24 thoughts on “Rockwall Crash – I want everyone’s ID for my Civil Investigation!

  1. I’ve been trying to get this out there’s for some time now.. The judiciary is neither a service nor a system, it is “AN INDUSTRY”
    with many sub-sections. Namely, police, bureaucrats, courts and court personnel, public defenders, judges, correctional facilities, all paid by the ever so obliging tax payer, Oh and let’s not forget the UNIONS who run the greatest Ponzi scheme ever. Those are the facts people, how do I know?? I was in it in a former life in a former place. Just sayin!!!

  2. I don't know of any other free democratic country where the police is constantly asking for people's IDs. I know it happens quite a lot in totalitarian police states, but I'm not aware of any free democratic one where it happens to the extent that it does in the United States. I may well be wrong, and there may be plenty of such countries, but I have never heard of one.

    Where does the American police learn to be constantly asking for people's IDs? Is this something they are taught at police academy? Maybe it is.

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