Police are tracking you Tag Readers are everywhere even in your city!

Here are a few tag readers in the city of palm coast. At a tune $10-20k per pole! There are so many of these, I discovered 8 of them on one road under a bridge in Daytona! Find out where your tag readers are. Police can ID you if you drive through them.

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21 thoughts on “Police are tracking you Tag Readers are everywhere even in your city!

  1. I’m struggling to see that this is a major issue. Who cares if they know you go from point a to point b etc. if your doing nothing wrong you really have nothing to hide.

  2. I support anything and everything that the U.S. Government feels it has to do, to deter ILLEGAL-ALIENS from traversing our Homeland, and to combat the transportation//distribution of Narcotics!!

    PS: 99% of License Plate Readers (LPR’s) in America are owned and Operated by DHS (CBP,) DEA, and sometimes they are even Jointly Operated by both CBP//DEA.

    🇺🇸 #TRUMP2020 🇺🇸

  3. Welcome to big brother land…they know when you are sleepin, they know when your awake, they know when you go to the grocery store, they know when and where you go to work. Machine learning can predict where you will be any time of any day…welcome to the land of the free

  4. Just wait till these databases get hacked. Humans don’t understand the more profiles and information you have on people the more risk you put these people when it comes to identity theft. Why do you think with all these “security features” that technology has now, identity theft and fraud cases have gone up dramatically..

  5. Agenda 21/30 New world order. Every country with a federal reserve bank system will have a complete surveillance system to monitor each and every one of us. China's facial recognition will be utilized into every country. England, Canada, Germany, Australia, Etc will all be one system until the whole world population is monitored. 1 world monetary system, 1 world religion, 1 world government. History in the making right before yours eyes.

  6. I had a friend who was a deputy about 6 years ago. He worked traffic division. He was super excited one day about the new tag readers on their patrol cars. He said they tested the reader’s abilities by placing a Florida registration sticker (around 1”x1.5”) on a blade of the fan in their office and switched the fan on high setting. The reader accurately read the sticker over and over without failure. So just know there is NO WAY to avoid the reader. It’s just one more tool in the arsenal of the blue-line domestic military. RECORD EVERYTHING!

  7. The name is in itself. We're being tagged everywhere we go. Time stamped, and can be pulled up at anytime. I'm in Chicago definitely gonna be looking out for these

  8. Given the sheer volume of tags read, and the speed at which they are read. You can ascertain it may be reading your information, but disposes of it quickly if your vehicle is of no interest. This youtuber makes it sound like your information is private. It is not unlawful for police to run your tags. Why? Because the tags are the government's property not yours, it is only given to you to apply to a vehicle you own. It is and never was your property. Also looking you up in other databases is also their property, not yours. I guess he's trying to say it's a invasion of privacy if it's done via machine vs a cop in the area. As far as tags and being out in public, you are not entitled to any such privacy hence why LPR's are entirely fine to use. And it does not matter if a machine reads your tag or a human.

  9. is this anymore shocking than the NSA putting back doors in electronics. There's even a "back door" to computer processors that have root access to your data. Intel management System.

  10. Had tag readers for a decade or so in the UK. They are trialling facial recognition cameras in London right now, coming to an American city near you in about 10 years !

  11. Welcome to China. They’re even requiring cameras in living rooms, paid for by the citizen. Oh wait….

  12. Even agricultural inspection stations in Ca..and AZ. have license plate readers as you're leaving. And the license plate readers that are for Commercial drivers read ALL the plates on the road; Washington STATE TROOPERS ADMITTED to that

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