Raw Dashcam Video Shows Cop Tasering Teen Bryce Masters Into Coma (Full Version)

** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **
A federal judge has released a police dash cam video showing a Missouri police officer using force and a stun gun on a teenager who went into cardiac arrest. Former Independence Officer Timothy N. Runnels was sentenced last week to four years in federal prison after pleading guilty to violating the civil rights of 17-year-old Bryce Masters during a Sept. 14, 2014, traffic arrest. The video was played in court during Runnels’ sentencing hearing, The Kansas City Star reported. Police said Masters was uncooperative during the stop. The video shows Runnels instructing Masters to get out of the car, and Masters can be heard asking Runnels why and whether he is under arrest.

Runnels then can be seen trying to pull Masters out of the car and uses the stun gun on Masters. The stun gun continues to discharge for about 20 seconds. After Masters goes limp, Runnels can be seen handcuffing the teen and dragging him to the curb, where he drops him face down onto the pavement. Runnels called for an ambulance after a few minutes but did not check on Masters. When the ambulance arrived, Masters was in cardiac arrest. He was taken to a hospital and put into a medically induced coma and treated for lack of oxygen to the brain. Masters testified recently that he is forgetful and has difficulty focusing as a result of the incident.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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26 thoughts on “Raw Dashcam Video Shows Cop Tasering Teen Bryce Masters Into Coma (Full Version)

  1. Kid died for 2 mins… and now for his whole life his own parents will have to take care of him. $6.5M isn’t enough nor is 4 years. Should’ve been 30 years.

  2. Absolutely disgusting.
    This kid has a cop father… imagine all the people, with no resources, who get treated like this…

  3. The officer is lying, that kid went unconscious before he dragged him across the pavement. You could hear him choking, I’m assuming on his tongue.

  4. I don’t have a problem with the officer getting him out of his car or tasing him, but dropping him on the curb, holy cow.

  5. The cop was way over the line here, but this could've easily been avoided by
    1. Getting out of the car when instructed.
    2. Not fighting the police officer trying to make you comply because you are acting like a child. You'd think he would know these things with his father being a police officer. That, as well as not being a degenerate druggie should have been no-brainers for our boy, Bryce.

    His dad keeps saying that they tased him over "a dime sack of weed". He got tased for refusing to comply with an officer's orders, and physically resisting/fighting and kicking an officer.

    Sounds like he got millions of dollars out of this, which is probably already blown on drugs.

  6. 26:35
    The dad says he's a cop and knows this is bullshit and the other cop replies "we do what we got to do" like he has no fucking sympathy that he almost killed the kid

  7. … From beginning to end, this pig had no right. Sick. Just because your a cop you have NO RIGHT to abuse us like this. There is no reason or excuse. NONE! Even if this kid didn't almost die, whenever a cop treats a ANYONE like this, they should be made to pay, pay, pay! There is no accountability. It's a mad, mad 🌎

  8. He thinks that he lives in a jungle, now he lost his job and went to prison. He deserves that. People and security should not be entrusted with trust, just nations remain and oppressive nations are gone.

  9. What a scumbag! He’s lying to everyone the whole time! That poor boy never even knew why he got pulled over. I had to take a minute when I heard his face hit the pavement. The scumbag didn’t drop him, he threw him. Makes it harder for all of the honest cops out there.

  10. My heart fell to my feet when he shoved him to the ground. He used that taser for too long. He doesn't even recognize what he did. Horrible, just horrible.

  11. Pos! Timothy can count his lucky stars that they were able to revive that kid could’ve very well been looking at murder charges.

  12. I used to "back the blue" but after my encounter and seeing stuff like this throughout the years, I absolutely do not feel safe with the police force of today. I'm sure there are still some good ones out there today but… Damn… Who and what can one feel safe with anymore…

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