20 thoughts on “Police Recruiting: 2010 vs. 2021

  1. A moron with a GED can pass the police entrance exam and get a badge in half the time it takes to get a barbers license so the job attracts desperate idiots, military washouts and anti social thugs. It's one of the root causes of institutional police corruption.

  2. If this ain't the truth. Actually had some idiot went through the process up to interview, just to say BLM. This was in 2015. Amazes and pisses me off that standards for military and peace officers get more and more f@&*d, every year. Standards should always be upheld regardless of the "woke," crap culture. If you dont cut it, suck it up and move on.

  3. This is cuz first off the job became less and less prestigious over time so there's less and less applicants to fight for a position, while before there were 700+ applicants for 1 position, now there's like 10 maybe 20

    Even if you ignore the 2020s bullshit, knowing it was so hard to get the position before and they STILL grew corrupt over time is frustrating

  4. Nope. They're lowering the admission standards because no one applies for the job, because is an unthanked, unappreciated dangerous job. Leftists hate the police, but they still call them when needed. So, who would want to serve and protect people that hates you?

  5. The amount of defensiveness and utter bile in the top comment thread, severely undermines the claims of self-labeled "patriots" and Police supporters. It is so predictable now, it's almost funny… Or would be if it weren't tragic.

    Case in point: someone is going to respond to this comment with racist, sexist, homophobic insults (including reality-denying claims AND political system terms that they do not understand but merely spout reflexively ).

    So, all that stuff is incoming, in 3… 2… 1…

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