Predator in the Classroom: School Principal Calls the Police

GOODYEAR, ARIZONA — On March 21, 2018 an officer with the Goodyear Police Department received a phone call from Principal Timothy Dickey of Las Brisas Academy. The call’s purpose was to inform law enforcement of a possible sexual relationship between a 13-year-old student and his teacher. Her name was Brittany Zamora.

The officer used his body-worn camera to create an audiovisual record of his phone conversation with Tim Dickey.

There is nothing that would raise your suspicions in the video, but evidence discovered later in the investigation revealed that Principal Dickey was either forgetful or lying when he said that there was no history between the victim and Zamora. In fact, Dickey had been informed more than one month earlier of rumors that the victim and Brittany were “in a relationship,” that Brittany was favoring him and giving him A’s (despite his poor performance), that the victim and Brittany were spending an unusual amount of time together, and more. Photographs of his notes associated with the earlier disclosure are available on Patreon.

Ignoring his status as a mandatory reporter, Dickey instead took it upon himself to independently investigate the allegations. At the end of his investigation, Dickey decided it was appropriate to chastise the students, telling them that “they shouldn’t be spreading rumors like that about a teacher.”


That wrinkle – that the principal had been informed more than a month earlier – would form part of the basis for a civil suit filed by the victim’s parents against both the school district and Daniel Zamora. In that lawsuit, which the school district settled on July 16, 2021, the victim’s parents alleged that the school district was obligated to have notified law enforcement back when the rumors first came out in early-February 2018.

Daniel Zamora settled and was dismissed from the civil suit in 2019, in exchange for unknown consideration. Note that “unknown consideration” or “an undisclosed amount of money” could very well be zero dollars, as I previously discovered and revealed in relation to Asiana 214 victim Ye Meng Yuan and her family’s lawsuit against the City of San Francisco. Attorney Gretchen Nelson announced that the parties had reached “a confidential settlement on mutually agreeable terms,” but knowing that the City of San Francisco could not legally do such a thing, I inquired. Turned out the “mutually agreeable terms” were dropping the lawsuit. That’s it.

You should also know that Principal Tim Dickey was listed as a reference on Brittany Zamora’s job application, and that Dickey describes himself in another recording as having recruited Zamora to come to Las Brisas. The context of that statement, however, was Dickey beating himself up over having recruited Zamora.

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  1. hmm apparently she got 20 years. she definitely deserves to be punished but 20 years seems excessive to me. i wonder if the kid is mad at his father for snitching or if his guilt will grow as he reaches 33 years of age knowing she's still in prison.

  2. Sounds like the principal was “hot for teacher” and when he found out a 13 year old student stole his crush. He decided to get even by reporting the sexual liaisons to the police.

  3. Is this principal a complete moron or what? He sounds like such a damn airhead & totally unprepared for this phone call he’s making…HIMSELF! It’s not like this is his first time hearing these things so what was this…his attempt at acting &/or trying to appear newly aware of these allegations?! What an idiot…I hope he’s blacklisted for life.🤯

  4. This is weird. My dad would have congratulated me for bedding an older women, all my friends would have been jealous, and i wouldn't have been a depressed teen because girls didn't seem to want to touch me. South park has a great episode on this topic.

  5. I was a school principal before I retired. I’d have had guidance from both staff relations and district lawyers before I’d made that call. That way, when the media got the story, all the district administrators up the chain of command would be apprised of the situation and ready to help manage the fall-out and get the victim some counseling in conjunction with his family.

  6. I'll bet you last dollar that majority of people here whining about how terrible this is for the kid are proponents/voters of that one political party that loves sexualizing children, thinks that 5 year olds can choose their gender, loves shows like "Cutes", etc… change operations at 13 without parental consent are fine but not this

  7. I don't care what anyone says, that principal just ruined that kid's life. My teachers weren't half that hot and I would have had no qualms hopping in bed with them

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