Police Use of Force Doesn’t Look Good (MTA TRAIN ARREST)

In a recent use of force situation on an MTA train in Los Angeles, an LAPD Sgt. removed an 18 year old female from the train for a violation of the MTA code of conduct. Who was responsible for the ultimate need for use of force? The reality is that to the casual and uniformed person, and certainly those who have an axe to grind (legitimate reasons or otherwise) with law enforcement use of force is never going to “look good” or “be pretty.”

I break this down briefly but feel free to follow up in the comments.

Facebook Video: https://www.facebook.com/brockisamazing/posts/10210805159067275

LA Times article: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-metro-lapd-arrest-20180124-story.html

Code of Conduct Doc: http://media.metro.net/about_us/ethics/images/codeofconduct_customer.pdf
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29 thoughts on “Police Use of Force Doesn’t Look Good (MTA TRAIN ARREST)

  1. I can barely stand these snowflake cry babies crying over absolutely everything. I'm starting to think that's the game plan to whine whine whine until we normal thinking Americans just snap. I used to think the amish were weird but I get it now.

  2. 9:49 I think what the MTA bloke was saying is that he likes the rule but it didn’t need to go this far, the officer should’ve talked with her a bit longer and then tried to issue her a ticket and then kick her off as a last resort if she still refuses but arresting her is a bit far, I like law enforcement and i think they keep communities safe but this was really too far, would you want to be handcuffed for such a simple violation?!

  3. 3:52 wait?… why did they arrest her!? I’m sorry but (it appears) she did nothing wrong. As I said in my previous comment I respect it when police are enforcing the law and if they need to use reasonable force to do that fair enough, I’m from the uk where we don’t have enough police and in some cities crime is on the increase but this wasn’t crime of the century and also, what the hell did this lady do?

  4. She was a kid… I tend not to excuse people when they commit actual crimes but this wasn’t exactly crime of the century…. certainly don’t fire or discipline the cop (he did nothing wrong) but the department should apologise because really she should just be given a ticket… I can see where she’s coming from, looks only about 15 in a big city she can’t just jump off at random stops and wander around she needs to get home safely. My opinion on this is that no one did anything really wrong on either side there were just a few mistakes and in my opinion mistakes (both of the officer and the detainee) should be excused when they are on such a minor level

  5. Watching just the video, the cop definitely seemed like a no-nonsense/ my train- my rules kinda guy instead of a de-esculate the situation kinda guy. This probably could have been handled more like hospitality management than swat team. I mean… Bro shes arrested for having her foot on a seat? Bro really? I understand that's the rule, but at that level of rule breaking it does seem that the use of force could have been at the level of discussion.

  6. I'm a white boy. I couldn't afford the ticket to ride the train and got caught. I was told to get off the train and I did. They took down my information and had me go to a class on how much cheaper it is to ride public transportation in my state compared to other states. I also was made to pay a hundred dollar fine. No white privilege for me. Get over it.

  7. Thank you for your service sir, both in the law enforcement services and in the way of being a sensible person trying to spread sensible notions. We need more people who can see things as they are and not as what we’d like them to be.

  8. Well, sorry for finding this late! Okay, let's say you are going to an interview for a very important job nice outfit, all spiffy and clean. You take the train, bus, or Lyft/Uber. You sit down get to your destination get to your interview. It went Very Well, so well that their going to call tomorrow with details. As you walk out they notice a foot print or pretty dirty spot on your seat. Hmmm! No call, they found someone else more qualified. That is why rules are in placed!

  9. Break the rules get evicted there are rules posted everywhere on planes trains busses it is the riders responsibility to read those rules if you do not want to follow rules get black balled from that company meaning no more riding that train, bus , planes, do not break the rules guess what you wont be thrown off same with all public transit

  10. What does a rule on the train, have to with LAW, cops should ignore this, a guard hired by the train has a jonb to enforce such rules. this was not a police issue and thus the police should not have made the arrest, where in the LAW, not ther train rules, does it state she comitted a crime?

  11. This is the result of a child who was not disciplined in her primary years. It appears that consequences were not something that was used in her home, hence her transitioning into a society as a good citizen will prove to be challenging for her and those around her. Yay self entitlement…

  12. He warned her if she didn't comply, then she would get arrested. She refused to comply, gets arrested, then starts to whine and cry about getting arrested… Just a total complete idiot. It's almost as if she just wanted to get arrested so she could get some footage of it and spin it so it works in her favor, as if she's just another victim in this oh so terrible and racist patriarchal dictatorship that oppresses anyone other than straight white males.

  13. i dont really like police when i was younger they would tell 911 operators not to respond to the child abuse calls at my ex home. even telling my father to beat me more when i was clearly injured.then i started going to mental hospitals for suicide attempts and runaways,long story short it was allway the same cops that came to the child abuse calls they got fired. i started watching this channel and saw that not all of you are bad. i dont allways agree with you but thankyou sharing another perspective.
    have a nice day

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