PEOPLE WITH CAMERAS recording the police LAPD cancels out of fear of my camera

Where do I start?
I heard over the scanner- B of A was broken into on 10th and pacific
I go
They FINALLY show up- shine their brights at me, ask some homeless lady if she heard anything and then just leave!
I walk around to the front and you can hear loud crashing noises coming from inside
Dude breaks out of b of a then runs over and breaks into chase bank next door!
IF THE 1ST 2 FEMALE OFFICERS weren’t so afraid of my camera-
they could have saved chase bank from all the damage this guy did……Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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50 thoughts on “PEOPLE WITH CAMERAS recording the police LAPD cancels out of fear of my camera

  1. Man the dumb fucks are so nice to bank robbers but so violent to people with cameras🤔 look the red carpet treatment. They rather point their light at a camera. Dumb asses.

  2. This is a great example of the ridiculous paranoia under which this broken unions members function each and every day. Observant enough to spot the camera but so distracted by scrutiny they’re even more inept at performing their ACTUAL jobs! Unbelievable!

  3. Scared police show up the first time too scared to get out of their car… second time their guns drawn still scared.

  4. Id give the recording to there local news to show the incompetence of the 911 despatcher and hold her accountable for making assumptions.

  5. Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

    These useless cops should be ashamed of themselves. Scared of cameras so they ignore and cancel calls out to banks being robbed. Fucking retards.

  6. Watching those cop struggle to climb thru the broken window was so difficult. That clip demonstrates why poor physical fitness of Law enforcement is a significant hazard to them.

  7. Harbor Division again? Laura, with anything Naval related, get an Admiral out there, a Rear Admiral.
    "Ok, let me transfer you to Dispatch 6…all our lines our busy at present, Snake Plissken is terrorizing the police."

    WAIT! The police don't show because they think they are being set up by people with cameras?

    THIS IS ADMIRAL BYRD, of the HMS Laura Shark, come out with your pants on…wait, please come out, we are hear to help you, we can get your put or call stock transactions done from our cruisers.

  8. the officers on the loud speaker was so polite saying please and thank you to the criminal, but when they talk to law abiding folks with cameras they treat them like shit… weird how this shit works out… they treat the camera as criminals and the criminals as law abiding folks…

  9. "We promise to wait until the camera goes away then we'll beat the shit out of you but we still want to help you" I mean seriously they ask if there's anything he needs while he's robbing a bank? Yeah all the money dummy! Laura..honorary LAPD for best response times, without using a siren and flashing lights.

  10. Actually, response time and their behavior to Laura aside, I think they did well to recognize that the guy was no threat. I'm glad it didn't end in violence.

  11. good morning laura.
    so if i want to break into a bank in california all i have to do is surround it with laura and foxy's cameras, that way they think its a set up and leave. lol.
    hahahaha "this is the LA police, we are here to help you!" now thats funny shit right there, i dont care what you ate for dinner, thats funny.
    excellent video.

  12. This is hilarious… I guess Occupy wall street won cause those cops seem not to give no fucks about the banks. … Man I had no idea bank robbing was so easy, I thought they had alarms and security guard and all that, this dude is taking them down with bricks and doesn't even have to worry about the police. Hey larua , aren't you entitled to one of those crime stoppers rewards.

  13. However one way for this man to aquire a disability check for being a nut.. He is either smart or crazy.. But you don't go rob a bank with no tools and wearing boxers

  14. Begging the police to respond to a bank robber?… I wouldn't have called the police on a bank robber. The banks are robbing us everyday.. The police shouldn't even respond to a bank robber call.

  15. Great video. Which 2 didn't do shit and then made up some bullshit about filming behind trees? Maybe stop following you with the spotlight. They have no duty to protect anyone. Anything too dangerous and they are not interested.

  16. I would say you can't make that shit up. But this is the way police act these days apparently. Maybe they knew he was in there and just did not give a shit.

  17. You're so badass! I swear if I were on the west coast I'd go all around with you recording cops… except I'm blind and that probably wouldn't work out so well. Lol. Also… Wow that cop was stupid. And that woman, really? Your response time is perfect.

  18. There should be no reason whatsoever for being placed on hold! Every video you do shows an extreme amount of police on scene. A real over kill. Keep some at the station to answer phones! All officers who left after the first call should be fired. This video should be shown at the next town hall meeting.

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