1. The link to the original video is no longer available.. What was the incident about? Also you say that you are a journalist can you tell us what news organization you work for, and what training you have had. It seems that in this day and age anybody can put up a podcast and call themselves a journalist.

  2. You’d be blown away at some present corruption that is KNOWN within three Florida departments, involving a radio DJ, a foundation he had setup for them, police breaking and entering, setting up, stealing evidence…

  3. Johnny, Newport is next to a town that surrounds a USMC air station – aka Havelock, NC. The local LEOs believe they’re above the law and I believe SEVERE auditing should take place of every government entity and the military base itself for educational purposes.

  4. Who do you think you are? Mr i'm so important everyone needs to stop what they are doing to take my phone call? Bro…..you're parents failed you. A more productive use of your time might be getting rid of that fat gut, and reading books on social skills.

  5. I can't tell you how many douche bag PDs I've called where I'll ask them a question and they'll say, "Is there something I can help you with?" Yes, you can answer my question. "Is there something I can help you with?" Yes, please answer my question. "If you have no purpose, I'm going to hang up." It's like they a feel compelled to maintain some level of civility for the purpose of the recorded phone call but are not going to actually provide any information, help or service whatsoever. I think what it is is that they are mandated by their superiors to answer the phone but helping the public would imply that they are accountable to the public and they can't have that. In my experience, no matter how courteous you are, you will almost always get exactly ONE cordial answer from them and they they begin with the "Is there anything else I can help you with?" Try that in any other business in the world and see how long you keep your job. This attitude only exists in the realm of public servants because it doesn't matter how shitty they are, those property taxes keep coming in.

  6. They don’t want you to judge them because of one officer but even when you’re face to face or try to file a complaint or call they give you the same run around and still treat you like you’re a criminal. They stick up for each other. It takes a long time for them even with proof to bring one of their own to justice!!

  7. Thank you Johnny five o .I really appreciate you calling and trying to help from the other side of the world. The same day I also recorded in craven count. A 1st and 2nd Amendment Audit and got the same reaction. They shut down the whole road and was telling the ppl who worked at the correction facility to cover there license plate if they didn't want them on camera. NC is a DAMN mess when it come to filming in public. I will keep fighting for our rights especially when I have all of my YouTube family backing me …Thank you..all ways remember to KEEP THOSE CAMERAS ROLLIN .

  8. There should be a mass movement of people filming police. They really need to be called on their shit. What can they do?? Arrest everybody? Their behavior, attitudes & general conduct towards the public is absolutely fucking appalling & they need to be reminded where their place is & who they work for…. KEEP EARNING THE HATE – FUCK THE POLICE!!

  9. No wonder suicides are spiking in law enforcement communities nationwide. You think NOBODY is watching your lil podunk operation in Nowhere, North Carolina. Then WHAMMY!! You get to be truth told my Johnny from the god damn west coast. Dude I LOVE that cameras are putting EVERYTHING out there with no bias. Depts are having SERIOUS issues getting personnel, they are literally taking ANYBODY. A guy that I went to school with, dropped outta high school, was busted for crank/meth. He got his GED, and was a city cop for 7 months before being fired for telling a female (who was recording on her iPhone on the seat) “Look, we can work this out, maybe a blowjob? Ya know? And this can just go away” 😳. His name is Michael Wright of Orlando Florida. And he is a fucking dirtbag.

  10. You don’t know how much I enjoy and appreciate everything that you are doing. I’m thrilled you are back on the regular with Belle and I’m exited to ride along cop watching or join you in the 5-0 home office 😁😉

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