Police Bodycam Video Shows Arab Man Mistaken As Member Of ISIS

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Police got a frantic phone call about a man pledging his allegiance to ISIS, but it turned out to be a misunderstanding. It happened Wednesday evening at the Fairfield Inn and Suites on Colorado Avenue in Avon. A desk clerk called her sister to say there was man in the lobby in what she called “in full head dress with multiple disposable phones pledging his allegiance to ISIS.” The clerk’s father also called police. “She’s in the back. I have the text. She says she’s terrified,” the clerk’s dad told dispatchers.

Officers rushed to the hotel and found the man speaking Arabic just outside the front door. He was wearing a long white rob and holding a cell phone. Police had guns drawn as they demanded he put down the phone, according to the department. Initially, he didn’t comply, but eventually dropped it. He got down on the ground, where he was placed in handcuffs. No weapon was found. Avon police said the man did not make any statements related to ISIS. Officers decided there was a miscommunication between the hotel clerk and her relatives.

The man was taken out of handcuffs and officers tried to explained what happened. He ended up collapsing, but paramedics were already there and treated him for a panic attack. He was taken to a local hospital as a precaution. The Avon Police Department is still investigating what happened in the hotel. Once that’s complete, they’ll send the findings to the prosecutor’s office.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

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48 thoughts on “Police Bodycam Video Shows Arab Man Mistaken As Member Of ISIS

  1. So no followup about the false report and no repair to the man loss of time, resourses (broken phone, hospital bills). That's good a treatment…

  2. Man thats so fucked up, No reason to come at him like that at all. Should of atleast tried to talk to him fitst, Imagine a cop there was trigger happy and just killed the poor innocent man for no reason. Hopefully the pussy bitvh that made the call got sued.

  3. I felt terrible for the poor man. And to faint after all of it. You just can't profile people like that. It's not pds fault. But damn, every Muslim isnt a radical, just like every white person isnt a clans memeber. Hope the hotel employee faced charges.

  4. All Muslims are not terrorists. Rather, there is a portion of Muslims who think God said: Kill the non-Muslims. But God did not say this. But the terrorists go and try to occupy the territories, they say. Allah is the greatest. But I am a Muslim and our law in Islam is forbidden to kill, and if you kill you are not a Muslim

  5. SON LOS POLICIAS MAS ESTUPIDOS DEL MUNDO, ISIS SE LO CREO HILSRY CLINTON,FUE FINANCIDA PARA SEGUIR LA GUERRA EN IRAQ Y FUERON ENVIADOS A TODOS LOS PAISES DE LA PRIMAVERA ARABES PARA TUMBAR A LOS GOBIERNOS,POR ULTIMO LO MANDARON A SIRIA PERO COMO RUSIA DIJO,,,,,EYYY USTEDES FINANCIAN TERRORISTAS,,,ESTONCES NO SIRIA NO SE TOCA, SUFICIENTE CON LO DE IRAQ(ARMAS DE DESTRUCCION MASIVAS),..puras mentiras, ISIS SIGUE ORDENES DE EEUU…..cuanto quieren a apostar que las empresas petroleras de Iraq jamas se van a ir y a los EEUU les va a pasar lo mismo que Iran,…ya lo armaron hasta los dientes, tienen hasta fuerza aerea patrocinada por EEUU,,,vamos a ver de 5 a 10 años, cuando la corrupcion y las oligarquias se empiezen a robar la plata como siempre y se cabrean los pobres(como siempre en la eternidad de la historia) y vuelve y pasa lo mismo, pero ahora , van a tener 2 paises gigantescos con su propia tecnologia Iran y Iraq,,,,,ven,ven lo que pasa cuando obligas a un Pais hacer lo que da la gana.

  6. Maybe they misunderstood him speaking Arabic as pledging his allegiance to isis. These people being tourists are important for our economy as they’re rich as hell and spend a whole lotta money in our communities when they come.

  7. Sorry but acting like an animal is way worse than killing person from outside America. I'd rather fight police or possibly die than allowing them to treat me like in this video for no reason. Your country sucks… That's it.

  8. Man I was like want to see America but after seeing these nah I will never going to ther it's like going to hill screaming on the gay and he did not doing nothing wrong jast becus somone call ok I can call all the day and butting evry one 24 hours of that situation and mybe someone dead it's like how call firs you can't do this if the person not have a single prove on hem so thy will not even speak to hem jast if thy have prove without proof not need to even tuotch hem because this gay wach hem self 5 time in the day and you jast making hem kiss the ground no one want to but hem self in these situations so big no fore going to America and am telling evry one I know don't go ther thnx fore reading

  9. The best state in safety, and the security men treat it. Come on, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, indisputably, without racism. In the passage, unfortunately, this is not good and wrong treatment, and they are legally held accountable for it before humanity.

  10. Don’t blame the police for responding this way, they responded based off of the word of the woman who made the call, she’s the one who should be imprisoned for false reports

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