Police Arrest Woman For Stealing Bowl of Weed

On December 6, 2012, Washington became the first U.S. state to legalize recreational use of marijuana. The state had previously legalized medical marijuana in 1998. Under state law, cannabis is legal for both medical purposes and for any purpose by adults over 21.


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Author: rafael.nieves


43 thoughts on “Police Arrest Woman For Stealing Bowl of Weed

  1. I mean, sure. Anyone who read the bullet points of her indictment could & most likely would be of the firm opinion that she was charged for stealing a bowl of weed. However, make NO mistake, my friends. This young lady was detained, then arrested, then indicted, then presumably found or plead guilty to Robbery 1 & Assault for ONE reason & ONE reason ONLY!
    These 2 fairly substantial felonies were the direct result of her insistence to behave like an incredibly entitled, self-important, spoiled rotten, petulant, abhorrent, snotty little bitch who finds the mere thought of ANYONE not immediately bending to her will & kissing her ass while they're down there is completely inconceivable & foreign to her. Let alone…. her ex have the fucking temerity to say no to her not once (laundry money), but TWICE (weed)! Well, that CLEARLY has one & only one solution as far as she's concerned…. To completely flip the fuck out like she's being murdered & go 100% lunatic. I would bet my entire financial portfolio & ALL of it's contents (I'm talking BOTH of my shares in Enron AND the Australian silver dollar I found at the beach that IF he put hands on her at all, it was almost certainly self defense. While she landed prolly at least 10 solid punches to his head & upper body area as her tossed her the fuck out of his place. Did she deserve to face the same possible consequences as someone who attacked an elderly blind woman from behind before stealing her purse as he delivered the fourth & final kick to her face as she lay on the pavement? No, but now she has NO CHOICE in the matter. She did, though. She had the choice even after committing the the multiple crimes that she was later accused of. If she would have acted even semi-ration & mostly respectful & helpful with the officer who made initial contact. Instead of getting her mug shots, she could have been dutifully cyber-stalking him & his new piece while sending them both ridiculous texts & dms like good little whack job that the voices in her head have grown to expect her to be

  2. She is her is own worst enemy. She gets herself into trouble by the way she conducts herself and the way she treats people. Even if she was wronged its hard to have her back. Trashy as hell on top of it. She steals and bites and suffered minor injuries from a scuffle that she started. She has problems but Its hard to feel bad for her. Boyfriend sounds like real winner as well. poor kids

  3. Why is her face blurred out? I thought all police interactions and arrests were subject to public disclosure…edit: I just read the description… RWP says they are an advocate for open government yet they blur out this lady's face… Real transparent

  4. She goes from crocodile tears
    Boo hoo hoo 😢 to full fledged
    Screaming and yelling in anger
    Then back to crying 😢😭
    Glad they put her in jail.
    This woman is clearly playing the poor I am a girl victim card.

  5. Nothing says, "CLASS" like a separated wife without custody of her children that's infuriated with her boyfriend screaming profanities at law enforcement in a church parking lot while being guilty of marijuana theft.

  6. She was calm with the female officer but not with the Male officer. Deff shows her personality how she is with her ex. Even counselor reminded her she was combative last time. Feel bad for the kids.

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