28 thoughts on “Polk County Sheriff speaking about Operation Dirty Water involving cartel

  1. He keeps saying it was going to get to the children but he doesn't have any evidence of children using meth not even circumstantial evidence he's basically fear mongering in order to make it sound worse

  2. The government is a joke. The war on drugs will be a never-ending war and that is what the government intended it to be. The government has been caught many times selling guns and drugs. How can you take this seriously from this government spokesperson?

  3. What an idiot calling out weed. It’s legal here and if anything our crime rate went down. If a guy is drunk, he wants to fight. If he’s high on weed he wants a pizza or Doritos. The gummies aren’t made to sell to kids, they are a time release way of getting a body buzz that relaxes your muscles and relieves pain like arthritis. God I wish these fools would learn the difference between a plant of nature and a drug that is made of harsh chemicals. We can also buy magic mushrooms online because it helps people with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain.

  4. “25 lbs, that THC stuff”- “supposed to only be for the sickest”- where did he get this info? Gummies and candies were introduced for those whom have no teeth to be able to still take their prescribed medications. Of course, like everything else, it will be abused. Just like Tequila suckers were a big craze for a long time. Those who didn’t even like the taste of Tequila still wanted to try the sucker. Fear controls. Glad they seized the “illegal” substances, but irritated the narrative was shaped this way to provide for that fear. Thanks for posting JMA

  5. I have no problem with weed, it’s the other things I’m concerned with. Of course you have the recreational user of meth, coke and such and they are still living a good life. It’s the ones that go off track. Just as with coke in the 80s, you had millionaires livin it up….spending hundreds of thousands on coke. After a while, coke won’t cut it and your work ethic changes. You can’t afford the drug as usual. You sneak a few extra bucks here, maybe commit some other crimes to keep that habit. The people that want nothing to do with it get hurt, you neglect or maybe even abuse your family.

  6. It's a political statement for the border but they have tunnels and planes. Remember folks all these drugs are for children lol. Normal everyday operation for border control, police and correctional facilities. Oh it operates in Florida too – boats.

  7. 5:00 …objection…speculation… There's no evidence that thc kills people or causes people to kill people…
    Accidents do happen… and ill throw in…God made it therefore you don't control it…

  8. I’d bet the gummys n suckers was going to FOLKS THAT NEED IT ! And maybe 10 might end up in a kids back pack. Lol and he’s probably a straight A student with goals n place. Don’t get it twisted u ol school Jack Webb educated cop. Hang it up let the new regime have a shot. Sheriff u can’t even keep ur own employees inline. Should u really be PUSHN lawZ on everyone else??

  9. If we can sue gun companies because people use their guns for illegal activities can we now sue home depot for selling dope dealers the stuff they used to transport their dope that kills people. Same stupid fucking argument doesn't fucking work either way.

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