Republican Supreme Court Justices Voting To Overturn Abortion Rights

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Author: phillyfinest369


44 thoughts on “Republican Supreme Court Justices Voting To Overturn Abortion Rights

  1. So? Millions of black children getting killed by abortion. Your liberal massa is the most racist and anti black

  2. Same people screaming my body my choice are the same one's telling you what medical decisions you have to make for the sake of " public safety " I don't get it.

  3. Good to see Charlamagne focusing on how on how toothless and pathetic the Democrats are. They don’t give a damn, that’s why they don’t fight for anything of substance.

  4. Democrats can’t do anything because their backs against the wall already from the corrupt fraudulent activity they been doing for years

  5. This is happening because They are losing money in the foster/adoption business. This is their solution. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Ridiculous women have to even deal with this. 🤦🏾‍♀️ smh

  6. Voting IS essential here! It's the states that are making these decisions that are impacting us – you have to vote and not just in the Presidential races. This is EXACTLY what happens when you don't vote – you leave up to others, who don't care about BIPOC and WOC, to make the rules that effect us. It's not Biden, it's the Republican run state and local houses.

  7. Unfortunately CTG, OG, is the main reason for this cowardice to continue, he's definitely not endorsing Nina, & one of the main reasons we got weakazz Biden, instead of Bernie…follow the money, red or blue, dig deep enough you'll find who's funding, who..🌝😏🤔🎩💰💰💰💰💯

  8. Obama and the Dems need to take this L too because Obama allowed the Republicans to pressure him in 2015 to not fill the vacant seat that would be filled by Brett. Falling to right wing pressure was a consistent thing for him in his 8yrs of office sadly.

  9. I cant listen to Charlamagne he’s a clown. How does asking for voter ID equate to voter suppression?? By law everyone has to have a picture ID. Is he implying black people can’t get ID’s? Because that’s racist. If anything. Heavily populated Black communities are in more urban areas, where there is MORE access to DMV’s. Stop looking for anything to cause problems. Everyone should be okay with voter ID. If anything it just makes the elections more secure, no matter what side. Charla literally using baseless talking points from CNN and just repeats them over and over. Shit is getting tired af.

  10. Expand the supreme court to make room for more democrats that can then push their will? That's anti democracy. The democrats deserve everything happening for putting Hillary up against Trump when no one wanted it. This is their reward.

  11. Maybe this bill will stop people from having unprotected sex and learn to protect themselves so they won't get pregnant or get somebody pregnant and have kids they don't want..

  12. I have two names for you Kiersten Cinema and Joe Mansion. Game over. Therefore there will be no packing of the courts right now. So the only option you have is 1. Stop over criticizing the Dems and get out the vote for the midterms. Nonetheless, I'm sure that's going to be impossible to do, so game over. There is nothing that can be done to stop this.

    The time to act was back in 2016. You are witnessing the consequences of people not getting out of their feelings and not doing what was necessary to elect the lesser of 2 unsavory choices. If Hillary was in office back then, you would not have gotten these 3 R Justices. Those are just the facts.

  13. Anybody against this is evil killing babies is wrong period idc what anyone says if you aren't able to raise children give them up for adoption MURDER IS A SIN and they killed babies back in the Biblical days in Babylon God hates it as much as he did then my daughter is absolutely beautiful and so are these children they don't deserve to die because of inconvenience

  14. We need male abortion rights. Men should be able to abort financial responsibility for as long as a woman is able to abort a fetus.

  15. I’m reading these comments and all I can say is I’m glad my mother didn’t abort me, and I’m sure whoever’s reading this is glad your mom didn’t abort you. I don’t like kids being murdered. Maybe all people who believe in abortion should’ve been aborted. How bout that

  16. I’m going to take the position of the Devils Advocate when I say I agree with taking away rights to abortion because…

    1. It’s not equal because Men cannot have abortions based on the same fetus

    2. Marriage or Two Family households should be emphasized

    3. Sexual advertising should be replaced in media for Sexual Education

    4. It’s not about sex more than it is that we all have to be responsible when it comes to children

    It’s not smart to play with guns, same goes for sex because there are children suffering.


  17. I’m not gonna lie i’m still hurt about my ex having an abortion without even having a conversation with me. The crazy part is 2 years later she got pregnant by a random dude and gave birth to his child. After his birth her sister adopted him. So now she’s basically an aunt to her own child. How could she be so heartless.

  18. Toney Fountaine "I found the Girl"…

    Fellas, play this song for your boo. Hold her & look that woman in her eyes and tell her how much you love her. And that your world would be an empty void without her presence. Then lay her down and let the magic happen. Black is beautiful and always will be. Love y'all. ✌️

  19. "A house divided amongst itself can not stand". This country is going to implode if these lawmakers don't stop playing these games that only divide and pit us against each other.

  20. Abortion is an abomination that is the leading cause of death in black babies. Good riddance and I look forward to states scrubbing it away into oblivion.

  21. Why is abortion such a big deal? Its that woman body! If she doesn't want kids, let her get an abortion! Maybe that's what's best for that unborn child. 🤷 Maybe that mom would've been neglectful and unfit so she made the best decision for her. Y'all mfs be doing too much.

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