Police shoot and kill MENTALLY ILL homeless man!


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Escondido police department solve a mentally ill persons problem.

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31 thoughts on “Police shoot and kill MENTALLY ILL homeless man!

  1. "I don't know what happened" Police "unintelligible" how stupid can you be????? Where was the taser??? Could have worked just like it was designed to in this case. How many rounds were fired?? 7? the officer was shooting him as he was falling to the ground. I see multiple issues with this justified killing. When the [police investigate themselves they never find any wrong doing.

  2. Wow, what a disturbingly sad amount of self-serving double talk to justify an execution of a mentally man.

    Copsplaining in its most tragic form 🙁

  3. While the shooting was justified, the seven shots were not. A shot will stop most humans. If 1.3 seconds after the first shot they are not down, then you fire a second shot, and wait another 1.3 seconds to see if that had accomplished your goal. Seven shots as quickly as you can fire them off is murder.

  4. Basterds bitch.. Cause you couldnt shoot him ones in the hand he was holding the crowbar or if he was so scarred of his life (The ussual excuse to justify MURDER) to shoot him one in his foot!!! He wasnt trying to protect himself, he was shooting to kill!!!

  5. With all of the cops available, they can't take down one man with a crowbar without shooting him. They must lack hand to hand skills or are just chicken.

  6. It's amazing how the cops always go "our use of force incidents are investigated, by us" "We investigated us and found no wrong doing".

    Also don't cops have batons? They have so many less lethal tools, but like to kill instead.

  7. Cold blooded premeditated murder,now go ahead and assassinate his character which has nothing to do with this encounter and this SOB is trying to justify it

  8. I thank god, I'm not an American citizen. He could of use a TASER or a shield to knock him off his feet, hes an old man it wouldn't of been hard. How do these cops go to church on Sunday 🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. It's a shame this guy got gunned down but WTF if he's crazy enough(no pun intended)to go after a cop with a crowbar then he's crazy enough to go after someone minding there own business just walking near this guy. Why is it the cops fault that he shot him instead of the system letting this guy down by not putting him in a padded room & getting him the proper treatment/medication. Also it sure as hell sounded like he terrorized this neighborhood for awhile, should the cop have just let him go so he could attack someone else or even worse beat them to death.

  10. From crowbar to a pipe .Witch is it , This is why I lawfully wear concealed body armor everytime I leave home . People get shot dead holding cell phones or holding a candy bar . Sometimes for calling a cop the F word cops lose it and shoot people.

  11. We live in a time where police think they are judge jury and executioner. This killing should not in the slightest be justified and that officer should lose his badge and receive a 3rd degree murder/ manslaughter charge at the least. He had no reason to end that mans life.

  12. Ok i get self defence. Clearly the man was not in his right mind. Even if we was that cop was not in ANY immediate danger. Nor was any other person as the man only had a crowbar or pipe..not a firearm. This officer had PLENTY of time to make a decision. There are sights on the forearm for a reason. So you can aim it. It also shoots only as many times as you pull the trigger. So no excuse for unloading what seems to be a full mag into this mans center of mass.
    Some situations a cop has no choice but to fire until the threat is over. In this situation and many others that are similar. (Cop approached by a armed subject thats is threatening violence on them). Seeing how this man was not running at the officer he wasnt or atleast shouldn't be in a panic shoot mode. ( fire till safe mode). The officer had ample time to shoot 1 or 2 rounds into the subjects leg essentially to incapacitate and nullify the immediate threat. The man would then fall or run at u with adrenaline. If he falls detain him and perform medical. If he runs at you THEN you shoot to kill.

  13. That cop knew he could get away with murder, and did. The guy didn’t swing the crowbar at him. The military is so much more strict about deadly force than police on the streets. Let that sink in.

    If dude had that many mental health holds, then you as medical professionals failed him. You failed him.

  14. There were 23 calls concerning this man with various weapons threatening others. Man pursued police and the results were unfortunate, cannot hold the police in the wrong here. Society should really look at the funds available for mental hospitals. It's obvious this man had severe mental issues, but the cop has to defend himself also.

  15. So since he didn’t get the help he needed you execute him. Why not update us on the killer police officer employment history?

  16. 🐖's need to wear pink uniforms simply cause they are ALL pussies,that punk bish 🐖 needs to be locked up for life with their pussy ass excuse
    "I feared for muh life"
    Fawken bunch bish made pussies.

  17. Um, no other option? Call for back up; taser; k-9. The guy is clearly unstable but I'm gonna guess that he doesn't have the force to overwhelm the cop.

  18. Citizens need to deal with this cop like they would a rabid dog! Where's his tazer? You see this officer on the street be sure to tell him what a POS he is. As long as the citizens let them control the narrative these kind of murderers will continue. Someone post a picture of this officer for us.

  19. Thanks DECTIVE WITH THE SUIT you said the murderer had several encounters with this man –WHY did he not wait till the other cop to arrive cause he had to here the sirens and they got there before the gun shot noise quit And why shoot him SIX TIMES —THE DECTIVE need to take a Drug test look at those glasses EYES.

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