & passenger side. Probably pulled the axle's c.v. joint out, replace it to. L/F fender got tangled w wheel.

  5. I like your (new?) dash cam. Good idea. I recently got a duel HD cam one and a 400 GB MicroSD that hold video from both cameras for 30 hours. I recently went on a road trip with our racing team from Northern California to NE Texas. Each night I would dump the SD card to a USB hard drive, so I have every bit of travel footage there and back. I am making a series of "Road Trip" videos from it, playing it back at 120x (1 hour realtime plays back in 30 seconds) and only slowing it down to normal speed for interesting events. I found I could run the camera for 12+ hours off a USB power bank. I mounted the camera in the racecar as we participated in two 300 lap races on a 1/2 mile track, and got some nice footage of out the windshield and of the driver.

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