Police Chase – Documentary Full Action Edition 2020 – Seattle 2015

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Ultimate Edition with 5 different Dash cams footage total., with multiple new dash cam Footage All synchronized. Lot of information, maps. surveillance camera and pictures. Subtitled. There is some footage of the suspect actually carjacking the Camaro as well and Multiple crashes. This epic high speed pursuit in a hail of bullets it’s as intense as never been seen before.

Police Chase Video with a new dash cam released of the epic pursuit of the Seattle Carjacker Chase That Occurred on Dec 06-2015.

Seattle carjacking suspect who led cops on a high-speed chase and fired at a pursuing patrol car before officers shot him fatally.

Officials identified the suspect on Tuesday as Raymond Azevedo, 35, of Lakewood who had done four stints in state prison since 1998 for crimes including unlawful possession of a firearm, malicious mischief, attempting to elude a pursing police vehicle and assault.

He was released in October 2014 and had been subject to community supervision until November 7.

Seattle police released dash-cam videos
Police said Azevedo was found to have 2 guns with him.
stole three vehicles during the chase.
No bystanders or police suffered significant injuries in the events, which began on Sunday when workers at a Pike Place Market coffee shop called 911 to report there was a man with a gun inside.

He then left the shop before authorities arrived at the scene and was next spotted at a restaurant a few few minutes later where he spoke briefly with staff before brandishing his handgun at the restaurant’s owner.He fled from there before entering Quicksilver, running to the back of the store where a staff member confronted him, police said.

He flashed his handgun at an employee and fled the store to a tattoo shop.

Azevedo then entered a tattoo shop and threatened staff with his weapons before ordering the driver of a red Volkswagen Golf out of his car.

He drove the Volkswagen to the University of Washington Athletic Center, where he stole a red minivan at gunpoint.

He then drove it to a car rental lot where he dumped the vehicle and stole a Chevy Camaro from two employees at gunpoint.

At this point, officers were able to locate Azevedo driving the Camaro and began pursuing him through north-east Seattle.

Dashcam footage from the police car shows him being chased through the streets with the patrol vehicle – at one point even ramming him in a bid to stop him.

However, he drives off as he fires his weapons at pursuing officers.

The chase then came to a dramatic end when officers collided head-on with the Camaro Azevedo was driving in a residential street.

An uninvolved motorist’s SUV was also struck during the incident but the female driver was able to flee to safety as police took up positions behind their patrol cars.

Azevedo reportedly pointed his gun at officers and began maneuvering the Camaro towards police, who opened fire.

SWAT officers approached the suspect and fired. Azevedo died at the scene.

Azevedo was reportedly barred from legally possessing a handgun.

He has been described as being ‘in prison or in jail all the time’ and as someone who had a past that included abusing drugs and fleeing from the police, people who knew him told the Seattle Times.He apparently was previously engaged and also the father to a three-year-old girl.

Court records indicate Azevedo’s rap sheet also includes a 2010 hit-and-run incident as well as a pursuit in 2010 with police in which he drove the wrong way on a street before ramming a car.
The following year, he was involved in a car and foot chase in which he assaulted an officer before he was Tased and put into custody, according to records.
Read more here: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/crime/carjacking-suspect-identified-by-king-county-officials/

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22 thoughts on “Police Chase – Documentary Full Action Edition 2020 – Seattle 2015

  1. Here are the highlights of the chase:
    11:25 "So 54 and whatever the fuck" – Officer David Harrington

    16:24 police car lost control and hit a sign.

    17:08 Officer Harrington ram the carjacker's stolen Camaro.

    17:45 the "we gonna be safe" speech
    18:54 a 4th Dash Cam added of an intense officer pursuing.

    19:54 Officer rams into the Camaro.

    22:55 "I can say I would get me some doughnuts right now"

    or "I can't believe we're doing this right now" you decide.

    24:12 Carjacker shots fired at Officer Harrington's vehicle.

    27:27 Officer Harrington "oh yeah!" avoid collision.

    28:07 Officer Harrington "I love ABS".

    28:25 Officer Suzan Parton crash with the SWAT Team SUV.

    28:42 A 5th Dash Cam added, Crash into the Camaro.

    28:46 back in baby! back in baby!

    29:15 998 code, Officer involved shooting.

  2. You don't know what this person meant to someone.. you have no idea what he was going through.. I have known and loved this man since I was 19.. I believe they could have controlled the situation without killing him.. He was a father, husband, and loved by many.. a relapse on drugs after I was paralyzed from a car accident he completely lost himself.. He lost his will to live.. Never judge a situation by it's cover.. You never know what someone is emotionally dealing with and what causes them to make horrible mistakes..

  3. This guy was on a mission from hell!! Obviously he paid the altermit price for his reckless evil actions….(rampage)….here today but, maybe gone tomorrow 🤔 He had it coming….No pity on him….I say! Evildoers…..on a road for destruction and chaos…..speed demons 😈. 😈.

  4. I was rooting for Suzanne. She didn't deserve that ending. Her own people cut her off. I'd be so mad after all the driving I did and how careful I was. I'm glad they caught the guy, I hope Suzanne has gotten better luck lately.

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