Poverty in America is by design w/Matthew Desmond | The Chris Hedges Report

Some 50 million people in the United States live in poverty today—and over 108 million people survive on less than $55,000 a year. Despite having the largest economy on earth, poverty in the US is often grinding and brutal. From millions who live without running water or reliable power, to countless children who experience food insecurity and homelessness. The data on poverty only becomes exacerbated when race is taken into account. In 2019, the median white household had a net worth of $188,200, compared with $24,100 for the median Black household. Matthew Desmond joins The Chris Hedges Report to discuss his new book, ‘Poverty, by America,’ which delves into the reality of American poverty not as a condition earned by individuals’ poor choices, but a phenomenon produced by the knowing and unknowing choices of the wealthy.

Matthew Desmond is the Maurice P. During Professor of Sociology at Princeton University. His primary teaching and research interests include urban sociology, poverty, race and ethnicity, organizations and work, social theory, and ethnography. In 2018, Desmond’s Eviction Lab at Princeton University published the first-ever dataset of more than 80 million American eviction records. The Lab currently is pursuing nearly a dozen lines of inquiry analyzing this groundbreaking dataset that will help scholars, policymakers, and advocates better understand eviction, housing insecurity, and poverty.

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37 thoughts on “Poverty in America is by design w/Matthew Desmond | The Chris Hedges Report

  1. Since 9/11 The Military Industrial Complex has spent at least 10 Trillion dollars that's Trillions with a T do you have any idea how much money that is do you think that alone would have made a huge beneficial difference to our country? Instead are so called leaders start or join all these proxy wars that enrich the already wealthy elites and impoverish the working class in this country! It has to change or the end will come sooner that most people even realize of that I am certain!!!

  2. The founder and creator of AI has warned all The Global Nations and countries that safe guards need to be put into place now or it will become self aware or Sentient and once that happens it will deem us inefficient and to violent and decide to enslave us or more likely get rid of us period. Look it up and read it for yourself please do not believe me research and verify these life altering changes happen right before our eyes.

  3. Every move in economy has a ripple effect. If union workers get a big rate hike fine. But their product cost are past along to consumer. If gas goes up the price of a cab ride might go up. But then there’s crime, and that drives pricing on insurance, health care and incarceration costs and taxes.

  4. That's it people, divide and destroy yourselves. Be the pawns on the chessboard of life which the wealthy shadow elite know you will be. Fall right into the trap as you have for centuries, they know you will. You each become your own boogeyman and they become more wealthy. A time honored tradition of fools.

  5. This man is absolutely right. I taught history for years. The Industrial Revolution is one of the best examples of this designed poverty. Wealthy industrialists were able to keep wages very low due to having a large class of poor people. The workforce was virtually endless because if a worker quit, died or got sick, someone else would take their place immediately. Poor families had all members working including small children. Poor women did not have access to birth control, so they were constantly having children they struggled to feed.

  6. The problem with Americans not having wealth is that our system is built for two-parent households not the single bulshit boss babe crap that people have been doing

  7. And, to add to this mess, we have Millions of Illegal immigrants pouring into this country and counting. How will this ever be fixed? It won't be…

  8. Work your ass off and dont buy dumb shit , you would be surprised how easy it is live with no furniture, i mean if you go broke buying new furniture and you cant pay your bills because you bought new furniture, then youre going to be outside in the street with no furniture either lol

  9. In light of the ongoing global economic crisis, it is crucial for everyone to prioritize investing in diverse sources of income that are not reliant on the government. This includes exploring opportunities in stocks, gold, silver, and digital currencies. Despite the challenging economic situation, it remains a favorable time to consider these investments.

  10. Speaking of Jimmy Johns… i saw a job posting for a manager position in Milwaukee and the requirements included being willing to work over 50 hours per week and the pay was only $12 per hour. Thats insane!!!

  11. I live in Milwaukee county and have to go to eviction court in 2 weeks. Ive reached out to rent assistance for help and was told there is no funding left for rent assistance in the county. Im on the edge of completely giving up.

  12. Now they have satellites to kill us with. However, they tricked us by saying that you can only be saved through faith and not good works. While this is religious, it is basically what they are saying. Also, the Quran says that we're liars by not doing good works. You see, however, many of us are not allowed to do good works because we're getting in on "their good." Then they damage or kill us without caring. They don't get into trouble. I look at a celebrity, and it's off with my head. I'm trying to ruin his family in my thoughts, didn't think his wife was dead, and he doesn't wear a ring, so yeah. I'm going for polygamy now. It's not even logical. The real reason is that they want our spreadsheets. We are thieves. Do you guys notice when someone swerves all over the place to get to the light? Then you pass them… That's what they're doing and speaking of waste…

  13. Yes, and the government (corporations) are making it look like people in poverty are the ones who made bad choices. They throw drugs and candy at the poor so that they can keep them from rebelling and keep them poor with traps. Welfare is a bribe. Anyway, they made the choice, now they have the consequences, even with others' help. Many rural schools feed the kids, no matter what their income level is. I live with people who have been in poverty. The children end up with cans of food and stuff for the weekend. We need more programs like that. I grew up in a mess, not poverty. Our grandparents paid for most things for the kids, not my mom or stepdad. However, both of my parents have serious issues. Instead of tormenting my mother, they should have sent her to rehab. My dad is dangerous and insane. I am also schizophrenic from him. And my favorite, another problem is that children in poverty end up in special education, which shuts almost every door. If they lash out, they go to special places for smiling faces, or they join me in Beetard land. Make your choice. After a life of that, the brain is gone. Then they all try to fix us, oh how glorious are they. We're animals and there are certain environments even social that we're not meant to live in. With kids in dire poverty, nothing is left of them. They become ghosts or are parasites, too. Here comes Blue Stahli. Don't you want to be my special friend, Blue Stahli? I'll come give you some 'Angel Dust.' to snort, you +censored+

  14. I'm mad as hell struggling to get by while corrupt politicians and corporations, frankly get away with murder and thievery!!! Something needs to change. There are more of us than them, we need to wake up and TCOB!!!

  15. So state actually have the money to help underemployed and poor…They would rather horde the money instead. States rights? The us government needs more oversight.

  16. Capitalists are filthy rich shepherds strangle holding the sheep laborers for slaughter to amass and hoard more wealth

    If the rich all practiced profit sharing sp that their employees could afford homes, good cars, vacations and building nest eggs America would be paradise

  17. Im from milwaukee and i am seeing things get so bad im starting to research and pay attention. Ive been think how much would ibhave to make to live ina home i own with health care retirement and be able to vacation. I dont think ill ever earn enough at a job to do that i will have to start some sort of business.

  18. Well how do u stay in power even if ur policies are garbage!!! u remove teh middle class and make people poor so when the time to vote comes theyre so desperate that tehy will vote for the rosiest promises even though its not possible to implement
    This type of practices have been going on for ages in Eastern Europe nation, why u think that its so slow in development cos the government is slowing down the enrichment of the people

  19. I have always struggled hearing Americans say that America is the Greatest Country in the World.
    Street people poverty, the working poor hanging out for tips and two to three jobs to make ends meet, cannon fodder to get further education or somewhere in life, a traumatic existence if you are black/minority and are a profiled by law enforcement and a focus on incarceration rather than focusing in providing free education, health and opportunities for All Americans.

  20. I retired and started collecting Social Security and it's not near enough I am really having a tough time feeding myself and my animals I ran out of dog food towards the end of each month I bought a whole bunch this time when I got my check and one of my dogs died she was so hungry she was eating plums it fell on the ground from the tree she's done that before but she ate a lot this time and it killed her the poison from the pit I Googled it I just feel horrible my other dog is fine she didn't eat none of the plums she don't care for them

  21. Work contracts def need to be regulated. Just my last two employers had some asshole lawyers with a super one sided contract. No problem because I read my contracts and had them drop all the outrageous clauses, bit come on, this seems to be standard for these lawyers.

    Rents in low income neighborhoods: the 'landlords' are exploiting the fact that they can get a mortgage while none of the renters can. One way to balance this would be to stop buy to let mortgages. I think there's a difference between someone who had the cash to buy a house and rents it to get some dividends on that, vs some 'capitalist' who gets all his income from rent, being financed by mortgages. There is no reason to support that business model. We don't need these guys.

    Maybe only allow taxbreaks on new housing stock?

  22. Alot of people are cheating their way through the Affordable Rent Programs here in New Jersey. It's become tied up with Politics. I don't really know just WHEN this started, but I was on a waiting list for affordable housing. I waited for 11 years while others were slipped in ahead of me. I figured it out l, when I was asked twice if I was interested in paying a bribe to get pushed up to.first place on the waiting list. I declined and waited 11 years instead.

  23. This is an ugly world with very ugly people. When one group of people THINK they're better that the group down the road, that's when the trouble begins. Stress kills. Stress KILLS.

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