50 thoughts on “Re-up – Federal Officer asks to See Private Papers Salt Lake City Utah Federal Building

  1. For those wondering why all the re-uploads, the old channel was shut down, so I am gradually re-uploading the videos from that channel to this new channel. They are labeled as "Re-up" so that if you aren't wanting to see repeats you don't get click baited. New videos are labeled as "NEW" until all the old videos are up and I am only uploading new content again. Thanks for watching!

  2. Cop thinks wow you made this personal and awkward at the same time…. A slight glimpse into how he makes everyone feel on a daily bases…… But cant relate since he is trained to make everything about himself.

  3. The “show me your penis” was actually done by the NAZI Sondertruppen. They would require men to expose themselves. Jews are circumcised, and therefore by having a circumcised penis would identify them as being Jewish. Being a circumcised Gentile is a relatively new practice, and it’s still not very common in Europe for Gentiles to be circumcised. Just thought it was ironic that you used the analogy of the right to privacy with your privates.

  4. Freeman should be receiving a healthy 6 figure income from tax dollars to teach these tyrants what law enforcement means vs free pass to violate citizens freedom and rights. But this is america, won't even be considered because it makes sense.

  5. No they have a satanic temple in Indianapolis, downtown,it is called the:.
    Scottish rite cathedral (gigantic)
    Satan synagogue, James.
    But you are correct the Masons are in that Federal building correct.

  6. 1:03 the fear on that kids face is clearly visible. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to live your life being such a coward that even when you’re armed, inside a building and surrounded by armed comrades, a camera frightens you to the point you have to run and get daddy.

  7. The United States police forces have an ID fetish. Also a handcuff fetish.

    (Seriously. I'm not aware of any other free democratic country where the police constantly asks for random people's IDs. There may be, but I'm not aware of any. The US is also one of the few countries where the police will always handcuff people they are arresting, no matter who those people are or what the situation is, or what the crime they are being arrested for. To my knowledge the US is the only country in the entire world where the police will handcuff 6-year-old children. It's probably also the only country in the world where the police gets away doing that to a child without any repercussions.)

  8. I think these guys did good job for the most part… The guy who asked for your ID is US Marine. He is a friend of mine… I think he did well at de-escalating. He laughed at your joke and walked away. Good job buddy! He did what he was asked and walked away when he saw no threat. He would not think twice… or once even before stepping into harms way in your defense…it's in Marine DNA. The Marines typically try to do the right things. "Keep our honor clean"

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