I have recorded Redondo Beach PD a few times…….I have to say, for the few times I have recorded- EVERY TIME they put on a “show”, which is such bullshit. They think this is a joke, he over and over and over argues “we are only human”, fuck that, you don’t get that luxury officer! How dare you shrug your shoulders and hide behind the citizens who don’t know what a coward you are!
The next time I’m in Redondo I hope I run into this cop again, and I hope he watched this video (i told him about my channel, so there is a strong chance he will see it) because I want to see if he still claims he is “only human”.
I would also like to point out his statement about the LAPD:
“No LAPD tends to want to play by themselves AND WITH THEMSELVES” LOL
I heard their is animosity between LAPD and other law enforcement, I intend to expose it….
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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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46 thoughts on “Redondo Beach PD “WE ARE ONLY HUMAN WE MAKE MISTAKES”

  1. Near the end the cop asks "you do know about the separation of powers" I did not really see the conversation heading that way as the subject was police accountability.

  2. this is a gigantic steaming pile of bullshit. cops have one job: enforce the law. their actions should be completely dictated by and constrained by the law. surgical doctor says: sorry i killed your wife. i was having a bad day. i’m only human. like doctors, cops have the ability to make a huge impact on your life: kill you, take your freedom, devastate you financially, etc. like doctors, cops should have liability insurance for which they pay. and lastly, compare the amount of education and training of a cop versus a doctor. can you say System Fucked Beyond All Recognition …

  3. Good shit Laura, you countered his simplistic horseshit and excuse making with common sense logic and did so very well. These cops SHOULD be held to a higher standard and absolutely SHOULD have a uniformity of conduct through their reactions to not only cop watchers but EVERY citizen they encounter. It’s such a shame that they act this way…it appears to be the only consistency in their behavior.

  4. I imagine it would be even harder to tell them at 3 o'clock in the morning that the reason their relative had passed away was because of a no-knock swat team raid that went bad.

  5. At the end of the day, at the end of the day, at the end of the day power corrupts and the more power you have the more corrupt you become. Do YOU understand?

  6. Most cops are rude and arrogant and many are just plain dumb. They would be fired in a new york minute if they worked for a private company that had to please their customers or go out of business.

  7. Hey @laurasharkcw I follow @Tomzebra… and actually hated him at first … then decided to open my mindset and actually agree with a lot he does… not all trust me lol. . But your video I seem is more of … u have a great cop talking to you… being courteous … open and professional… and I feel your like ..#1 your editing is totally taking away the real story… why cut.. because he made sense??? Something to hide to down play your video??? Or is it really u saving us time? I'd respect that but unfortunately don't know. This guy here … as a career fireman of over 20 years … that has seen just about all of it… You honestly can walk with a camera and record very easily as a videographer myself, but do the job we all do…. you'd have no clue what we deal with. Try closing your eyes every night with shit we all did… your right it's our choice !!! So why bust out fucking balls… be professional and not a jerk off like u were at your end of video asshole comments. As I'm writing this In writing this and am now sick by your scum bag comments . I'll take the beginning away of my nice comments . He's right it's your perception…. Just like an opinion… we all have one like we all have assholes and your asshole is the biggest one

  8. Stop your whining. Quit your choice of employment if you don't like it. No, police dudes are different in the right they have the courts and legislators on their side, and they have the right to arrest and kill other humans.

  9. We don't need you cops to be all the same. We do need you all to follow you own policies. That would be a good start in changing the way a growing number of people feel about you.

  10. "we are human, sometimes we make mistakes"

    gee whiz, Robin…

    when you guys make mistake the person gets five shots to the head, then the excuse, whoops, we made a mistake…

    sounds good to me.

  11. Hey come on guys… lol.. the officer was being respectful at least even though his argument points fell flat. Laura was again stellar in her counterpoint Laura you rock. I would have said "you know in these days with all the cops killing unarmed citizens, we have to ensure cops are upheld to a higher standard. If they can't, then find another profession.

  12. Of course he's allowed to make mistakes:: Graham v Connor protections, Qualified Immunity protection, Personalized Bill of Rights protection, Good Faith Doctrine protection, 24/7 Lawyer(taxpayer expense) protection, DA protection, Judicial Protection and Mob Style Union protection. If every citizen in this country had those protections, anyone could engage in criminal acts, and be assured of zero accountability.

  13. "WE ARE ONLY HUMAN WE MAKE MISTAKES" this is true, but when they make a mistake people die or have their lives ruined

  14. Jeez what a " Oh well " attitude out of that guy . There's a thing called "due diligence" , a concept that I think completely eludes this guy . I worked for years in water treatment where was no room for "oops" . If I fucked up I'd loose my license , get heavy fines possibly go to jail . I could see this guy putting three or four slugs in someone's chest and pulling the "oops " card .

  15. This is why most police officers don't talk to cop watchers like you, you are too keen to use their own words and comments against them. It's a common belief that cop watchers are cop haters judging by the amount of complaints they make over minor matters and the comments like above they put on their videos.
    So officers will find it far safer and easier to simply not respond to cop watchers unless they have to. And they don't have to answer question about incidents that the cop watcher is not involved in, even though it is public knowledge in most cases. That doens't mean they have to tell anyone about it.
    The general briefing for officers in most depts is to not answer questions put by cop watchers. Good advice when they see on these videos how speaking to cop watchers is turned against them.

    As for the LAPD, and the LASO too for that matter, they are big enough with enough officers to do their own backups, and tend not to want to work in overly with other depts. It's been that while for years, and even more so when the CHP is involved.

  16. this guy seems like a real tool. next time your in redondo ask them about the officers that cheat on their wives with their female Co worker's. "officer " Walter Sawall got cought cheating on his 2nd wife in December of 2014 with a female redondo beach city employee. "Officer" Sawall also cheated on his first wife with a married female city employee (dispatcher ). Around the time he cheated on his first wife, "officer" Sawall was involved in a racial profiling case (info on the case can be found on google) causing the city to defend him in a law suit. the city won the law suit, but if "officer" Sawall was capable of lying to his wife, could he have lied in court, or in his arrest reports? again he cheated on his first and second wives. Also former Redondo Beach police lieutenant Paul Wrightsman, was also having affairs on his wife with his female Co worker's (dispatchers) that he was in charge of (as a dispatch manager ). yes a lieutenant having sex with his subordinates. . officers both past and present have a long history at redondo beach police department of cheating on their wives with the females they work with, it needs to stop. they should stop hanging out in the area's where it's predominantly women working…ie the records department and dispatch.

  17. i agree with-Road Dog 50-from the courts to the street"🐷"their all corrupt to make-big$$$-for the city-n-with restaurants you going-there bcuz-you know what food kind of food your getting-n-with"gangsters with badges"you don't what could happen-false-ticket-false arrest-get you-n-your property-search-illegally-or-get kill for their safety-n-yours-when you only have a camera-to film the"🐖's"

  18. police are allowed to make mistakes, he says ?…if they make a mistake somebody can die..police have lethal power..American police have the power of life and death, that's the difference…American police seem to have a poor sense of how many non police view them…this cop seems like a nice guy, though.

  19. Cop claims they are only human and make mistakes…Alright, then how come they never seem to pay any kind of penalty when their 'mistakes' often harm or traumatize innocent people.
    I thought cops were supposed to be held to a higher moral standard. Guess not.

  20. If the officer can only imagine,if they didn't behave in such a shitty manner they wouldn't need to be filmed. shooting handcuffed or homeless people or anyone for the shitest of reasons no one trusts you scumbags!

  21. Their "mistakes" resultdb_mn(ki99iiin the deaths of innocents. Fuck these lying ass pig fuckin' costume wearing repost
    thanks so that crr4(4

  22. This is the reality Pluggy Cop, The police as a whole work for the courts, they just take orders from the legislation (ie,, Laws they enforce) The really is separation of powers in our government, is all bullshit ) The police are a gang, and the police are a brotherhood who are also a fraternal order.. Police Officers are pressured by the city to make so many contacts, arrest, and write a certain amount of tickets each month. Police Officers cover each others asses on the street, lie in their police reports, and lie in court. The Judges, prosecutors and city attorney all work together, to cover up police crimes in order to protect the city from lawsuits. Cities are incorporated as a business for profit. Cities borrow lots of money from the banking system, who want to be paid back. Now with a system that is owned primarily by the bankers, how can their be any fairness to the public… Good interview Laura, in though these Cops are all full of shit.

  23. He didn't compare himself at all to gangs or taco bell employees.. you twist his words a lot. This guy was actually pretty decent and willing to have a calm conversation with you. Compare that to some other cops, even ones from your videos. This guy was much nicer. Just because you disagree with his opinion doesn't mean he's wrong or a "coward".

  24. I'm curious as to why they felt the need, and to decide which one of them had to do it, to come and confront you. He was calm and collective (well trained) but he consistently redirected your questions to those of questions of his own that might somehow expose personal info on you or something else that might incriminate you (typical cop BS). And just listen to this cop in his attempt to convince you (REALLY?) that what you are doing is wrong because the ignorant sheeple don't like you filming them. That stupid biatch would prob suck that cop off if he would promise to let her go, but she's too stupid to realize that someone filming is in her best interest. Of course, the cop knows this and plays the fiddle like a well tuned pro. I can't help but to think that, for what ever reason, this cop was distracting you from filming the incident by drawing the attention to himself. His stance and demeanor depicts total arrogance and despite his apparent nonchalant nature it's obvious that he would like nothing better than to boil your head in a tub of lard.

  25. Sure, people make mistakes. Then they face the consequences unlike cops who lie and cover-up for one another and face no real consequences.

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