Police Chief Released Body Cam In Response To a Social Media Video. New Haven PD. May 27 2020

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NHPD Provides Update About Store Arrest

New Haven| On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, New Haven Police department officer arrested Richard E. Smith, Jr. The arrest stems from a shoplifting investigation at a Walmart retail store located at 315 Foxon Boulevard (Route 80). The 29 year
old New Haven man is charged with the following:
°Assault on a police officer.
°Interfering with a police officer.
 °Larceny fifth degree.
 °Possession of a controlled substance (three counts).
 °Possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell.
After his arrest, police said they found heroin and crack bagged for sale on Smith.

In response to a social media video which depicts a portion of the encounter, New Haven Police Chief Otoniel Reyes is offering an update on the arrest and making available the arresting officer’s body worn camera (BWC) footage.
Chief Reyes said, “The officers’ actions were appropriate under the circumstances and the use of force was appropriate under the circumstances.
The arresting officer’s body camera footage clearly shows the officer attempting to detain an individual, later identified as Richard E. Smith, Jr., who is suspected of trying to walk out the store without paying for a shopping cart of merchandise. The officer is injured as he and responding officers attempt to detain the man.”
Chief Reyes added, “During the incident, the man falsely identified himself as a Walmart employee when he is not and he claimed to have tried to make a purchase when he had not. Additionally, officers found the man in possession of a quantity of illegal drugs.”
“The officers did an excellent job and used the amount of force necessary to overcome the resistance of the man who refused to be arrested,” Chief Reyes said.

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30 thoughts on “Police Chief Released Body Cam In Response To a Social Media Video. New Haven PD. May 27 2020

  1. The funniest part about criminals trying to run from police is they tend to forget most cops I said most don’t drink alcohol use no drugs or smoke cigarettes so there in great physical shape .able to sprint and chase you down. 9 out of 10 times the cops will catch a fleeing suspect . Don’t run it’s not worth it period .

  2. I glad the police officer didn't put up with his BS. I would have pepper sprayed him once he start don't touch me or else rhetoric and body slammed to the ground. These people behave like spoiled children and it is a waste of time trying to reason with them in everyone of these videos. They became embolden to behave this way the day Obama became president and started siding with racist Harvard Professors and other thugs and criminals against law enforcement.

  3. BLM made 90 million dollars in the year 2020 by exploiting videos like this one where they twist the facts around for their own financial gain. They love making officers look racist to get funding and donations from people. Yes 90 MILLION DOLLARS. BLM is in the business of making profit/money, not helping blk people.

  4. Social media is cancer of a society and smart people should not have any of them.
    He is ignorant,disrespectful,he has I´m black and i could steal and play dummy attitude but cops didn´t buy his story.Cops should show citizens how is it without police,told them to call BLm or similar NGO organizations to defend them.

  5. Just like in the House, Congress, Governors, Mayors, Students, and any encounter these Animals will never stop talking and listening and that's why they can't learn. When you talk you're only repeating something you think you already know.
    They go to Violent in half a second and they have no brain engagement. Frontal Lobe issues with the skull shape.

  6. When you're dealing with a wild Animal you have to use force in excess of the Animal you are dealing with.
    I suggest having Trained Tigers with you as opposed to have a K-9 in this day and age. You don't send in a mouse to stop a cat like on Tom and Jerry.

  7. Excellent content and nice to see you setting the real story straight instead of halve truths. Comply w police and all will be well. Dont comply and you force officers to use the reasonable amount of force necessary to effect the arrest. Bottom line…obey the law.

  8. This is the problem with cops these days, almost all of them need retraining and to be held accountable for their ill actions. Over and over again we see that they are there to escalate the situation making it unsafe and destructive for everyone involved, the public, themselves and other officers.

    De-escalation should always be the strategy, but more often than not we witness the opposite. Most of these issues could be resolved without force if the officer simply listened and communicated more effectively and had a basic respect for human rights.

    The crime rates are increasing, not decreasing because their tactics don't work to resolve the problems, but instead serve to create more of the same except even worse.

    Respect from an officer goes a long way and is much needed in situations like this.

    This officer is clearly in the wrong here. Big time.

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